How to Do Screenshots and Create Windows Keyboard Shortcuts on Desktop PC

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Making Desktop Screenshots and Shortcuts in Windows

How to do/take/make a screenshot aka print screen with desktop Windows PC. And how to create shortcuts in Windows. By doing the one-time shortcut creations, it makes the screenshot procedure just a 10-second task going forward.

Where do screenshots go on PC? Basically, they go into memory and all one has to do is simply retrieve it. The procedure is quick, easy, and convenient.

How to create WIN shortcuts and how to quickly and easily use the PrtScn key and MS Paint to make and save desktop Windows PC screenshots. The secret is to make some shortcut icons. Then it really is just a matter of PrtScn, Paint, Ctrl-V, and save or print. Here's how.

How to Create Desktop Windows Shortcuts

First, one has to find the Paint Program.
  1. Click the 4-square, lower-left, Windows 10 start icon. Or tap the same-looking keyboard key.
  2. Drag down the scroll bar on the left-hand menu to "Paint 3D".
  3. Right-click "Paint 3D", then select "Pin to Start". Drag it on your graphic menu to upper-left or wherever else is convenient on your graphic menu.
  4. Then drag it again from your graphic menu to your desktop main screen, this will create a duplicate shortcut there as well.
  5. Right-click "Paint 3D" from the left-hand menu again and then select "More", then select "Pin to taskbar".
You now have three easy-access shortcuts to the Paint 3D Program. Frankly, I found the old Paint Program more convenient; if you have the older version laying around somewhere, you might prefer it.

How to Do a Print Screen aka Screenshot

  1. Press the "PrtScn" key to capture whatever is on your screen, the key is probably located near upper-right on keyboard.
  2. Open the Paint Program using any one of your new shortcut icons.
  3. Simultaneously press the Ctrl-V keys. The image will display in the Paint Program.
  4. The Paint Program menu options enable saving in various formats and locations, etc. And you can print. I usually save it right to the desktop screen. From there, it is easy to post wherever online.
  5. As a side note, the "Crop" and "Rotate" functions listed in the Paint Program menu options are highly convenient. So is the "Resize" function, but beware resolution degradation.

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  • How to make desktop Windows shortcuts
  • How to capture and save screen shots with desktop Windows

Collection of Other Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips

  • Function Key "F3" gives you ability to do a text search on the page you are on. Doing: Ctrl+F does the same.
  • Accidentally close a tab? Doing Ctrl+Shift+T will reopen it.
  • That moon sliver at the top of your desktop keyboard locks and puts the desktop into hibernation. Tapping any key brings it back to life and you have to re-enter the password.
  •  Ctrl+Z will many times undo what you just did. Ctrl+Y will undo what you just undid.
  • "Esc" key at upper-left can untangle many situations.
  • When viewing an article, the space bar does the same as the PgDn key.
  • Typing "update" in the task bar search box will bring up a menu where you can control when the Microsoft Windows updating occurs. I mention this because I got tired of the sudden, unexpected automated downloads that clogged up bandwidth during video streaming, etc.
  • Typing "cmd" into the address bar of Windows File Explorer will open the command prompt. Don't mess with that unless you know DOS.
  • As I think of other useful keys, I will add them. Consider this page an ongoing project whose purpose has extended beyond its original intent of just providing PrtScn instructions. Hopefully, we will end up with a nice key-function library here.

And here is an article on Seven Windows 10 Annoyances (and how to fix them) by CNET.

An Update. I just discovered a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts from Wired Magazine. Here they are: If You Know These Keyboard Shortcuts, You Won't Need a Mouse.

And I just found this: How to Activate God Mode in Windows 10 and Windows 11. It's for real and really works.

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