List of President Donald Trump's Twitter / Facebook Accounts and Executive Order List Location

President Donald Trump's latest executive order.
(If you wish to make your own executive orders, you can do so here.)

Love him or hate him, this is indeed the most interesting/entertaining president we have ever had. Here's the list of his three Twitter accounts, two Facebook accounts, and the location of the real executive order list.

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Donald's Twitter Accounts

Donald's Facebook Accounts Executive Order List

They don't update real time unfortunately. The page also has a menu list at left giving you access to speeches and remarks, press briefings, statements and releases, presidential memoranda, proclamations, related OMB material, legislation, nominations and appointments, disclosures.

Regarding Donald's Problems

I do believe I can sum up the cause of all of President Donald J. Trump's problems in two sentences.

Mr.Trump has the mindset of a CEO. The CEO mindset does not work particularly well in the political realm/arena.

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  1. Exactly! The job of a CEO is to make profits for the company. The government is not a business, nor is it supposed to make profits. The government is supposed to manage the affairs of the state or country in the best interests of ALL the citizens.