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December 9, 2019. Submitted without comment:

December 8, 2019. I've had no problems with Uber, but here's something one should know might happen:

December 6, 2019. Based on internet posts I've seen, package theft off porches is a real problem this year. Apparently the thieves are following the FedEx and UPS trucks around.

December 3, 2019. I called Medi-Cal. They do indeed have the new Medicare numbers. That is what one would expect; but with the bureaucracy disasters of the past, I decided it wouldn't hurt to make sure.

December 2, 2019. Just a reminder about the old Medicare Number no longer being valid as of year 2020.

Update. For those who don't know, Staters has what are called, "Digital Deals". Simply signup to use. Then mention to cashier and she sets the card reader to accept your phone number to activate the discounts; that's all there is to it.

Update. Excerpts from email I received from Medicare:
  • "By now, you should have your new Medicare card — with your new Medicare Number. Bring your card to any appointments with your doctors, so they have your new number in their systems. Doing so will help us process your claims."
  • "If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO) or a Medicare Drug Plan, use that Plan ID card whenever you need care or prescriptions. However, you should also carry your Medicare card — you may be asked to show it so your doctor can make sure your new number is in their system."
  • "You can only use your old card and Medicare Number to get health care services until December 31, 2019. You can always print your official new Medicare card and find your Medicare Number with your account."
The italicizing was done by me. My guess is that failure to give one's new number in time to those current providers and possibly others who need it will result in all sorts of bureaucratic nightmares one will have to deal with as year 2020 progresses.

Medical Information Resources (all medical pages recently updated)

Medi-Cal/QMB have several levels of eligibility, might be worth checking.

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