List of Where Astrology Says the Best Places to Live Are for Your Zodiac Sign

List of Best Places to Live According to Astrology and Your Sign

This website doesn't normally write about astrology and neither believes nor disbelieves in the subject. However, I stumbled across this over 100-year-old manuscript (in a federal archive, no less); so I figured I might as well pass the information along. Descriptions are living environment oriented, as opposed to the naming of specific cities, etc. This makes sense. After all, cities can and do change over time. Once you know your preferred environment, then you can choose your own city or other location as appropriate. As a side note, this website does indeed have other subjects on metaphysics.

List of Best Places to Live by Zodiac Sign


The Big City. Prominent and state capitals are even more preferred. Basically, the more metropolitan activity and excitement, the more successful and happy the Aries person will be. Aries people even prefer to live in corner houses, a fact that real estate agents love.


Very small towns or in the country. The less excitement and activity, the better. Quiet and shady places are their mantra. If forced to live in the city or large town environment, Taurus people want to be as far away as possible from the business centers and other active areas. Their house location preference is in the middle of the block. The Taurus person's preferred room location is in the center or side of the house.


The higher, the better. Gemini people prefer high places. If living in mountainous or hilly areas, the higher their residence is on the side of the mountain or near the top of the hill, the better the Gemini likes it. When living in a house or apartment building, they want the top floor in the house or the highest level in the apartment building complex. If they are living in a big city building; the closer to the penthouse, the happier they are.


Seaside or very large lakes. Large bodies of water are the key. Shady places are also a preference. Cancerians do not adapt well to noisy, city environments. However, it is recommended they live in corner houses.


The country. More specifically, the country life and plenty of fresh air. The Leo person wants lots of room. When forced to live in the city, Leos want shady places during the day and wide open skies at night.


The mountains. Virgos want to live where nature is abundant, mountainous country being their primary choice. City living actually appears to be deleterious to the Virgo's health.


Cities and other places with lots of activity and excitement. The Libra wants an environment where they are kept busy and occupied at all times. Lots of action seems to be the key to a Libra's happiness..


The country and places near water. Peace and quiet are the ruling preferences for Scorpios. The more peaceful and quieter, the better. In other words, Scorpios are not fond of excitement.


Rough, mountainous country. The Sagittarius is actually claustrophobic in cities or anywhere else where they might be crowded into small places. And apparently, living in a singles apartment is out of the question.


Quiet places. Away from large cities. The Capricorn must live in an environment where there is no noise or excitement.  In other words, busy or high activity locations are anathema to the Capricorn.


Towns, but definitely not cities. High ground also seems to be a specification. As for the town versus city semi-paradox; the Aquarius likes to mingle with people during the day, but only up to a certain point and not at night.


Near the ocean or other large bodies of water. Though cities don't seem to be excluded, the Pisces also likes rough and mountainous areas.

For more information about the manuscript and what else it has to say about your particular sign, you can drop by the Zodiac Menu Resource Page and proceed from there. Good Luck!

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