Netflix and YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts List

Here are the Netflix and some YouTube keyboard shortcuts, darned convenient they are. My mouse sent me a thank you note when I discovered "m" and the spacebar.
  • M = Mute / Unmute (toggle) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Up arrow = Volume Up - Also works on YouTube)
  • Down arrow = Volume Down - Also works on YouTube)
  • Spacebar = Pause / Play (toggle) - Also works on YouTube in certain screen modes)
  • Enter = Pause / Play  (toggle)
    • F = Full-screen (double-clicking the screen also works) - Also works on YouTube)
    • Esc = Exit full-screen (or double-click again) - Also works on YouTube)
    • Left arrow = Rewinds 10 seconds each click (spacebar reinitiates Play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments)
    • Right arrow = Fast Forwards 10 seconds each click (spacebar reinitiates Play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments)
    • Shift+Left arrow = Rewind (keeps going until you hit spacebar)
    • Shift+Right arrow = Fast Forward (keeps going until you hit spacebar)
    • Ctrl (or some other random keys) = Displays the Progress Bar for a couple seconds

    As of February 1, 2018

    If interested, here are Netflix's Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Pinterest accounts. Netflix has over 4.66 million Twitter followers. Their Facebook page has over 42.87 million likes.  Their G+ page (US and Canada) has over 386K followers. Pinterest is apparently still warming at over 36K followers.
    A side note as to the keyboard shortcuts Netflix has defined. I've noticed the keyboard key assignment functions stop working occasionally. I'm guessing this is because I have other Window tabs open. When I go to those tabs, sometimes the website or application there resets the keys back to browser default; or maybe it is the browser itself doing it. Sometimes Netflix will reset the keyboard shortcuts back on when I return, but sometimes they apparently don't. Fortunately I noticed using the mouse once when I return usually resets the keys back to what Netflix wants them to be. Worst case scenario and if worth the bother, simply go back to browse and then back to whatever you were watching; this should reset the key shortcuts functions back on.

    Meanwhile, Netflix has recently announced they now have around 55 million US subscribers and over 118 million global subscribers.

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