How to Do Screenshots and Create Windows 10 Shortcuts

Making Screenshots and Shortcuts in Windows 10

How to do, take, make a screenshot or print screen with Windows PC. And how to create shortcuts in Windows 10. By doing the one-time shortcut creations, it makes the screenshot procedure about a 15-second task going forward.

How to create WIN10 shortcuts and how to quickly and easily use the PrtScn key and MS Paint to make and save Windows PC screenshots. The secret is to make some shortcut icons. Then it really is just a matter of PrtScn, Paint, Ctrl-V, and save or print. Here's how.

How to Create Windows 10 Shortcuts

First, one has to find the Paint Program. Microsoft for some reason decided to be cute and put "Accessories" under "W" instead of "A".
  1. Click the 4-square, lower-left, Windows 10 start icon. Or tap the same-looking keyboard key.
  2. Scroll down, if necessary, and select "All apps"
  3. Scroll down and select "Windows Accessories".
  4. Scroll down and right-click "Paint". Select "Pin to taskbar".
  5.  Right-click again and select "Pin to start". Drag it on your graphic menu to upper-left or wherever else is convenient.
  6. Drag it from your graphic menu to your desktop, this will create a shortcut there as well.
You now have three easy-access shortcuts to the Paint Program.

How to Do a Print Screen aka Screenshot

  1. Press the "PrtScn" key, probably located near upper-right on keyboard.
  2. Open Paint Program using any one of your new shortcut buttons.
  3. Do Ctrl-V. The image will display in the Paint Program.
  4. The Paint Program side menu options enable saving in various formats and locations, etc. And you can print.
  5. As a side note, the "Crop" and "Rotate" functions listed in the across-the-top Paint Program menu options are highly convenient. So is the "Resize" function, but beware resolution degradation.

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