Beware Pizza Leaflet Scam

The Pizza Order Menu Scam – Pizza, Fast Food, Chinese, Mexican,Whatever

An alternate title would be Beware the Pizza and Fast Food Delivery Ad or Leaflet Credit and Debit Card Scam - Consumer Alert  

Scam Alert

Yes, the credit card thieves are still doing this. Do you live in an apartment complex or are planning on staying in a hotel, motel, or resort soon? Well, there's a not-so-new scam in town. It has to do with when you find a pizza menu or other food delivery leaflet or ad slid under your door or placed on your porch. Just where did that ad really come from?

Beware the pizza or other fast food delivery ad and leaflet con.

It works quite simply really.

You find a pizza menu or other fast food leaflet or ad slid under your door or on your porch.

Feeling inspired, you call and place your order, giving them the requested credit or debit card info.

Alas, the phone number on that menu did not go to a pizza place or any other fast food or restaurant business. It went to a thief and your credit line or checking account will be maxed out or emptied within the hour.

And now you are going to have to deal with your credit card company or bank and get those $5000 worth of new charges all straightened out. Even worse, in many states debit cards do not have the same consumer protections that credit cards have; you might actually be liable for the charges.

So next time you find a leaflet or other ad outside your door or on your porch, check the Yellow Pages to verify the validity of the phone number first.

May all your pizza and other food order experiences be of the benign kind.

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