Wikinut . com Is " Shutting Down ". The site remains open, but...

December 2015

...Wikinut ceases sharing ad revenue with writers. An excerpt from Wikinut's announcement:

" We will be removing the revenue share for new page views and user activity from 10/Dec/15. This will mean all users will stop earning revenue from this date. For clarity this is best thought of as Wikinut becoming a free authors community, there will be no revenue share scheme from this date. "

The main reason for the " shutdown " is Wikinut can no longer afford the monetary resources needed to keep fighting off all the fraud. Examples include:
  • Article thieves
  • Spammers in many shapes, sizes, and forms.
  • Fraud machinations against the advertisers in many shapes, sizes, and forms.
This is yet another situation where the bad guys have successfully destroyed another good guy. And, if anything, this trend is accelerating.

Another factor is the increasing use of ad blockers. Here is: Wikinut's complete statement.


Unlike Zootool, Teckler, and many others; at least Wikinut is still managing to stay alive. Maybe a day will come where the good guys can start winning again and Wikinut will be able to reinitiate a revenue sharing program for its users. Frankly though, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

April 2016 Update

Wikinut is still alive, well, and online. Still no return of revenue sharing, but you can publish for free.

June 2016 Update

Wikinut continues. The site looks nice.

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  1. See this is what curators/thieves and spammers are doing to the internet....they're going to end up shutting everything down. Meanwhile google are curating the same content the thieves take and placing it in capsules, they will end up with every sites content.