Negative Review of Hulu Live Streaming Service - And Keyboard Hotkeys, Shortcuts

Latest update: March 4, 2022. Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

This ongoing review has gone from positive to negative to positive to negative again.

Hulu Review

Hulu sure does love their commercials. I know this because their $5.99 Plan has so many of them. On the one hand, I do get a lot of house chores done while waiting for them to end; however, they are beginning to wear on me. To be fair, I should mention that on some videos there are no commercials at all or very few. Unfortunately on other videos, it's a veritable landslide of ads.

Ads Pattern

  • For Movies: The norm appears to be no ads, though they might throw one in at the very beginning.
  • For Series: If the series is from a cable channel that always buries their viewers in commercials, then Hulu follows that channel's pattern and does the same. However, Hulu does seem to show fewer commercials than the cable channel did when the series originally aired.
There can be exceptions all over the place as to the above two general observations. There are no doubt all sorts of behind-the-scenes parameters Hulu uses when determining how many ads to show on a given video.

The Hulu website is glitchy at times, mostly when ads are involved (update: the Google Chrome browser is the problem, not Hulu); but it works and I have found all sorts of good stuff that I've enjoyed and am enjoying watching. I have no plans to discontinue their service; I might even become fond of them. This review and the keyboard shortcuts listed below are regularly updated as Hulu continues to evolve. Hulu has over 40 million subscribers the last time I checked.

Hulu Social Media Accounts

January 2020 Update

Hulu continues to have an excellent selection of shows. I am indeed becoming fond of them. Meanwhile, the Netflix collection continues to be grim; I'm beginning to contemplate discontinuing them. Here's an updated Review of Netflix.

February 2020 Update

The constant ad glitches are starting to get on my nerves. I'm beginning to think it is an issue that won't stop.

April 2020 Update

I have regretfully discontinued my Hulu subscription. Apparently about 1 of every 5 advertisers use such high intensity bandwidth design for their ads that it stalls the video; it then claims I'm using an ad-blocker when I am not. If one wishes to subscribe to the Hulu video streaming service, I'd recommend the no-ad option only.

January 2021 Update

I received a special offer in my email and ended up re-subscribing to Hulu. Things have changed. The ads are fewer and shorter. I also made a discovery where I have to retract the previous April update. It turns out that the Google Chrome browser does not get along well with Hulu. When I used the FireFox browser, all the ad problems and other glitches disappeared. In other words, don't use the Google Chrome browser with Hulu. Use FireFox or some other browser. Meanwhile, I've discovered all sorts of new Hulu stuff to watch. Looks like I'll be hanging around for awhile.

April 2021 Update

Hulu and the Google Chrome browser seem to be getting along now. Meanwhile the number and lengths of ads seems to be inching upward though still acceptable. Also the ads still periodically stall with all browsers, whereas the videos do not.

July 2021 Update

70% of the ads run fine.  30% of the ads are still the high CPU usage and high bandwidth usage type that clog up and stall the computer. I dropped Hulu a note about it in their forums. I don't have much hope that the problem will be fixed any time soon.

August 2021 Update

I started getting slammed with the same high-bandwidth clogging advertiser over and over and over again; stalling the computer every time. I finally had to give up and cancel my Hulu subscription. Rocket Mortgage was the advertiser that finally did Hulu in. I can only imagine how many other subscribers Rocket Mortgage has and is costing Hulu, oh well.

March 2022 Update

 I still haven't gone back to Hulu, that situation really was obnoxious. Meanwhile I discovered They have lots of shows that are completely free. The "catch" of course is that they include ads. The thing is that not one ad on has ever caused my computer any problems. The shows and ads run just fine. Oh well, poor Hulu. Maybe someday I'll drop back by and see if they've finally discovered and fixed their problems.

Hulu Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
The Hulu keyboard shortcuts are similar to the Netflix keyboard shortcuts. I consider this a good thing; it appears that an industry standard is developing and this would definitely be a break for the user. YouTube also appears to be the same way.
  • Space bar = Pause / Play (toggle) - Also works on YouTube in certain screen modes)
  • M = Mute / Un-mute (toggle) - Also works on YouTube)
  • F = Full-screen (double-clicking the screen also works) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Esc = Exit full-screen (or double-click again) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Left arrow = Rewinds, 10-second increments. - Also works on YouTube; (5-second increments)
  • Right arrow = Fast Forwards, 10-second increments. - Also works on YouTube (5-second increments)

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  1. I don't think the space bar has worked with Hulu for some time now. I complained when they took it away, but as always complaining to Hulu about changes has no impact. Their job is to make changes, our job is to like them.

    Now the 'F' for full screen has stopped working. Who knows what that is about.

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