A List of NASA and JPL Twitter Accounts

From NASA / JPL ...

 "Follow us on Twitter to receive short online or mobile updates. Also, check out our Free Twitter Backgrounds."

NASAJPL on Twitter


Space and mission updates from JPL.
NASAJPL on Twitter

› NASAJPL Education

Space-related educational activities and resources for teachers and families.
NASAJPL on Twitter

› AsteroidWatch

Get the latest news about asteroids.
CassiniSaturn on Twitter

› CassiniSaturn

Follow Cassini in its tour of the Saturn System.
NASAJuno on Twitter

› NASAJuno

Follow the Juno spacecraft on its journey to Jupiter.
EarthVitalSigns on Twitter

› EarthVitalSigns

Track the latest NASA news about global climate change.
MarsRovers on Twitter

› MarsRovers

Keep tabs on the twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
MarsPhoenix on Twitter

› MarsPhoenix

Check out the award-winning Twitter page for the Mars Phoenix Lander.
Mars Curiosity on Twitter

› Mars Curiosity

Stay ahead of the crowd and get updates on the next rover going to Mars.
PlanetQuest on Twitter

› PlanetQuest

Join the hunt for Earth-like planets.
Space Place on Twitter

› Space Place

For elementary age kids and parents.
SciJinks on Twitter

› SciJinks

Learn about predicting global weather patterns.
Technology on Twitter

› JPL Technology

Follow technology development at JPL.
Dawn on Twitter

› NASA Dawn

Follow the Dawn mission as it orbits the two most massive bodies in the asteroid belt.

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