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About these volcano photos / pictures / images from around the world...  

Something  is usually happening somewhere in the world when it comes to active volcanoes. And if history is any indication, it is only a matter of time  until another really bad situation comes along. At least there is one good thing about volcanoes in that they do give us some warning before the destruction begins.

These pictures are mostly from various USGS archives, bless their hearts. Lots of erupting volcanoes, lava flows, and a whole lot else. These volcanic photos / images / pictures are not
only "beautiful", but educational for kids and adults alike. USGS is a wealth of information as to anything geological. They are well worth your time.

Live near or downwind of a volcano? Here are four other very worthwhile, federal government website links...

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Photo Gallery of Volcanoes Around the World

Mount Etna Volcano

                    Located in Sicily. Almost continually active.
Source: NASA

Lava Spillway

                            Spillways are confined lava channels on the sides of a volcanic cone or shield that form when lava overflows the rim of the vent.
Source: USGS

Volcano with Lightning

                    Volcano, with lightning                

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

                    Glowing lava flow front advancing over pahoehoe on the coastal plain of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii.
Source: USGS

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

                    Kilauea is currently active at two locations. The summit and east rift zone.
Source: USGS

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

                    Lava moves across the ground as a pahoehoe flow.
Source: USGS


                    Basalt lava (glowing rock) oozes over basalt lava flow.
Source: USGS

Mayon Volcano, Philippines

                                Mayon Volcano, Philippines, during an explosive eruption September 1984.
Source: USGS

Kanaga Volcano in Alaska

                    Kanaga Volcano in Alaska erupts a small column of tephra, gas, and steam. Kanaga is a stratovolcano.
Source: USGS

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

                    False-color short-wavelength infrared image of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano from data obtained by NASA's EO-1 Hyperion satellite on March 24, 2010.
Source: USGS

Strombolian Eruption

                    Strombolian eruptions are characterized by the intermittent explosion or fountaining of basaltic lava from a single vent or crater.
Source: USGS

Lava Fountains

                    Lava fountains during the October 1980 eruption of Krafla Volcano.
Source: USGS

Stark's Knob

                    Stark's Knob is a mass of volcanic rock of unknown age and relations, locally known as a volcano.
Source: USGS

Volcanology Research

                    Volcanology Research within the Geodynamics Branch.
Source: USGS

Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

                    Redoubt Volcano, Alaska, during a continuous, low-level eruption of steam and ash, December 18, 1989. Photo by W. White, U.S. Geological Survey.
Source: USGS

Hawaii Volcanos

                    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. May 1954 eruption of Kilauea Volcano. Halemaumau fountains
Source: USGS

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