When Is Stuffed Groundhog Day? - Sunday, February 2, 2020

Latest update: January 3, 2020
Warning. Demented humor may be present, not to mention stereotyping. Also, the Super Bowl happens to be on the same day in year 2020.  So if you are planning to go, might as well bring him along.

"Where's those stupid clouds when you need 'em!?!"

What to Do with Recalcitrant Groundhogs

Unhappy with what the groundhog had to say about the next six weeks? Well then, have him stuffed.

What with Valentines Day less than two weeks later, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Simply take him to the taxidermist, plenty of time to get the job done.

If the intended recipient is a man, he will love it.

If the intended recipient is a woman, then there may be a little more work that needs to be done.
  1. First, be sure all the fleas are really gone.
  2. Glue a little sign on him that says "Teddy Bear".
  3. Glue a little, red heart underneath.
You are done (hopefully not in more ways than one). Your results may vary.

Phil is exempt from all this. Why? Because I like him. Get your own groundhog.

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