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Review of Hulu Live Streaming Service - And Keyboard Shortcuts

Hulu Review

Hulu sure does love their commercials. I know this because their $5.99 Plan has so many of them. On the one hand, I do get a lot of house chores done while waiting for them to end; however, they are beginning to wear on me. To be fair, I should mention that on some videos there are no commercials at all or very few. Unfortunately on other videos, it's a veritable landslide of ads.

Ads Pattern

  • For Movies: The norm appears to be no ads, though they might throw one in at the very beginning.
  • For Series: If the series is from a cable channel that always buries their viewers in commercials, then Hulu follows that channel's pattern and does the same. However, Hulu does seem to show fewer commercials than the cable channel did when the series originally aired.
There can be exceptions all over the place as to the above two general observations. There are no doubt all sorts of behind-the-scenes parameters Hulu uses when determining how many ads to show for a given video.

The Hulu website is glitchy at times (mostly when ads are involved), but it works and I have found all sorts of good stuff that I've enjoyed and am enjoying watching. I have no plans to discontinue their service; I might even become fond of them. This review and the keyboard shortcuts listed below are  regularly updated as Hulu continues to evolve. Hulu has over 25 million subscribers the last time I checked.

Hulu Social Media Accounts

Hulu Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

The Hulu keyboard shortcuts are similar to the Netflix keyboard shortcuts. I consider this a good thing; it appears that an industry standard is developing and this would definitely be a break for the user. YouTube also appears to be the same way.
  • Space bar = Pause / Play (toggle) - Also works on YouTube in certain screen modes)
  • M = Mute / Un-mute (toggle) - Also works on YouTube)
  • F = Full-screen (double-clicking the screen also works) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Esc = Exit full-screen (or double-click again) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Left arrow = Rewinds, 10-second increments. - Also works on YouTube; (5-second increments)
  • Right arrow = Fast Forwards, 10-second increments. - Also works on YouTube (5-second increments)

Anti-Facebook Rebellion at Facebookzoo - A Review and More

As you may or may not know, Facebook's new policies and algorithms have decimated the incomes of many publisher and business websites. Even though threatened with legal action by Facebook, a new website named Facebookzoo has opened whose purpose is to object to Facebook's new practices. The publishers and businesses who have been victimized by Facebook's actions are piling onto this new site and describing what Facebook has been doing. There are all sorts of articles, opinions, and conversations going on there. If you want to find out what is going on or want to make your own contribution, the blistering war against Facebook is at

This review will provide updates as things escalate.

September 2018

Maven blasts Facebook again. Article at:

January 2019

Looks like the rebellion and ranting have collapsed. Haven't seen anything new; excepting for a lone, community forum post in October.

February 2019

Yep, looks totally abandoned. I wouldn't be surprised if the facebookzoo website eventually disappears altogether. In fact, I think some items have already been removed from it.

September 2019

Yep, the facebookzoo website looks totally dormant. Am contemplating deleting this article as being obsolete and no longer relevant to anything that anyone would care about.

Help with Medical Bills for Seniors and Disabled from Federal and State Websites

These websites will actually help you when a medical entity victimizes you with inflated or outright fraudulent medical bills and/or denied insurance claims.

This includes hospitals, general doctors, specialists, X-ray places, CT scan or PET scan centers, blood test places, and pretty much any other medical facility or entity that engages in illegal or unethical conduct. Emphasis is on illegal, unethical contracts and on illegal, unethical billing practices. Also includes resources regarding insurance company misconduct or for when a Medicare, Medicaid, or Medi-Cal case worker makes a mistake or acts in bad faith. Sooner or later, you will need the information on this page.

Medical Federal and California (and other) State Government Websites That Will Help You When an Insurance Company or Service Provider Victimizes You – Also Some Worthwhile Additional Information

Patients Rights and Financial Help Resource List

A list of resources regarding the rights patients are legally supposed to have. Many provide complaint forms and will actually help you. All listed websites are government or other well-known, reputable resources. All links go directly to the website's patients rights page and/or patients help page. Needless to say, all are free.
  • MedlinePlus, from the U.S. Library of National Medicine.
  •, your rights under the Affordable Care Act.
  •, your Medicare rights.
  • The Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman. , a resource for filing complaints, grievances, appeals, etc.; in other words, a place to rat out medical service providers. The page also promises to provide information, help, assistance, and other services. The page is apparently also the starting point for when you need to deal with Medicare's own shenanigans.
  •, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The particular link I provided has to do with Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight. The page may not especially look it, but these guys are your friend. Sometimes, out of the blue and without any action on your part, they will send you notices a particular medical bill from a medical service provider or insurance entity is not valid and that you don't have to pay it. This website is definitely worth prowling around when you have the time.
  • California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the go-to page for filing medical complaints in California.
  • Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA), another go-to page for filing medical complaints in California.
  • CDSS is another California site that my be able to help you, especially as applies to local office Medicaid (Medi-Cal) screw-ups.
  • Google. For folks not in California looking for their state websites, simply do a search for:
    "YourStateNameHere patients rights help" (without the quotes and be sure to include the exact "" syntax).
If a link suddenly stops working, it means the website moved that particular page. Let me know in the comments section and I'll find and post the new location.

Some Tips for When Dealing with the Medical Bureaucracy

  • The Medicare 1-800-633-4227 number is open 24/7. They have always been friendly, professional, and helpful.
  • Referring doctors make paperwork mistakes all the time. Whenever possible make sure the medical treatment specifications match what the Medicare white book says. This is mostly applicable to preventive services. Not kidding here, make sure the doctor's instructions exactly match what the white book specifies. I've personally saved myself one financial disaster already by doing this.
  • Never walk into a medical service provider's diagnostic center without the proper Medicare COPD 5-digit code included on the referral paperwork. 
  • Referring doctors make paperwork mistakes all the time (did I mention that already?). Always call the Medicare number first and verify the accuracy of the Medicare code on the paperwork before going to the specialist's or medical service provider's office. Confirm with Medicare that the Medicare code number is valid for your circumstances and procedure(s) and that Medicare will approve and pay for the procedure.
  • When referred to a specialist, sometimes a COPD code isn't provided; the specialist adds the code after the fact. Your only defense against this is having diagnostic information showing the necessity of the visit to the specialist, e.g., CAT scan shows potential malignancies in lungs, thus being referred to a pulmonologist makes medical sense. If the specialists uses the wrong code(s) after the fact and the claim is denied, don't just give up. Work with Medicare and the specialist to get the mistake straightened out and resubmit the claim.
  • The referring doctor does not not always know if the referred specialist or medical service provider takes Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, etc. When you walk into that referred specialist's office or medical service center for the first time and have identified yourself, always ask first:
  1. Does Medicare accept you and do you accept Medicare as full payment, secondary insurance covering remaining balance?
  2. Does Medicaid//Medi-Cal/Etc. accept you and do you accept Medicaid, Medi-Cal, etc. or whatever other supporting insurance applicable in your situation as full payment?
If any part of their answer is no, leave immediately. As a Medicare beneficiary, you have the right to go to any Medicare specialist or service provider center you wish. Tell your primary, referring doctor what happened and they'll take care of it.

An important note. If a medical entity financially victimizes you or is trying to victimize you happens to be a referral from your doctor, first check with Medicare via their website and/or phone calls and find out exactly what is going on. If that doesn't clarify or fix the situation, then tell your doctor's office all about it. They might be able to fix the problem with just one phone call to the offending medical entity; not so surprisingly, your doctor's office will often be quite successful at this.

A personal note. That medical contract you are always forced to sign is basically a blank check allowing the medical entity to do whatever they want. You've given them the right to do anything and everything their hearts desire and then to bill you for whatever insurance doesn't cover. For that reason, I always print directly above my signature the following in caps:


If the medical service provider then refuses you as a patient, immediately inform your primary physician that referred you. If that doesn't solve the problem, i.e., your doctor being able to find a different service provider in the area; I'd personally let Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and any other involved insurance/government entity know all about it. I would think they would all want to know about a medical service provider that turns away patients simply because that patient only wants those services that are covered by insurance. Who knows? They might even be able to help you.

An update (Medical Hack(?)). Someone sent me this. I do not know if it is true or not. It sure would be interesting to find out:

I'm continuing to look for other government medical websites that help patients when it comes to money issues. If you happen to know of one, please mention it in comments. I'll be happy to include it on the list. Federal sites are preferred, but sites specific to your state are also welcome.

The Nextdoor Website Is Not Safe, Useful, or Pleasant. A Negative Review.

This is a regretfully negative review of the Nextdoor website for years 2017, 2018, 2019. Unfortunately, the plethora of inquires from people on the search engines wanting to know how to close, delete, cancel their accounts pretty much substantiates the conclusions drawn by this review; not to mention all the BBB complaints.

Be sure to read items #3 and #4 at the end of this review for better options.

"Frankly, I've never seen so many hate-filled trolls
and worse in one place at one time."

I discovered a social network website known as Nextdoor. Despite the above quote, every neighborhood Nextdoor forum could be different, so your results or experiences there could vary. There's just no way of knowing in advance.

Posts to the site are made by you and your neighbors in the surrounding areas, sometimes even the police and fire departments will contribute generalized information. The Nextdoor website is supposed to help people know what is going on in their neighborhood, but fails miserably in that regard. Unfortunately there is also the possibility of immediately being subjected to unwanted contact and worse.

Nextdoor has all sorts of customization settings available. You can control which nearby neighborhood posts you see. You can control which neighborhood posts you receive email notifications about; settings range from all, some, or none.

The Nextdoor forums are supposed to be a good social network experience. However, attempting to participate can often result in very bad experiences. It is unfortunate this review has been forced to become a negative description of the Nextdoor website and to conclude the site is outright unsafe.

The Nextdoor Forums Have One Very Bad Flaw

Bullies, trolls, and worse are not monitored nor restrained in the Nextdoor forums. They are free to launch personal attacks, make false accusations, and even try to do you real harm in the real world. Remember, these are your neighbors and real names and addresses are used. In most cases, they just want to humiliate and inflict as much emotional pain as possible for sport. However, the potential for real world spillover is also a major concern.

It all depends on what forum you happen to be forced to visit or use.

If you happen to live in a neighborhood where bad people haven't yet taken over the Nextdoor forum, things could be ok.

But if you discover it's one of the forums where there are groups of people who automatically want to hurt strangers in any and every way they possibly can just for the fun of it, it is best to depart before there are real world ramifications.

(The gun in the Clint meme is misleading. Extreme emotional pain, false accusations affecting real world situations, vandalism, or legal consequences are the actual, main dangers.)

If you choose to go near there, here's hoping your neighborhood and corollary Nextdoor forums are one of the normal ones. Take care.

Year 2017 and 2018 Updates (4 items), a year 2019 update then follows.

Item #1 In the event you are subjected to personal attacks and you attempt to defend yourself, you will be the one Nextdoor will ban. Nextdoor lets the lowest common denominator rule, reason being there are so many of them and Nextdoor really doesn't have much of a business choice in the matter. The banning might also be for your own protection, objective being to prevent escalation to the level of real world consequences. There are indeed people inhabiting some of the Nextdoor forums who will do or try to do you real world harm.

Item #2 Based on what I have personally witnessed and what the search engine results say, I wouldn't go there. Nothing of value is ever posted there anyway. And the possibility of negative consequences are just too great.

Item #3 Long story short, better to type your city or neighborhood name into Facebook search. You will invariably find a group dedicated to talking about your neighborhood. There will be regular posts about what crimes have just occurred, both positive and negative comments about experiences at local businesses, what the police and fire departments are currently dealing with, reports of what's going on at specific locations, what's happening at city hall and other government offices, locations to avoid, locations to visit, lots of videos and pictures, and all sorts of other useful information. If you happen to not find a Facebook group for your town, start one and be the admin!

Item #4 I found none of what I described in item #3 at the Nextdoor website. Sadly, the site is useless and can even be dangerous. The intentions of the site owner(s) were no doubt just to duplicate the Facebook groups and provide similar positive experiences. I respect them for trying. It is just plain bad luck the forums were taken over by undesirables.

June 2019 Update

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) now has 184 complaints against the Nextdoor "social" website. Yep, definitely best to stay away. I'm no avid fan of Facebook, but Facebook is definitely the better option.

List of Netflix and YouTube Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts and Some Tips

Routinely Updated

Here are the Netflix and some of the YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Darned convenient they are. My mouse sent me a thank you note when I discovered "m" and the space bar.

Netflix and YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  • M = Mute / Un-mute (toggle) - Also works on YouTube)
  • Up arrow = Volume Up - Also works on YouTube)
  • Down arrow = Volume Down - Also works on YouTube)
  • Space bar = Pause / Play (toggle) - Also works on YouTube in certain screen modes)
  • Enter = Pause / Play (toggle)
    • F = Full-screen (double-clicking the screen also works) - Also works on YouTube)
    • Esc = Exit full-screen (or double-click again) - Also works on YouTube)
    • Left arrow = Rewinds 10 seconds each click (space bar reinitiates Play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments)
    • Right arrow = Fast Forwards 10 seconds each click (space bar reinitiates Play) - Also works on YouTube, 5 second increments)
    • Shift+Left arrow = Rewind (keeps going until you hit space bar)
    • Shift+Right arrow = Fast Forward (keeps going until you hit space bar)

    Netflix Video Stuck?

    On occasion, I've experienced the video suddenly just stops playing. The computer, modem, and internet are all still fine; but for whatever reason, the video has stopped and most of the icons and keyboard shortcuts have become unresponsive. For me, clicking the 10-second-forward icon kick starts things back to normal. The keyboard right-arrow key will probably do the same. Much more convenient than closing and reopening the tab/window.

    Netflix Keyboard Functionality

    I've also noticed the Netflix keyboard key assignment functions stop working occasionally. I'm guessing this is because I have other Window tabs open. When I go to those tabs, sometimes the website or application there resets the keys back to browser default; or maybe it is the browser itself doing it. Sometimes Netflix will reset the keyboard shortcuts back on when I return, but sometimes they apparently don't. Fortunately, I noticed using the mouse to click something once when I return usually resets the keys back to what Netflix wants them to be. Worst case scenario and if worth the bother, simply go back to browse and then back to whatever you were watching; this should reset the key shortcuts functions back on.

    If there is more information about the Netflix keyboard shortcuts, here's the latest from Netflix.

    If there is more information about the YouTube keyboard shortcuts, here's the latest from Google.

    Netflix Access Tech Note

    Netflix has served me well for years. Amazingly, it also works just fine when using landline DSL; broadband not required. However, be forewarned that a telephone company technician told me such is not the case for everyone. Apparently, it all depends on how close the telephone company substation is to your place of residence.

    Netflix Social Media Accounts

    If interested, here are Netflix's Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest social media accounts.

    Netflix Random News Item(s)

    As of August 2019; news media reports that Netflix has over 150 million global subscribers, but that major competition is afoot. Apparently, there will be four or five major competitors who will come upon on the scene within the next year. This can be both bad and good for subscribers:
    • Good: more competition is always better for the consumer.
    • Bad: some of the video programming that has been available to Netflix will be withdrawn and and only be available exclusively from competitors. This means that consumers may be forced to subscribe to more than one video streaming service. In other words, multiple subscription fees may lie ahead.

    A Regretfully Negative Review of Indulgy – A Pinterest Clone

    Updated for Year 2019

    What is Indulgy?
    Sadly, a poor man's attempted Pinterest clone.

    Original Review (followed by updates)

    According to Alexa, traffic seems to be doing well. It is currently ranking as one of the top 20,000 websites globally and one of the top 10,000 sites in the US. The bad news is that traffic seems to be drifting downward, a year ago the stats had them in the top 10,000 sites globally. Not sure whats going on or why the drift downward. Still not bad, considering there are probably over 200,000,000 websites out there in internet land these days. [Side note. Be sure to read the updates. Things currently seem to not be going well.]

    Using Indulgy for Collecting Images and Backlinks

    Indulgy is a nice, simple, uncomplicated version of Pinterest. If you like Pinterest, Indulgy can be fun as well.

    As with Pinterest, you can include backlinks to the images you post on Indulgy

    Visitor traffic is still relatively low at this point, but Indulgy could have some future value as to and for backlinking purposes.

    As a low priority project, I've opened an account (the link above) and started posting some images there. We'll see how that goes; I'll report on any results every now and then.

    Ongoing User Review Updates

    March 2015

    For some strange reason, I am intuitively fond of this site. Probably because of the nice, clean interface and ease of use. I'll continue to add images and updates from time to time. I hope the site does well.

    Unfortunately, Indulgy does not enable enough text space when displaying the photo to include the title of the article where the image came from (see later update). This pretty much shuts down the prospect of generating a click-thru to your article from Indulgy. Hopefully, Indulgy will change this and emulate Pinterest.

    Went back again later in the month. I'm beginning to think Indulgy has become a mess. When right-clicking to post pictures, the box doesn't auto-fill and after filling out the box the picture doesn't show up in my collection. Also, earlier this week, the site locked up my computer.

    September 2015

    Yep, Indulgy is still pretty useless as to generating traffic to your linked article. As previously indicated, there's no text accompanying the image in the collection to indicate what the image or linked article is about (see later update). Clicking the image will bring up some accompanying text for the visitor, but how many visitors will bother to make that click to find out the details?

    February 2016

    Dropped by my account. Deleted some obsolete pics. Updated some links in others. Both tasks were intuitive and easy to do.

    Added a couple new images. Doing the add link to source page still does not work (direct link to image, not article, is required). Better to install the browser plugin. Then right-click on target image to use it.

    Indulgy has much improved since previous visit and is a worthy site.

    And I made a worthy discovery. Giving yourself a really short user name will then enable more descriptive text to be included with your image.

    After almost a year, I still have zero followers. This is no doubt because I never collected (re-pinned) anyone else's images or followed anyone. So I collected (re-pinned) a few images and followed three people. We will see how it goes...

    January 2017

    Visited my account for the first time in almost a year. Had to reinstall the plugin, understandable. To find the installed plugin, look in your browser bookmarks lists. Deleted some obsolete images and added some new ones.As far as I can tell, the account has had no visitors. As before, it is probably because of my lack of activity.

    Indulgy does have what I consider to be one very serious flaw. It keeps opening new windows as opposed to new tabs. That can very quickly become a real pain in the neck. Oh, well; to each their own.

    April 2017

    Dropped by the site and my account. They've changed things around. Frankly, that site is now a pain in the neck to navigate. They've also added a shopping section.

    Indulgy traffic has been steadily declining over the last year. A year ago it was globally ranked as one of the top 11,000 websites in the world; it's ranking has since dropped to around 21,000. In other words, it is back to where it was two years ago. Basically a two-year bell curve. Prior to the two years ago, it was once before globally ranked at around 10,00. A sine wave or two bell curves in a row? Due to the time lengths involved, the pattern doesn't appear to be seasonal.

    Whatever is going on, it doesn't appear to be driving any visitor traffic my way for the articles I've posted there.

    The way things are going, the site appears headed for extinction. It certainly wouldn't be the first. Then again,who knows? The site is certainly still salvageable. Maybe the site has a regular 2-year-trend pattern as opposed to the usual one year. Time will tell. Deleted one old image/article and added one new image/article.

    October 2017

    Well, the pictures do indeed display well and look nice. Deleting a couple of obsolete ones was easy to do; you'll need to refresh the page to see them actually disappear. Modified some outdated descriptions, again was easy to do.

    Still no visitor activity that I could see.

    What we have here is a plain and very simple site. If all you want to do is organize your pictures into various collections and don't care about having visitors or generating traffic, Indulgy is a useful website.

    There is one other use for the site that occurs to me. One could use it as a bookmarks-website, if you don't mind about the scrolling all the time. Just a thought. Come to think of it, you also can't organize, i.e., move the pictures around within each collection. If one does not have that many bookmarks, then Indulgy could be useful in this regard, otherwise going the bookmarks-website route would be the better way to go.

    January 2018

    Indulgy really is a mess. You can't even trust it.

    I clicked the setting icon on one of my images and was pleasantly surprised to find I could supposedly change the URL, which I did indeed need to do. So I changed it.

    When I tested it, the change had failed to take. So I edited and tried again. This time I carefully watched. When I clicked save, I saw the URL revert back to the old before the edit box then saved and closed. Tried it a couple more times before giving up.

    A glitchy mess and you can't even trust it when it claims to have saved your edit(s).

    Personally, I have given up on this site.

    June 2018

    Dropped by. Checked a few links and they seem to work. Nobody is visiting the page, so didn't bother adding any new links.

    January 2019

    Checked up on Indulgy so as to post an update here. Still doesn't get traffic; still doesn't generate traffic to linked articles; still a real pain in the neck to navigate.

    Tried posting an article link, but Indulgy wouldn't accept it; informed me it had to be directly to a picture. So I right-clicked one of the article pictures, copied its link and pasted that. It allowed me to post the pic; but needless to say, a user clicking the pic just expanded the pic and didn't go to the article. So I tried editing the link; at first it appeared not to work, but then it eventually did.

    Indulgy did inform me they have a browser add on; but frankly I didn't want their glitchy code on my machine.

    So that about covers it. Indulgy is still limping along, but I still have no enthusiasm for it. Oh, well.

    In the interests of fairness, I checked Alexa. The traffic chart shows a gradual decline in ranking over the last year, but there's been a major improvement in the last month or so. So, whatever is going on, Indulgy does seem to suddenly have some sort of new following; I have no idea why or what is going on with that. It will be interesting to see how year 2019 goes.

    August 2019

    Nothing exciting to report. Deleted an obsolete pic without incident. Tried adding an article link, but still no go; can still only add direct pic links; apparently still need the browser add-on to do otherwise. Alexa has reported a major drop in traffic to Indulgy over the last 90 days; the internet is indeed a tough town. When it comes to picture collections, Pinterest is the 800-pound gorilla and that's just the way it is. I wouldn't be surprised if Indulgy is eventually abandoned. Presumably, the Indulgy browser add-on glitches have bee fixed, but I didn't bother to risk trying it.

    As a side note, pretty much all social media has become useless for directing traffic to articles; even Pinterest and Facebook. Those internet days appear to be dead and gone. I perceive both Indulgy and Pinterest as just social and entertainment sites these days; nothing wrong with that.

    A Short Review of Twitter

    Basically, a Twitter account is worthless, unless you pay.

    I had an account at one time. Unfortunately, the good old days of Twitter generating traffic to articles you've written or to your website are long gone. Unless you pay Twitter $99/month, your tweets will be poorly ranked in feeds, hashtag threads, etc. That $99/month or more might be worth it to large companies, politicians, and so forth; but it is definitely not worth it to the rest of us. And that, unfortunately, is that.

    Meanwhile, for your amusement...

    Top 10 List of Reasons Why You Should Follow Me on Twitter

    1. You will get to see my spiffy avatar every time you drop by my page.
    2. You will also get to see my beautiful background picture.
    3. You get to discover the link to my awesome website.
    4. I will dazzle you daily with my brilliant, personal thoughts.
    5. I only share stuff from other websites that are truly interesting.
    6. I sometimes come up with amazing photos.
    7. I only retweet stuff that is as good as or better than my own.
    8. You will never get a Direct Message from me.
    9. You will never be inundated with hashtags.
    10. I’ll follow you back (unless you are demented).
    What is my Twitter address, you ask? If I ever reopen an account, I’ll get back to you on that.

    A side note. There is certainly nothing wrong with opening a free account for social, entertainment, and general messing around. And nothing against Twitter; Facebook does the same thing (different pricing structure). Both are corporations just trying to make money.

    A Review of WeHeartIt – A Pinterest Clone

    I originally didn't like this site. I felt that the site was clunky, obstructive, disorganized, and generally just a pain in the neck to use overall . And if there was a delete button to get rid of images I no longer wanted, I had yet to find it (see update below).

    My original opinion may have been in the minority however. According to Alexa, is one of the top 1000 websites globally. Out of a total of 180,000,000 websites in the world, that isn't bad. [Year 2019 Update: Global and US rank are in the 3,000 to 4,000 range.]

    Then again, WeHeartIt's global ranking has steadily been getting worse since the beginning of the year (see update, trend has apparently reversed back to positive).

    As a side note, WeHeartIt has instructed Quantcast to hide their information.

    Using for Backlinks

    For folks who just like to organize, share, and exchange pictures; Pinterest is better. Once experiencing Pinterest, one's enthusiasm for weheartit may wane.

    However, you can include backlinks to the images you post on weheartit (as with Pinterest). The backlinks aren't intuitive to visitors though. Unlike with Pinterest, there is nothing to indicate that clicking the image will take you anywhere.

    WeHeartIt may have some value for backlinking purposes, but this particular site should probably be one of your lower priority tasks. Though I do strongly suspect weheartit may be more productive than Twitter as to social media sharing. As far as I'm concerned, Twitter is just one great, big, spamming mess; because of that, very few links are followed there.

    Year 2014 Update

    First, rocket surgeon that I am, I finally discovered how to delete images I had previously posted and no longer wanted. Simply click the heart and it will unheart; at this point, the image is supposed to be removed. The image will immediately no longer be there for new visitors who drop by, but you still might keep seeing it until you do a browser refresh and/or clean your browser cache.

    Alexa says's global ranking has improved during the last 3 months.

    I've started posting some new images there to see how weheartit is performing these days as a backlink and/or traffic driving resource. We'll see how that goes; I'll report on the results early next year.

    Year 2015 Update

    First, the good news. We Heart It is an active site. The members share the love all over the place. Hearts here. Hearts there. Hearts everywhere.

    But, there is some bad news. Hearting is somewhat equivalent to Pinterest Liking. In other words, it does not add (pin) your image to the Hearter's collection. If the Hearter wants to add (pin) your image to one of their collections, that has to be done via another distinct and separate action. Although I received hearts here, there, and, everywhere; pinning to collections was next to non-existent. In other words, essentially no new banklinks were created in other Hearter's collections. Then again, maybe I just have lousy pictures. Your results may vary. And I did notice that when I hearted someone's image from the weheartit homepage, it did show up on my homepage; and the link to the source of the image did work. So apparently a backlink is indeed created in that regard.

    There is a possibility of more good, but unknown, news. Some of the Hearters probably followed the image links to the source pages. Once at the link destination, they could very well have added images to their collections from there. If so, I'd have no way of knowing they did that.

    The bottom line. I am becoming increasingly fond of Lots of nice folks. I'll continue to contribute images from time to time. I hope the site continues to prosper. I'm known as Worthy_Info there. And if I've posted any inaccurate information here, drop a note in Comments; I'll fix the error forthwith. Also feel free to add any additional information about WeHeartIt you may wish.

    Year 2016 Update

    WeHeartIt continues to make improvements and add functionality to their site. I continue to like them and recommend them.

    Year 2017 Update

    Oddly, WeHeartIt keeps refusing to Heart many innocuous images even though the images meet their specified criteria of:
    • A width that is greater than or equal to 240 pixels.
    • A height that is greater than or equal to 200 pixels.
    • A valid image extensions (jpg, png, gif).
    I don't know what's up with that, but I finally gave up. Presumably it is something that will be fixed in due course.

    Year 2017 Update #2

    Went on a major deletion spree of obsolete images. As previously mentioned, simply unheart it to delete it. When you then leave the site and return, the images will indeed be gone as desired. No problems.

    Still need to delete some more. Then planning on adding a whole bunch new ones. We'll see how that goes. Stay tuned. The site has been working fine and dandy so far.

    Year 2017 Update #3

    Finished the deletions, then started hearting/adding images. First two or three went fine, then the site suddenly started rejecting anything/everything I tried to add. I finally gave up and quit. Tried again the next day. Again the site refused to accept images. I've written WeHeartIt off for the time being, maybe you will have better luck. Personally, I'm not checking back until 2018.

    Year 2018 Update

    WeHeartIt have changed their name. Here's their announcement:

    "BIG NEWS! We are evolving how We say our name from We Heart It to Whi (pronounced ‘We!’)."

    I tried hearting an image and it was accepted without problem. However, the link went to the image library as opposed to the source article. Fortunately, I discovered you can edit the description and put the article URL there. WeHeartIt (now called Whi) keeps trying, but they just can't seem to get things right. Somehow I don't think the article is going to get much traffic from them. Oh, well.

    Year 2018, 2nd Update (June)

    Tried posting an article URL there, but Whi (WeHeartIt) was unable to find or recognize the existence of any of the article's images.

    Year 2019 Update (January)

    Still appears to be useless for backlinking. The site seems to be mostly about fashion these days.

    Year 2019 Update (August)

    Had a pic removed for violation; I have no idea what it was. Deleted a pic and added some tag lines aka keywords to another pic. Added two new pics that successfully connected to articles. Am starting to warm up to this site; we'll see if they drive any traffic to the articles.

    Car Websites List

    # Updated for Year 2019 #

    Resource Description
    JDpower Consumer product information. Free.
    Consumer Reports Consumer product information and more. Free and fee based service.

    Also includes some reliable oldies, but goodies.

    Resource Description
    GasPriceWatch Search gas prices.
    CarTalk Click & Clack.
    AutoRepair.About General information.
    CarSpace Car folks network.
    WiseGeek Information, Q&A.
    AskPatty Information, Q&A.
    Fuel Economy EPA mileage data and info. Insurance premiums/complaints info.
    NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Resource Description
    CarAndDriver Magazine.
    MotorTrend Magazine.
    RockAuto Parts and info.
    Vehix Local dealer inventory, more.
    kbb Kelly Blue Book.
    Auto-by-Tel Prices, more.
    Edmunds Car buying guide, includes prices, more.
    AutoWeb All things auto related.
    IntelliChoice Used car valuations.
    CarFax Provides history of used cars.
    Automotive Buy new/used. Lots of other info.
    Cars Buy, sell, research, advice.
    Price Auto Outlet Used cars. Retail sales.
    AutoMallUSA Cars. Retail sales.
    pickapart Self-service auto recyclers, aka junkyard.

    Medical Websites List

    # Updated for Year 2019 #

    And do note the final resource listed under the $100 bills.
    You will be glad you did.
    Federal and state government agencies can often be a patient's best friend.

    Resource Description
    Fighting Patient Financial Abuse Patients Forced to Sign SWAG Medical Contracts Under Duress. Includes additional resources to fight back. Patient rights, and much more. Patient rights, and much more.
    calpatientguide California patient rights, and much more. Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services. Includes nursing home ratings.
    Medicare Medicare Information.
    Physicians Physician Comparison and Ratings by Medicare.
    Hospitals Hospital Comparison and Ratings by Medicare.
    amdcanada Macular Degeneration. Amsler Grid.

    Resource Description
    MayoClinic Seems to have it all.
    Merck The Merck Manual. The medical standard.
    WebMD This and that, more...
    drugstore Popular pharmacy.
    pparx Prescription cost assistance directory.
    HealthWorld Health answers, medline, more.
    HealthLibray Stanford Health Library.
    HealthAnswer Health/Medical answers.
    InteliHealth Health/Medical answers.
    MedExpert Has every medical link on the planet, more....
    healthgrades Research hospitals/physicians/more. Free & fee.
    QualityCheck Hospital ratings, more.
    nhcaa National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association.
    FDA Food and Drug Administration.
    NLM Federal National Library of Medicine. Alzheimer's info.

    Resource Information About Specific Doctors
    A.M.A. The American Medical Association. Basic background info and a whole bunch of other stuff.
    A.B.M. Specialties Board certification status.
    Admin. in Med. Misconduct, malpractice, criminal data.
    A.D.A. American Dental Association.
    doctoroogle The Good Dentist Guide - By Patients for Patients.

    This Has to Stop

    Last, but not least, here is a page dedicated exclusively to dealing with patient financial victimization: Medical Federal and California State Government Websites That Will Actually Help You If a Medical Service Provider Victimizes You – Plus Some Important Tips

    Consumer Information Websites List and More - Includes Dot Com Boom & Bust Era

    # Updated for 2019 #

    This is rather a unique list. In addition to the current useful resources, there are also a lot of companies and other resources from the infamous boom & bust dot com era; it is is interesting what some of those companies are up to these days. I do my best to keep this page current; if a broken link does show up, please let me know via the comments section below. Also, an important security note: if "https" is not available, it would be wise to not go there.

    Resource Description - Worthy Consumer Resources
    JDpower Consumer product information.
    ConsumersReview Consumers Review listings and reviews.
    ConsumerReports Consumer product information. Free and fee based service.
    RipOffReport Consumer complaints about specific entities.
    cnet Consumer tech product information.
    wisebread Living large on a small budget.
    SalesCircular Best current deals at retail stores.
    FatWallet Advance info on sales.
    SlickDeals Deals info.

    Resource Description
    gifts Intelligent directory of products.
    LetsTalk Compare cell-phone plans.
    WorthGuide ebay ref guide for merchandise value.
    AuctionGuild Industry watchdog. Useful info.
    PayPal Reputable online payment service.
    CraigsList Online classified ads. Be careful here.

    Resource Description - Worthy Consumer Resources
    Credit Union Nat'l Association Locate a credit union near you.
    DoNotCall Federal telemarketer Do-Not-Call list.
    AnnualCreditReport Legit free credit reports site.
    SmartMoney All sorts of useful info.
    DealMine Discount aggregator and cross-reference site.
    GetHuman Dealing with Corporate America by phone.
    iHateDebt Dealing with debt problems. Information, free and fee.
    travelaxe Directory. Compare hotel prices.
    hotels Compare hotel prices.
    BBB Better Business Bureau.
    CreditUnionsOnline Locate a local credit union.
    Quotesmith Online insurance quotes.
    Insurance Panda Online insurance quotes.
    BankRate Interest rates comparison.
    HSH Associates Mortgage rate information, more. News, company fin'l info, more.
    SampleSale Clothing & housewares sales list, more.
    Consumer World Information.
    ConsumerProAssoc Information and many links.
    epinions Information and many links.
    FTC Federal Trade Commission.
    C.I.C. Federal Consumer Information Catalog.
    FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    Books/Mags Description
    amazon All.
    barnesandnoble All.
    half All. Owned by ebay.
    abebooks All.
    magazinepricesearch Price comparisons.
    studentbookworld New text books.
    campusbooks Text books. Connects buyers/sellers, new/used, more.
    collegebooksdirect Text books. Buy/sell used. Student run. Free educational materials.
    librarything Organizational resource.

    Resource Description
    Junk Busters Stop telephone solicitors, junk mail, more.
    Scam Busters Information.
    spamlinks .net Spam track & trace.
    C.A.U.C.E. Anti-spam site.
    N.S.I. Scam alerts and information.
    N.F.I.C. The National Fraud Information Center.
    ic3 Internet Crime Complaint Center.
    Nolo Legal self help, more.
    lawyers Legal info, more.

    Resource All Things Real Estate....
    Fannie Mae Foreclosed homes, much more....
    Freddie Mac HomeSteps. Foreclosed homes, much more....
    MoveUp Research home value.
    HomeAdvisor Houses, Apts, Neighborhood research.
    HomeShark Info on buying a home, more.
    APBnews Crime info by zipcode, more.
    IRED Directory of real estate websites, more.
    AllApartments All things apartment related.
    SpringStreet All things apartment related.

    Due to excessive spam, all comments moderated before publication.

    Employment and Job Search Websites List - Full Time, Part Time, Hiring.

    List of Employment Resources

    # Updated for 2019 #

    Resource Description
    Indeed All jobs. Aggregator.
    WorkZoo All jobs. Aggregator.
    Government Jobs Appears to have them all.

    Resource Description
    neuvoo An international job aggregator.

    Resource Description
    AARP: Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees Truly worthy ideas.

    Resource Description
    jobbankinfo State job banks.
    GetTheJob Company websites only.
    job-hunt Employment advice. Portal.
    snagajob Hourly employment.
    HotJobs All jobs.
    CareerBuilder All jobs.
    CareerPath All jobs. Newspaper classifieds. Federal site for Federal jobs.
    D.I.C.E. Tech jobs, mostly agencies.
    CareerMosaic Mostly company direct.
    MysteryShop Possible assignments, more.
    JobHuntersBible Advice and links.
    RileyGuide Advice and links.
    JobSmart Salary info, advice, links. Advice, links, work-after-50.
    AvueCentral Federal jobs. A difficult site.
    BestJobsUSA All jobs. A limited site.
    CareerCenter All jobs. A limited site.
    Jobs All jobs. A limited site.
    Monster This site has become obstructive and buries you in ads.
    JobFairy Tech job network site, more.
    Salary Various job/career info.
    Work Place Fairness Workplace info.
    CareerJournal Executive career site.
    U.P. United Professionals.

    Resource Description
    elance Freelance.
    guru Freelance.
    hotgigs Freelance.
    getacoder Freelance.
    contractedwork Freelance.
    rentacoder Freelance.
    freelancedesigners Freelance.
    directfreelance Freelance.
    project4hire Freelance.

    And a Little Humor: Things Not to Do at Work or Job Interviews.

    • Touch and hug your coworkers at every opportunity. Share all sex related jokes with them. Bring up religion and politics as often as possible.
    • Be seen having lunch with the malcontents, trouble makers, and other toxic personalities.
    • Always let your boss know what he or she is doing wrong. Especially point out any character flaws they may have. How else will they know how to improve themselves?
    • Keep your desk a total shambles.
    • Gossiping is good. It gives you credibility.
    • Going to a job interview? Be sure to smoke lots of cigarettes on the drive there. The interviewer will hire you on the spot when he or she smells the aroma. And of course, always show up late.

    Another tough day at the office.

    Reference Websites List - Mostly Oldies, but Goodies.

    Most of these resources were collected from the second millennium. I am amazed how many have stood the test of time. There appears to be no reason not to keep them around for another year. Besides, old links can be useful at times. If you discover one that has sadly joined that electron scrap heap in the sky, let me know in the comments section and I will remove it.

    Resoucre Description Official U.S. time.
    timeanddate Print calendars, more. Excellent road maps.
    mapquest Maps.
    Alt Codes Numpad alt codes.

    Resource Description
    reference Excellent general info site.
    about Excellent general info site.
    allrefer Excellent general info site.
    answers Excellent general info site.
    wikipedia Excellent general info site.
    snopes Urban legends, confirms/refutes.
    dictionary Standard dictionary.
    buzzwhack Buzzword dictionary.
    urbandictionary Urban dictionary.
    brainyquote Famous quotes and quotations.
    freedict Language translation dictionary.
    languagemonitor The Global English Language Monitor.