What is Twitter Good For?

Latest update: January 12, 2020

A Short Review of Twitter

Basically, a Twitter account is worthless for business, unless you pay.

I had an account at one time. Unfortunately, the good old days of Twitter generating traffic to articles you've written or to your website are long gone. Unless you pay Twitter $99/month, your tweets will be poorly ranked in feeds, hashtag threads, etc. That $99/month or more might be worth it to large companies, politicians, and so forth; but it is definitely not worth it to the rest of us. And that, unfortunately, is that.

Meanwhile, for your amusement...

Top 10 List of Reasons Why You Should Follow Me on Twitter

  1. You will get to see my spiffy avatar every time you drop by my page.
  2. You will also get to see my beautiful background picture.
  3. You get to discover the link to my awesome website.
  4. I will dazzle you daily with my brilliant, personal thoughts.
  5. I only share stuff from other websites that are truly interesting.
  6. I sometimes come up with amazing photos.
  7. I only retweet stuff that is as good as or better than my own.
  8. You will never get a Direct Message from me.
  9. You will never be inundated with hashtags.
  10. I’ll follow you back (unless you are demented).
What is my Twitter address, you ask? If I ever reopen an account, I’ll get back to you on that.

A side note. There is certainly nothing wrong with opening a free account for social, entertainment, and general messing around. And nothing against Twitter; Facebook does the same thing (different pricing structure). Both are corporations just trying to make money.

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