Beware Frontier Communications Website re: bill pay, account management, etc.

 [A July 2017 Update] Well, it has been over a year since being switched from Verizon to Frontier Communications. I must say that their phone and DSL internet service have been just fine. A glitch here and there, but tech support has always been great and the problem always fixed quickly and with total professionalism. In the interests of fairness and full disclosure, I felt it only right that I include this update.

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Have you recently become an involuntary Frontier Communications customer in the state of California, Texas, or Florida? If so, you've no doubt been encouraged to sign up at the Frontier website to pay your bills, manage your account, etc.

Unfortunately, there is a very serious problem with the Terms of Service (TOS) you are required to agree to when joining their site.

Their TOS doesn't just apply to their website. That part of the TOS is pretty much standard and does not appear to be a a problem.

However, Frontier has also put in a Terms of Service as applies to your telephone and internet service. You must agree to the telephone service TOS and the internet TOS before being allowed to use their website. Agreeing to that part of the terms of service may not be a wise idea. Frontier Communications makes it clear if you signify agreement to their TOS, you are signing a contract.

Basically, you are pretty much giving up every legal right and protection you have as a telephone and internet service customer. Here are two of the Frontier Communications TOS website links (actually they have dozens), you decide...

At least they graciously still allow us to complain to the FCC, etc.

Best to pay your Frontier bills by snail mail. It's a pain in the neck, but it's too risky to do otherwise for the time being; just my personal opinion.

My concerns are from all the complaints about Frontier Communications I've seen from existing customers, thus my hesitancy to sign away most of my legal rights.

If Frontier should suddenly change the above URLs, please leave a comment letting me know and I'll find the new ones.

Scam Alert (?)

Does Frontier including their telephone and internet service TOS as part of their use of website TOS constitute unethical conduct and rise to the level of scam? I don't know, I'm not a lawyer.

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