How a Cat Retreats from a Fight

A True Story

Outdoor Cat Retreats from Fighting Outside

At my desk I was; I heard a screeching howl. I looked out the window.

Two cats.

The first and younger cat, ears flat, hair and tail straight up. And howls, hisses, and other noises he did continue to make. He was directly facing the other cat. The other, older cat was two to three feet away, facing sideways to the younger cat and was completely, utterly, totally motionless. And very, very silent.

This went on for about a minute or two.

And then, ever so slowly, the older, motionless, silent cat moved a paw . A mere twitch at best. A long pause. And then the older cat moved another paw, again barely a twitch. Another long pause.

The younger cat remained still and watching. The older cat then very slowly took an actual step forward, away from the younger cat. The younger cat still remained motionless. Another long pause. The older cat then took another step. Another pause. And then another step. And then another, slowly and gradually moving away from the younger cat. This drama continued for a good five minutes. Until finally the retreating, older cat disappeared around the corner of the house a short distance away; the first cat remaining motionless and observing the entire time.

And that is how an older cat retreats from a fight with a younger cat. Nature is not pretty.

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