House Cleaning Tip - Best Way to Dust

House cleaning... Dusting furniture and the stuff sitting on it just isn't worth it to me, but I found a way to deal with it.

A little dust never hurt anybody...

Seriously, dusting furniture and all the stuff sitting on it just isn’t worth my time. I mean so what if there’s some dust on there?

However, I’ve come up with a solution so that I’m not a total slob.

I simply dust only one area or item only when I feel like it. I do it as a way to take a break from doing something else. So in a sense, it’s zero additional labor.

The result? The place stays more than just functionally clean.

And if you are looking for a dust cleaning tip, here’s a really good one…

Buy and use a new, soft-bristle, 4-inch wide paint brush. The bristles move around every knick-knack or other item part and gets into every nook, cranny, and corner of wherever you are dusting. And it will absolutely never scratch or nick anything.

This method is 10 times better than using water, olive oil, dryer sheets, or any of the other so-called furniture dusting tools or ideas I’ve read about. And it is certainly a whole lot better than the whole vacuuming adventure.

I actually learned this trick from a guy that repaired electronic circuit boards. Before making repairs, he would use a brush to clean off all the dust that had accumulated on them over the years. Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

So, that’s about it. The ever-flexible paint brush. And maybe only doing a little bit of dusting a day at most, as opposed to the usual 1-hour, weekly project.

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