Sardines as Food – Canned sardines are another super food, wonder food, and nutrition bonanza.

Well, well. Turns out sardines are another super, wonder food. They really are.

All about sardines as food.

Sardine Health Benefits

  • They’ve got all the B-complex vitamins we all need.
  • They’re loaded with vitamin D.
  • They’ve got a decent amount of vitamin E and some vitamin K.
  • As for minerals, it’s a veritable bonanza. Lots of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium.

Sardines are also surprisingly inexpensive for their value. A big, red, flat can of them costs around $2 (your prices may vary). Usually, they will already be in a tomato sauce. Just microwave and enjoy. As a side note, be sure to cover before microwaving; otherwise, you will have a nice microwave cleaning project to look forward to.

And the usual seafood mercury poisoning fears are not a concern here. The larger and more long-lived the fish, the higher the mercury concentration levels. Sardines are short-lived and small. Mercury contamination is not a problem.

And when you are looking at your sardines, do not feel guilty about eating them. They are incredibly stupid and won’t even notice. Besides, they’re already dead.

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