How to and What Is the Best Way to Clean Dust - A Housework Cleaning Tip to Save Time and Labor

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Best House Cleaning Dusting Tip and Secret

Household Tips - How to and Best Way to Dust Anything, This Includes Dusting Furniture, Knickknacks, Blinds, Walls, Computers, Keyboards, Car Interiors, You Name It.

For Dusting: Use the Standard 4-inch wide, soft-bristle paintbrush.
The thing lasts "forever". This one is several years old.

Here's a household tip that has served me well for decades. Works equally well for electronics.

Buy and use a new, soft-bristle, 4-inch wide paint brush at your local hardware store. The bristles move around every crevice or other item part and gets into every nook, cranny, and corner of  whatever and wherever you are dusting. And it will absolutely never scratch or nick anything.

This method is 10 times better than using water, olive oil, dryer sheets, feather dusters or any of the other so-called dusting tools or ideas I’ve read about. And it is certainly a lot better than the whole vacuuming adventure.

I actually learned this trick from a guy that repaired electronic circuit boards. Before making repairs, he would use a brush to clean off all the dust that had accumulated on them over the years. Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

Especially excellent for cleaning computer keyboards, keypads, cellphones, entertainment centers, car instrument panels and dashboards, and the tops/fronts/sides of pretty much any other electronic device.

So, that’s about it. The ever-flexible paint brush. And maybe only doing a little bit of dusting a day at most, as opposed to the usual 1-hour, weekly project. In other words, I use dusting and other house chores as a rest break from my home office work or whatever other chores or projects I might be doing.

And a Personal Note for Those of Us Who Are Slobs

A little dust never hurt anybody...

And here's a time management tip when it comes to dusting. Dusting just isn't worth it to me, but I found a way to deal with it.

Seriously, dusting furniture and all the stuff sitting on it just isn’t worth my time. Same with dusting anything else. I mean so what if there’s some dust here and there?

However, I’ve come up with a solution so that I’m not a total slob. That paint brush is handy indeed.

I simply dust only one area or a few items at a time and only when I feel like it. I do it as a way to take a break from doing something else. So in a sense, it’s zero additional labor. In fact, now that I think about it, I pretty much do and use all housework as a break from whatever regular work or project I was doing.

The result? The place stays more than just functionally clean.

A Side Note About Spider Webs

Leave alone those spiderwebs aka cobwebs in those remote ceiling corners and other out of the way places. They do wonders for getting rid of  flies, plant gnats, fruit flies, and the occasional, invading, indoor mosquito.

Now admittedly this is a bit much.

Of course when the more exuberant spiders start building barricades across doorways and such, then it’s time to break out the broom.

But other than that, it really is ok to pretty much leave them be. However getting rid of all spider webs in your bedroom is a good idea. You don’t want to be dive-bombed in the middle of the night.

And of course if a black widow or its kin comes along… "Sorry, little dude, banishment or death." If you decide banishment; use a broom or brush and a big, paper grocery bag or other large container to capture him; the farther away you take him the better. Sweeping or brushing him into a dustpan and then trying to take him outside is not a good idea. The little critters can move faster than you think.

And another side note, here's a page on vinegar and baking soda cleaning and other uses.

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  1. The paint brush is an excellent idea. Thanks for permission to leave some spider webs. I do the banishment with a paper cup and a tissue, then throw the guy out the window.


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