Review of Netflix Live Streaming Service - Plus Keyboard Hotkeys Shortcuts and Tech Tips and News

Latest update: January 20, 2021. Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

This article started out years ago as a list of Netflix keyboard shortcuts and some tech tips. The news items and the short reviews were added later. This Netflix review has gone from positive to negative to positive again. Netflix is certainly having its ups and downs.

Here are the Netflix and some of the YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Darned convenient they are. My mouse sent me a thank you note when I discovered "m" and the space bar.

Netflix and YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  • M = Mute/Un-mute (toggle) - Also works on YouTube
  • Up arrow = Volume Up - Also works on YouTube
  • Down arrow = Volume Down - Also works on YouTube
  • Space bar = Pause/Play (toggle) - Also works on YouTube in certain screen modes
  • Enter = Pause/Play (toggle)
  • Not a keyboard shortcut, but clicking anywhere on the screen also does pause/play
    • F = Full-screen (double-clicking the screen also works) - Also works on YouTube
    • Esc = Exit full-screen (or double-click again) - Also works on YouTube
    • Left arrow = Rewinds 10 seconds each click (space bar may be needed to re-initiate play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments
    • Right arrow = Fast Forwards 10 seconds each click (space bar may be needed to re-initiate play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments
    • Shift+Left arrow = Rewind (keeps going until you hit space bar)
    • Shift+Right arrow = Fast Forward (keeps going until you hit space bar)

    Netflix Video Stuck?

    On occasion, I've experienced the video suddenly just stops playing. The computer, modem, and internet are all still fine; but for whatever reason, the video has stopped and most of the icons and keyboard shortcuts have become unresponsive. For me, clicking the 10-second-forward icon kick starts things back to normal. The keyboard right-arrow key may do the same. Much more convenient than closing and reopening the tab/window.

    Netflix Keyboard Functionality

    I've also noticed the Netflix keyboard key assignment functions stop working occasionally. I'm guessing this is because I have other Windows tabs open. When I go to those tabs, sometimes the website or application there resets the keys back to browser default; or maybe it is the browser itself doing it. Sometimes Netflix will reset the keyboard shortcuts back on when I return, but sometimes they apparently don't. Fortunately, I noticed using the mouse to click something once when I return usually resets the keys back to what Netflix wants them to be. Worst case scenario and if worth the bother, simply go back to browse and then back to whatever you were watching; this should reset the key shortcuts functions back on.

    If there is more information about the Netflix keyboard shortcuts, here's the latest from Netflix.

    If there is more information about the YouTube keyboard shortcuts, here's the latest from Google.

    Netflix Access Tech Note

    Netflix has served me well for years. Amazingly, it also works just fine when using landline DSL; broadband not required. However, be forewarned that a telephone company technician told me such is not the case for everyone. Apparently, it all depends on how close the telephone company substation is to your place of residence.

    Netflix Social Media Accounts

    If interested, here are Netflix's Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest social media accounts.

    Netflix Random News Items

    As of October 2019; news media reports that Netflix has over 158 million global subscribers, but that major competition is afoot. Apparently, there will be four or five major competitors who will come upon on the scene within the next year. This can be both bad and good for subscribers:
    • Good: more competition is usually better for the consumer.
    • Bad: much of the video programming that has been available to Netflix will be withdrawn from Netflix and only be available to the consumer via Netflix's competitors. In other words, each video streaming service will have their own special group of shows. It looks like there will be very little cross-platform sharing. This means consumers will have a limited selection with any one service. If one wants a decent selection, the only recourse will be to subscribe to multiple services

    Ongoing Netflix News and Review Notes

    January 2020 Update

    The selection of shows on Netflix has indeed dwindled considerably. The quality has also dropped significantly. When they report their number of subscribers next quarter, the stock price is probably going to take a major hit. Meanwhile, here's a Review of Hulu. I recently discovered them and their selection of shows already appears to be better than Netflix's. The internet is the internet, the only constant is change.

    February 2020 Update

    The selection and quality continues to be miserable. I really hate to pull the plug on them after all these years, but it's been weeks since I've found anything worth watching. Whenever I do click anything that looks promising, I inevitably end up aborting it within five minutes. I've got four days before the next renewal date to decide.

    An update to the update. Sadly, I have indeed canceled the account. I'll actually remember them fondly for all the good years. Who knows? I might even sign up with them again sometime in the future. No doubt I'll be receiving promotional emails from them in the coming months. Needless to say, it would be pointless to sign back up with them anytime soon. They'll probably need at least six months to turn things around, if ever. Time will tell.

    April 2020 Update

    Netflix to raise a billion dollars in new funding for  more original, new programming. Netflix has seen the writing on the wall and is more than ready, willing, and able to compete. I can see the day where I'll be willing to come back and subscribe to see how they are doing.

    July 2020 Update

    I have re-subscribed to Netflix. What with society being turned upside down due to the apparently neverending COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix business is once again booming. And I'm happy to say, I'm finding all sorts of new things to watch.

    August 2020 Update

    Netflix is now using a shuffle button. Apparently I'm not their only bored customer: CNN article.

    January 2021 Update

    Due to the pandemic, Netflix now has over 204 million subscribers worldwide. When that news came out, their stock jumped up over 10%. Meanwhile the fierce competition in the video streaming industry continues, Disney in particular is giving Netflix a run for their money. Hulu is also a player. I am still subscribed to both Netflix and Hulu, both are currently worth the price.

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