God , Religion, and Alternate Realities - A Logic Based Analysis

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This article discusses much more than God and religion, it is more in the philosophical and metaphysics realm. An alternate title for this page could be: Some Random Theories as to Our Existence.

What Is and Is God Real? Is Religion Valid?

Logic does seem to indicate the existence of a Higher Power that some call "God". This, religion, and other possible realities are analyzed.

Galaxies in just a tiny sliver of our universe.


We used to think the Earth was the center of the universe, until Copernicus and Galileo got us straightened out on that. We now know how large and how old the universe is. For us to have thought we were the center of the universe was the height of conceit.

The same logic applies to the existence of a Higher Power. It would be the height of conceit for us to think we are the most superior beings in the universe. Do we really think that humans are the most powerful and most intelligent entities in a 13-billion-year-old universe that spans 93 billion light-years? Logic practically screams there are more advanced civilizations and much more intelligent and powerful entities out there.

Then there is the matter of technology. We live in a 13-billion-year-old universe. On a cosmic scale, there is not that much difference between 12 billion years and 13 billion years. It is perfectly logical to conclude that there were civilizations a billion years ago that were as advanced then as we are now. We've seen what our civilization has accomplished in the last 200 years; imagine what those older civilizations have accomplished in the last billion years. To us, what they have accomplished and what they have done and can do would literally appear to be God or magic to us. So from our perspective, there are probably thousands or even millions of civilizations out there we would be forced to consider as godlike or god(s). They might even be worthy of the name; not only has there been a billion years of technological advances, there have also been a billion years of advancement in the social sciences.

So the question becomes, what is humanity's relationship to those civilizations and the individual entities therein? What is our relationship to these higher powers or what many may call God?

This brings us to religion.


God is God. Religion is man-made. Many believe in God, but have not chosen a religion. One can believe in God and not be religious.

Religion is a branch of philosophy. It is our attempt to comprehend our relationship with a Higher Power or what many call God.

Let's face it, humanity has always been a mess; but we do keep trying. Being man-made; many philosophical hypotheses, religions, theories no doubt have mistakes and errors; being contradictory to each other, they can't all be right. It is unfortunately the nature of reality and our species.

Humanity being humanity, we all know we are capable of making monumental mistakes. We do so now, and we were no doubt doing even more so when we first invented religion. Religion, itself, may or may not be a mistake; but there is no doubt mistakes are included within each variant.

As a side note, most non-religious people do not object to religion per se. What they object to is the classification of religious statements as facts, when in fact they are theories or a philosophical hypothesis. There is nothing wrong with adopting a philosophical hypothesis as being the most plausible theory of reality and then living one's life based on that theory. The conflict comes from the practice of calling a hypothesis or theory a fact or certainty; as opposed to calling said hypothesis a plausible working theory that one wishes to base their life.

In other words, people who follow our man-made religions should want to acknowledge their beliefs as working theories and should always be examining them for ways of improvement. What a religion tells one to do or not do is not being stated by God; it is being stated by other humans. A person owes it to themselves to always question and examine what one is being told. For that matter, it doesn't hurt to reexamine and question one's own thoughts and actions now and then; self-awareness is always a good thing.

Maybe we will know the true answers someday. Possibilities range from:
  • We are ignored or possibly not even aware of; after all, the universe is a big place.
  • All 7.9 billion of us are indeed being benignly monitored and interacted with on an individual basis; a billion years of technological and societal advancement makes practically anything possible.
  • Then there are all the possibilities in-between; some of which may not be so benign, or so empirical evidence would seem to indicate.
We just have no way of knowing yet.

Some Random Theories as to Our Existence

  • If any of our invented religions are on the right track, Christianity is probably the best bet; this is due to incidents that could be perceived as empirical evidence.
  • We are all lab rats in some entity's science experiment. Considering all the non-human-originated bad things that continually happen to us, the empirical evidence to support this theory appears almost overwhelming.
  • We are in school or training for some benign and/or other ulterior reason. This would be another explanation for all the obstacles and problems thrown at us.
  • We are some entity's pet; the equivalent of an ant farm in a kid's bedroom.
  • We live in a hologram, source and purpose unknown.
  • We are each an artificial intelligence. A billion years of technological advancement certainly makes it plausible that an artificial intelligence could be designed that doesn't know it's an artificial intelligence.
  • We are real.
  • We are alone.
  • The universe doesn't care.
As some have no doubt noticed, some theories can be combined with other theories. Another theory is:
  • If something can exist, then it does exist.
A good, close look at the universe, nature, and reality in general seems to substantiate this. There is a good possibility that the theories listed above, and more, are all actively in existence somewhere in the universe. Which one are we? Opinions vary.

Thoughts on the Existence of an Afterlife

  • Just because we want something to be true, doesn't make it true. However, some of the above theories could be used to support the hypothesis of an afterlife.
  • If one accepts the premise of an afterlife, then the existence of a fore-life is equally possible. To think that one's current life is the beginning or first life is the same as the aforementioned fallacy of the Earth being the center of the universe or humans being the most superior entities in the universe.


In keeping with the philosophy and tenor of this page, this article is merely a hypothesis and just the theory or theories of one or more individuals. And here is a well-thought-out science article about What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common.

- End of Article -

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  1. Bravo! Well said!
    My own opinion is that 99% of the most rotten sh** that has gone down in the history of this world is the direct result of one religion or another, purportedly acting "in the name of god(s)."

    Starting from the pre-historic human sacrifices by cultures of old, to the Crusades; the Spanish Inquisition; the Protestant/Catholic battles in Ireland, and the ongoing tyrannical religious-led governments in the Middle East to this day, There is not a single positive thing I can find to say about religion.
    (And what was up with those ancient Aztecs and Mayans, (and others like them) anyway?? They were so advanced with astronomy and calendars, and massive constructions that amaze us, even with our modern machinery, and yet they were still bamboozled by some need to slaughter others of their own tribes/villages to insure good crops, or benificent weather???!!! Methinks the ones who got to be the leaders just were psychopaths who enjoyed killing! And they blamed some so-called 'god.')

    It's all BS, and as you said, humans telling people what to do, how to live, what to wear, etc....In fact, what it is all about is power trips! Those who like telling people what to do, having power over them, those are the ones attracted to be clergy. IMO, the world would be better off without religions, period!

    As for me, I don't believe in either dieties or demons. The capacity for good or evil lives within each of us: we have a choice to make, and we must accept the consequences of our actions. Crediting a diety when things go well, is to cheat ourselves of the credit for doing the right thing; blaming a demonic entity for a bad outcome is just a cop out.

    (You'll notice I don't capitalize the word 'god': IMO, it's a job description, not a name.)

  2. Para.....Thank you so much for leading me, via covert channel, to this spectacular article. Frankly, I'm reeling by it's brilliance. As a lowly inhabitant of this world for several decades, I've reached the conclusion that for the vast portion of those decades, I've been desperately "searching" (consciously & I believe, unconsciously...for...what?) Perhaps I should have begun my search with actually knowing what the hell I'm searching FOR? I'll not explain that. Somehow I believe you're clear on what I mean.
    Your hypothesis/theory is not only fascinating, compelling and invaluable to me at this moment, but I'm considering reading it often enough to commit to memory. (Don't laugh. I exist in my own little bubble of tried and true behaviors that render me the most benefits.) You could not have known this (Or did you?...don't scare me!) that a simple series of unplanned actions today, led me here.....right HERE) Who knew? Someone right under my nose, on a mutual writer's site for 8 years, could suddenly rattle me silly......excuse me, "Rattle me Enlightened."
    I began by thanking you & I'm known (by my sons) for repeating myself! Thanks, Para!! Wow...............Paula (I'm very much with "Liz"...above me. It all rings so familiar!!)

  3. P.S. "Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool."
    ---Mark Twain


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