How to Cook Lentils From a Can - Who Knew?

Latest update: July 5, 2020
Oddly, a lot of grocery stores don't have them. If you happen to come across a store that does, give them a try.

How to cook lentils from a can. Easy.

I have never had lentils. Someone gave me a can of it. It sat in the cupboard for months.

My foot had a muscle spasm. I had been down this road before. I knew it meant I was low on the mineral potassium again. But, alas. My stockpile of lima beans and bananas were no more.

To Google I went, “What foods have high potassium?” says I.

“Lentils,” says Google.

I remembered the can in the cupboard.

Off to the nutrition page for lentils. There it was: a 731 mg reading for potassium. And a whole bunch of other stuff I was pretty sure I needed.

What is a lentil? It is a small bean. I also discovered I had to cook them.

Into the bowl the lentils went. The microwave gave them its regards for three  minutes. Two, sliced up, already microwaved, hot dogs were added. Gave the whole concoction another microwave minute. The beans were cooked and the hot dogs were mutated just the way I liked them; perfect. Added some garlic salt, figured I was low on that, too.

It was absolutely, positively delicious.

And that is how I discovered lentils.

The USDA has this to say about lentils:

The Lentil is an annual legume. Unlike dried beans, lentils do not need to be soaked before cooking. They are a vegetarian food having high protein content, and are often used in soups and casseroles.

Meanwhile, there's a new .gov website in town:

It's called Here's their page for lentils: Lentil Stew Recipe.

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