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Latest update: May 7, 2020

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A necessary warning about the world we live in. If one finds a job posting that seems to have potential, check out the poster with the search engines before sending a resume, filling out an application, calling or otherwise emailing them, etc. Make sure it is a legitimate job with a legitimate company or other employer. Scammers and robocallers are known to make fake job postings; purpose being to collect personal information or worse. And where applicable, call the company's main phone number and visit their website (as listed by the search engines) to confirm that the job posting and associated contact information are actually theirs.

[Just a pandemic side note. Government agencies are desperate for anyone who has ever programmed in COBOL; they don't care if you are retired or what age you are.]

Resource Description
Indeed All jobs. Aggregator.
Reserved Reserved.
Government Jobs Appears to have them all.

Resource Description
neuvoo An international job aggregator.

Resource Description
AARP: Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees Truly worthy ideas.

Resource Description
jobbankinfo State job banks.
GetTheJob Company websites only.
job-hunt Employment advice. Portal.
snagajob Hourly employment.
HotJobs All jobs.
CareerBuilder All jobs.
CareerPath All jobs. Newspaper classifieds.
USAjobs.com Federal site for Federal jobs.
D.I.C.E. Tech jobs, mostly agencies.
CareerMosaic Mostly company direct.
MysteryShop Possible assignments, more.
JobHuntersBible Advice and links.
RileyGuide Advice and links.
JobSmart Salary info, advice, links.
CareerBabe.com Advice, links, work-after-50.
AvueCentral Federal jobs. A difficult site.
BestJobsUSA All jobs. A limited site.
Jobs All jobs. A limited site.
Monster This site has become obstructive and buries you in ads.
JobFairy Tech job network site, more.
Salary Various job/career info.
Work Place Fairness Workplace info.

Resource Description
elance Freelance.
guru Freelance.
hotgigs Freelance.
getacoder Freelance.
contractedwork Freelance.
rentacoder Freelance.
freelancedesigners Freelance.
directfreelance Freelance.
project4hire Freelance.

For California folks: EDD

And a little bit of both humor and truth. Things not to do at work or job interviews:

  • Touch and hug your coworkers at every opportunity. Share all sex-related jokes with them. Bring up religion and politics as often as possible.
  • Be seen having lunch with the malcontents, trouble makers, and other toxic personalities.
  • Always let your boss know what he or she is doing wrong. Especially point out any character flaws they may have. How else will they know how to improve themselves?
  • Keep your desk a total shambles.
  • Gossiping is good. It gives you credibility.
  • Going to a job interview? Be sure to smoke lots of cigarettes on the drive there. The interviewer will hire you on the spot when he or she smells the aroma. And of course, always show up late.

Another tough day at the office.

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