How to Get a New Job

Latest update: August 9, 2022. Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

 August 2022 Update. The job market continues to be chaotic and with opportunities everywhere. This article's former title was How to Deal With a Bad, Toxic, Incompetent, Unethical Boss and/or Employer. This page continues to explain how to do that, but more importantly is the description on how to get a better job. Good luck, this information will serve you well. Also do read the updates and visit the links.

A Tip: Got a gap in your resume? For those career, professional, tech, trade, other specialized skills, and even clerical and data entry you can:

  1. Fill in the resume gap as a self-employed consultant/contractor.
  2. Sign up at every temp agency in town.
This takes care of both the employment gap that prospective employers dislike and gives you a whole new window of opportunities. Temps get promoted to permanent employees all the time.

August 2021 Update. Times are a changing. Half the employed workforce are looking for new jobs. As opposed to the reason being toxic bosses; the motivations are flexibility, remote work, career advancement. The whole job employment climate has truly changed. Here's an interesting CNBC article on the subject: The Great Resignation...

 June 2021 Update. The post-pandemic job market has certainly changed things. The demand for employees now exceeds the supply. After reading this page, you might want to read this Business Insider article:

July 2020 Update. The current job market certainly doesn't help matters. Unethical bosses know they can get away with murder these days. However, everything in the original article still applies and you might even be able to use the current job climate to your advantage. Most of your competition will be the unemployed. When an employer is selecting from job applicants, the employer will choose the applicant who is already employed over the currently unemployed applicant every time. It is what employers do, welcome to Corporate America.

Original Article

How to work for a boss you don't respect or is incompetent or has a toxic personality or consistently acts in bad faith? You can’t. It is as simple as that. The same applies to certain employers and/or other companies.

You won’t be able to hide your feelings indefinitely. The boss will know exactly what you think of him or her. And you will feel unlimited stress and emotional pain day in and day out.

You Need to Give Yourself Hope.
(And find a new job in the process.)

So what to do? The obvious. Write up those tailor-made resumes and fire them off to every potential employer you can find. You only have to do it once a week. And the time you do it is every Sunday afternoon (assuming you work M-F, otherwise adjust schedule accordingly). Then check your voicemail every noon and night. And check your email every evening. What the heck, maybe fire off another resume or two while you're at it. And the proverbial advice to network is true; let everyone you know outside of work that you are looking to change jobs.

Did I say you can’t work for a boss or company you despise? Actually, you can by just doing as described above.

How? That is simple, too.

Now during the workweek, whenever your boss does something particularly stupid, unethical, or otherwise disgusting; you can switch your thoughts to thinking about all the potential employers you sent your resumes to last Sunday. In other words, you have now given yourself hope and positive thoughts to draw on.

Pretty much all of life is composed of iterative projects; looking for a new job certainly qualifies as such a project. You've gotten jobs before; you can certainly do it again. Sooner or later, an interview invite will appear. And sooner or later, a job offer will happen.

And you will be out of there.

All you have to do is start.

Here is a list of Job Search Websites. Also includes warnings about fake job posts.

You are not alone.

- End of Article -

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