Anti-Facebook Rebellion at Facebookzoo - A Review and More

Latest update: April 24, 2020
As you may or may not know, Facebook's new policies and algorithms have decimated the incomes of many publisher and business websites. Even though threatened with legal action by Facebook, a new website named Facebookzoo has opened whose purpose is to object to Facebook's new practices. The publishers and businesses who have been victimized by Facebook's actions are piling onto this new site and describing what Facebook has been doing. There are all sorts of articles, opinions, and conversations going on there. If you want to find out what is going on or want to make your own contribution, the blistering war against Facebook is at

This review will provide updates as things escalate.

September 2018

Maven blasts Facebook again. Article at: (Update December 2019. Discovered that article now appears to have since been removed, no idea when or why.)

January 2019

Looks like the rebellion and ranting have collapsed. Haven't seen anything new; excepting for a lone, community forum post the previous October.

February 2019

Yep, looks totally abandoned. I wouldn't be surprised if the facebookzoo website eventually disappears altogether. In fact, I think some items have already been removed from it.

September 2019

Yep, the facebookzoo website looks totally dormant. Am contemplating deleting this review as being obsolete and no longer relevant to anything that anyone would care about.

January 2020

Well, the site has had some minor commenter activity; including a spammer who posted four entries in a row. The four, duplicate spammer postings have remained there for over three months. In other words, apparently the Facebook Zoo website still remains completely unsupported and unmonitored.

February 2020

Still no article activity by Facebookzoo since August 2018. There is some commenter activity in late 2019.

April 2020

FaceBookZoo is still receiving comments from posters in year 2020; simply select the Community option. Apparently, anyone can make a comment. Who knows what the future of this website holds. Time will tell.

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