The Wiggly Worbs of Whackerville

Includes year 2018 predictions, then more Whackerville.

The Wiggly Worbs of Whackerville

The moon set. The sun rose. Nobody cared. The cats were still in the garden.

And adventuress armadillos roamed the land.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle officer continued to hide behind the billboard in the desert. A peace-loving, hippie van drove by. It did not end well for the peace-loving, hippie van.

The platypi were unsympathetic.

The clock radio was blinking again. Throwing it across the room solved the problem.

The dealer turned up the ace of spades. The dog died.

I looked out the window and noticed a Triffid walking by. I closed the drapes.

Pesky weeds. Sprayed them. So then it rained.

The leaves were once again clogging the rain gutters. But what was that sparkly thing? Fished it out. It glowed; it melted; it was gone. Oh, well. We’ll never know.

The blue picture did not go well with the green drapes, but nobody noticed as they admired the shag carpet.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it. It was an intruder. I closed the door so the intruder wouldn’t intrude. The door wouldn’t lock. So the intruder intruded. I went to the other door. The intruder followed. I opened it. The intruder left. Having two doors is a good thing.

Illogical logic is worse than no logic at all.

We are your equal said the two pints to the quart.

A pound of flesh weighs less after cooking.

The door was ajar. This confused the cans immensely.

Conflicting thoughts are merely thoughts that haven’t been properly merged.

Telephone books make excellent monitor pedestals. Keyboard needs to be cleaned again. Tired of that. The mouse isn’t too happy either.

Why did reality invent dust?

What really is behind that green door?

The dips in the road made the stomach feel light. The quandary was, was it right? It was indeed. Because, you see. The whole experience was meant to be.

Year 2018 Predictions

Thus year 2018 begins. What will it bring? Probably a year 2017 amplified redux. The good. The bad. The ugly.

Society will become more fractured and tenuous.

Economic classes will become even more pronounced.

The American medical profession will continue on its path of corruption.

Surprisingly, global politics may actually stabilize somewhat this year.

Unfortunately, year 2018 will be slammed with monetary inflation. All the signs have already arrived.

Mass murders will become accepted as ordinary and routine. In fact, they already are.

Internet functionality will continue to be threatened by the criminal element, but will survive.

Terrorist activity will continue its attempt to drag us into another Dark Ages, but will fail.

Technology will continue to alter cultural norms.

Life's bureaucratic complexity will continue to increase. The general population frustration index will continue to increase. Violence will increase.

Due to technology, physical  thefts will decrease. Due to unethical contracts and a broken legal system, monetary thefts will increase.

There are still more good people than bad people in this world.

More Wiggly Worbs of Whackerville

Life is a mess. The world is a mess. Everything is a mess.
Always has been. Always will be.



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