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Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, but who knows what might show up here.

January 20, 2020. The IRS has a new 1040 form for seniors. It's called the 1040-SR form. I do believe if you were born prior to January 2, 1955; you are entitled to use this form if so desired. Or you can still use the original 1040 form.

January 18, 2020. Darn it, painful muscle spasm in left foot. Lima beans for dinner:

January 15, 2020. Winter, dry, itchy skin? Direct from my Doc: Wet down the affected area with water. Leave it as wet as possible. Rub the Vaseline over it so as to cover and trap the water. (end of doc paraphrased quote). As for me, scrubbing it with a wash cloth during the process feels so good... After the soaking with water and covering with Vaseline, the itchiness goes away within 10 minutes.

January 14, 2020. I'm going to be having some adventures with a couple dentists in the next few months. Descriptions and positive/negative reviews may follow; or not.

January 9, 2020. I've thought of a new use for the shuffleboard courts: Bowling for Cats. Warning, humor may be present.

January 7, 2020. Beware the robocall scam where they say they are going to "cut your power in 30 minutes" because of so-called non-bill-payment. There is also a similar scam at present, where they claim to be DIRECTV; they might even already have your personal information.

January 6, 2020. This is kind of a rant. Got kids and grand kids? See the lower half of this article about Saving Money on Groceries.

January 1, 2020. Happy 2020. The updating blitz of this entire website begins.

December 11, 2019. The mail delivery service in this town is absolutely awful; this applies to both sending and receiving. Frankly and based on personal experience, I use electronic tracking these days whenever sending anything important; that seems to be sufficient enough to get their attention.

December 2, 2019. Just a reminder about the old Medicare number no longer being valid as of year 2020.

Medical Information Resources

Medi-Cal/QMB have several levels of eligibility, might be worth checking.

Financial/Money Information Resources

  • For those who don't know, Staters has what are called, "Digital Deals". Simply signup on their website to use. Then mention to cashier and she sets the card reader to accept your phone number to activate the discounts; that's all there is to it.
  • Saving Money on Groceries. A worthy reminder checklist.
  • Sales Tax Fraud How to not be a victim.
  • More to come.

Social Media Relating to Hemet (new tab)

If you want to know what is going on in this town, these Facebook Groups will tell you. As a side note, I never mention Casa del Rey in the forum groups. I figure the lower our profile, the better.

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