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Astrological Zodiac Signs: Descriptions - Information - Analysis

Careers, Personality, Compatibility, Best Places to Live, Strengths, Weaknesses, More.

Learn yours and your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, attributes. The ultimate and only astrology and zodiac sign resource you will every need.

Includes descriptions and analysis for each zodiac sign. Starts with the basics and general information, then proceeds to specifics for:
  • What zodiac sign am I?
  • Which month is which zodiac signs?
  • Ruling planet for each sign.
  • Best personality traits.
  • Worst personalty faults.
  • Best compatibility and harmony potential with other signs.
  • Best career paths and jobs for each sign.
  • Best places to live for each sign.
  • Health tendencies.
  • Birth stones and gem stones that are most supportive to and for each sign. Based on research, as opposed to whatever overstock some website is trying to sell you.
  • Historical references as available/applicable.
  • Readable images of corresponding original manuscripts.

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

This is the true, original analysis of astrology for all 12 zodiac signs by Professor Fredrick White as written in “A Guide to Astrology”, published in 1901-1904. In other words, here is your information from the source without the 100+ years of modern interpretation and commercial modifications by others. All on one page.

The 100+ year-old manuscript has been cleaned up and somewhat paraphrased for ease of Third Millennium reading. However, an image of the original, unaltered manuscript is also included. Ctrl+/- will adjust the size. For historical perspective and additional nuances it is well worth the read.

Information for this article was compiled from United States (U.S.) government archives. This manuscript addresses such items as personality traits, which signs each sign is compatible with, best careers and professions, which planet your zodiac sign is ruled by, gemstones and birthstones, sometimes historical notes, best places to live, and other basic and not-so-basic information.

A Historical and Present Day Astrology Reference Guide

Table of Contents (F3 and Ctrl-F will prove useful)
Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo
Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius -  Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces


Aries Astrology Information – Ruled by Mars

Aries Basic Information

Aries is a fiery, masculine, movable, equinoctial sign. This sign is ruled by Mars (the God of War). The Sun enters Aries on March 21st and passes into Taurus on April 22nd.

Aries Personality Traits

The Aries personality and traits include persistent and determination; can be very quick tempered, independent, and prefer leading rather than following; naturally dislikes subservience and prefers being their own boss. This sign admires scientific thought or philosophy. Aries have the desire to excel in whatever engages their attention. This sign is also defined as being fearless, ambitious, and not discouraged easily. Another personality trait is although quick in temper and quick to resent abuse, they are forgiving and do not hold a grudge long.

Harmony and Compatibility

Aries harmonize best with Leo or Sagittarius, and fairly well with Gemini or Aquarius.

Health and Willpower

Aries have excellent vitality and good health. They strongly resist sickness and recover quickly. This personality has strong will-power and can influence others.

Aries Best Career Paths and Jobs

Aries appears to be the only sign fraught with ambiguities as to best jobs and careers, here's what is stated:
  • Aries succeed best in vocations requiring quick, active temperament. They prefer professions requiring manual dexterity. Analysis is very dependent upon the hour of birth. Certain planet configurations can also negate the generalities indicated by the position of the Sun.

Aries Best Places to Live

The Big City. Prominent and state capitals are even more preferred. Basically, the more metropolitan activity and excitement, the more successful and happy the Aries person will be. Aries people even prefer to live in corner houses, a fact that real estate agents love.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Aries

The ruling gems for Aries are the Ruby and Sardonyx.

The Original Manuscript for Aries


Taurus Astrology Information – Ruled by Venus

Taurus Basic Information

Taurus is a fixed, feminine, cold, dry, earthy sign; ruled by Venus (The Goddess of Love). The Sun enters Taurus on April 22nd and passes into Gemini on May 22nd.

Taurus Personality Traits

The Taurus personality traits are self-reliance, plodding, slow and careful; gentle when unprovoked, but becomes furious when angered.

Personality traits also include patience and a willingness to wait for the fruition of their hopes, dreams, and aspirations; tends to be headstrong and unyielding, but is very cautious and will go to great length to avoid pain.

This sign is curious, inquisitive, and can be meddlesome; loves music, art, and the literary world, but are more inclined to be imitators rather than originators. Other traits are excellent logic abilities and reasoning faculties.

Compatibility and Harmony

Taurus people harmonize best with Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces.

Taurus Health

Taurus is of a strong and healthy nature, but can be more subject to chronic diseases than some.

Taurus Best Places to Live

Very small towns or in the country. The less excitement and activity, the better. Quiet and shady places are their mantra. If forced to live in the city or large town environment, Taurus people want to be as far away as possible from the business centers and other active areas. Their house location preference is in the middle of the block. The Taurus person's preferred room location is in the center or side of the house.

Taurus Best Career Paths and Jobs

Taurus people succeed best at something requiring artistic talent and ideality. Some professions would be designers, sculptors, photographers, etc.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Taurus

The ruling gems for Taurus are the Emerald and Topaz.


Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the favored signs for producing occult students. For this sign, the driving force and/or reason seems to be their idealism.

Taurus Historical Figures

Several famous people were born under the sign of Taurus. See original manuscript below.

The Original Manuscript for Taurus


Gemini Astrology Information – Ruled by Mercury

Mercury with dust storm.

Gemini Basic Information

The Gemini is masculine, barren, airy and humane; ruled by Mercury (The Messenger of the Gods). The Sun enters Gemini on May 22nd, and passes into Cancer on June 21st.

Gemini Personality Traits

The Gemini personality is sympathetic, kind- hearted, affectionate, and fond of home and children; easily influenced by kindness, even to the point of detriment.

Other personality traits include a high degree of intuition and sensitivity. They have a large imagination and are quite idealistic. People born under this sign enjoy scientific knowledge and are consequently studious. This sign has an active mind and is generally busy with their hands; can be ambitious and aspiring.

More personality traits include curiosity and is given to investigation/experimentation. They are excellent analysts and are generally good writers; can often be quite changeable.


Their main fault is a lack of continuity. The Gemini is very likely to go to extremes and generally imagine they can do much more than they are really able to do.

Harmony and Compatibility

Gemini people are compatible and harmonize best with the Libra and Aquarius, and fairly well with Leo and Aries.

Gemini Best Career Paths and Jobs

For a business or profession, the Gemini requires something which is clean and easy. They make good writers, bookkeepers, model makers, jewelers or assemblers. They are often inventive and ingenious. Many are good teachers, professors, instructors, coaches, and trainers.

Gemini Best Places to Live

The higher, the better. Gemini people prefer high places. If living in mountainous or hilly areas, the higher their residence is on the side of the mountain or near the top of the hill, the better the Gemini likes it. When living in a house or apartment building, they want the top floor in the house or the highest level in the apartment building complex. If they are living in a big city building; the closer to the penthouse, the happier they are.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Gemini

The ruling gems of Gemini are the Topaz and Carbuncle. The emerald represents the positive aspects of the planet Mercury.

Historical Paraphrased Quote: (Editor’s note: circa 1901)

The sign Gemini is said to rule the United States. The typical Yankee is a fair specimen of this sign. He is quick witted, ingenious, generous and charitable; has a kind word and helping hand for everyone.

First in war and first in peace.

Mercury was called the Messenger of the Gods, and it falls to the American people to lead in science and invention. Someday a gigantic statue of Mercury may adorn some prominent place; just as the Statue of Liberty now stands in New York harbor.

The Original Manuscript for Gemini


Cancer Astrology Information – Ruled by the Moon

The Moon. Spectrum scanned and color coded to display composition differences.

Cancer Basic Information

Cancer is movable, watery, cold, moist, feminine and is ruled by the Moon. The Sun enters Cancer on June 2lst and passes into Leo on July 22nd.

Cancer Personality Traits

The personality traits of people born under the sign of Cancer are retiring, patient, sensitive, kind and gentle. This personality is very averse to discord and disharmony. People born under this sign are known to conscientiously, tenaciously, and quietly pursue their goals.

Other personality traits include industriousness, prudence, and frugality; yet sometimes overly anxious in acquiring things. They are proud, but need encouragement. Those born under this sign are easily influenced by their surroundings; and are often intuitive and mediumistic. They are greatly attached to home and family. They can be very changeable, subject to the phases of the Moon.


People born under the sign of Cancer can be inclined towards jealousy, can be subject to periods of depression and fear.

Compatibility and Harmony

Cancer people are compatible and harmonize best with Virgos, Scorpios, or Pisces; and reasonably well with Aquarius or Taurus.

Cancer Best Career Paths and Jobs

Cancerians succeed best in careers requiring persistent effort combined with patience, such as business management. People born under this sign can do well in certain medical and service industries.

Cancer Best Places to Live

Cancer people want to live near large bodies of water. They do not like cities. Seaside or very large lakes. Large bodies of water are the key. Shady places are also a preference. Cancerians do not adapt well to noisy, city environments. However, it is recommended they live in corner houses.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Cancerians

The ruling gemstones of Cancer are Emeralds and Moonstone.

Historical Paraphrased Quote: (Editor’s note: circa 1901)

Cancer is said to rule all Africa, Holland, Scotland, Constantinople, Amsterdam, Venice, New York and Milan.

The Original Manuscript for Cancer


Leo Astrology Information – Ruled by the Sun

Leo Basic Information

Leo is fixed, fiery, masculine and barren sign and is ruled by the Sun. The Sun enters Leo on July 22d and passes into Virgo on August 22nd.

Leo Personality Traits

The Leo personality is active minded and fearless. Though good-natured, generous, and slow to anger; this sign can become furious when their temper is aroused. Fortunately, this is usually a rare occurrence.

Other personality traits include determination and persistence; seldom becoming discouraged. They are natural leaders and resistant followers. This personality is very independent. They keep their affairs to themselves, especially as to finance and love. They are also industrious, honest and conscientious. This sign always looks to their own interests, usually resulting in being more fortunate than the average person.

Harmony and Compatibility

Leos make friends easily and often have magnetic personalities.

Sun sign people are compatible and harmonize best with the Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries. There is extreme disharmony with those born under the Sun with the water or earth sign.


The Leo person, as a rule, has a strong constitution and good vitality, but often dies suddenly from overexertion.

Leo Best Career Paths and Jobs

The Leo is well adapted for careers requiring sympathetic and magnetic force. Some people born under this sign are excellent orators, elocutionists, lecturers and inspirational speakers. Many are military leaders and politicians.

Leo Best Places to Live

The country. More specifically, the country life and plenty of fresh air and the wide-open spaces. However, they often avoid the Sun when in the city. The Leo person wants lots of room. When forced to live in the city, Leos want shady places during the day and wide open skies at night.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Leo

The ruling gems of Leo are the Sapphire and Diamond.

Historical Paraphrased Quote: (Editor’s note: circa 1901)

Leo is said to rule France, Italy, Rome, Sicily, Bohemia, Bath, Ancient Chaldea, and Philadelphia.

The Original Manuscript for Leo


Virgo Astrology Information – Ruled by Mercury

Virgo Basic Information

Virgo is of the earth, changeable, feminine, cold and barren. This sign is ruled by Mercury. The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd and passes into Libra on September 22nd.

Virgo Personality Traits

The Virgo personality is modest, thoughtful, contemplative, industrious and refined. They are often very changeable in their opinions and are very sensitive. Has a love of nature and very strong likes and dislikes. They are persistent, yet inconsistent.

When it comes to food, people born under this sign are known as discriminating and picky eaters. When unhappy, angered, or stressed they lose their appetite and wish to be alone.
Other traits include not being easily discouraged, very industrious, and seldom being contented. They are quick learners and are intuitive.


The Virgo loves money, but has no ability to accumulate or save it. They are often critical of others and consequently creates unnecessary enemies. People born under this sign generally have a lack of confidence. Their personality can also be quick tempered, and is often dissatisfied.

Compatibility and Harmony

The Virgo is compatible and harmonizes best with Capricorn and Taurus; and gets along well with Scorpio and Cancerians.


The Virgo has good endurance and does not show their age. People born under this sign are prone to digestive-tract problems.

Virgo Best Career Paths and Jobs

Virgo people succeed best in occupations not requiring physical labor. They succeed at writing, painting, decorating, etc. Many born under this sign have unusual talents and inventive genius. Has an affinity for scientific studies and are often successful in the medical profession.

When under a deadline, they can apply themselves to meet almost any demand.

Virgo Best Places to Live and Health

'The Virgo enjoys life more and has much better health away from metropolitan areas. They prefer the mountains, countryside, and nature’s natural beauty. Virgos want to live where nature is abundant, mountainous country being their primary choice. City living actually appears to be deleterious to the Virgo's health.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Virgo

The gems for the Virgo are the diamond and topaz. For many of this sign, the sapphire is said to prevent worry and anxiety. The emerald represents the positive aspects of the planet Mercury.

The Original Manuscript for Virgo


Libra Astrology Information – Ruled by Venus

Venus via the ultraviolet spectrum.

Libra Basic Information

Known as an airy, movable, masculine, cardinal, equinoctial sign and is ruled by Venus. The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd and passes into Scorpio on October 23rd.

Libra Personality Traits

Libra personality traits include generally being thoughtful and contemplative. They usually analyze whatever gets their attention. This personality is very imaginative and prone to build dream castles in the air. They are intuitional, but tempered by reason.

They are modest, neat and particular; disliking dirty work, have average ambition. Other personality traits include being affectionate and often marrying very young, many marry more than once. They like music and art, etc. People born under this sign are known for an even temper. They dislike discord and disharmony.


The Libra can be generous to excess. Can be too easily influenced by others. If not careful, their trusting nature can lure them to bad financial and/or business decisions.

Harmony and Compatibility

Libra people are compatible and harmonize best with Aquarius and Gemini; they also get along with Leo and Sagittarius. They should never marry an Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn.

Libra Best Career Paths and Jobs

Libras are best suited to be doctors, artists, musicians, or writers. They can also be good in careers that require traveling, public speaking, and contact with the public.

Many become musicians when given the chance.

Libra Best Places to Live

Cities and other places with lots of activity and excitement. The Libra wants an environment where they are kept busy and occupied at all times. Lots of action seems to be the key to a Libra's happiness.They are discontent unless their mind is kept occupied. They want to be active all the time.


Libra people are subject to kidney problems, backaches, and digestion problems (often caused by a sweet-tooth). They are not long lived, but are average.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Libras

The fortunate gems for persons born under the Libra sign are ruby and sardonyx.

The Original Manuscript for Libra


Scorpio Astrology Information – Ruled by Mars

Basic Scorpio Information

The cold, feminine, fruitful, fixed sign. This sign is ruled by Mars. The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd and passes into Sagittarius on November 22nd.

Scorpio Personality Traits

The Scorpio personality is pleasant, agreeable, kindhearted and sympathetic. They like to acquire things and love luxury. Yet, the people born under this sign are quite frugal and economical. They are known to find uses for things that others would throw away.

The Scorpio personality will not permit imposition. Though slow to anger, does not forget an injustice for a long, long time. When angered, they become furious. Can be both emotional and dignified. Some are deceitful and treacherous. Generally; they are patient, very determined, and better adapted to accumulate wealth.


People born under the sign of Scorpio are not known for their generosity. Can be headstrong and stubborn. A female trait is jealousy.

Compatibility and Harmony

Scorpio people are compatible and harmonize best with Cancer and Pisces. They get along well with Virgo and Capricorn.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Scorpio

The gems and birthstones for Scorpio are ruby and agate.


Scorpio rules the secrets and generative organs, and denotes weakness in that part of the body. May have throat and ankle problems. As a rule, those born under this sign are subject to kidney and liver disease and bronchitis.

Scorpio Best Career Paths and Jobs

Scorpio people often are executives and politicians. They are also suited for work requiring patience and perseverance. Those born under this sign can make good doctors, nurses, or front line managers, etc.

Scorpio Best Places to Live

The countryside and living in places near water. Peace and quiet are the ruling preferences for Scorpios. The more peaceful and quieter, the better. In other words, Scorpios are not fond of and avoid excitement. The Scorpio likes sailing and fishing.

The Original Manuscript for Scorpio


Sagittarius Astrology Information – Ruled by Jupiter

Basic Sagittarius Information

The hot, fiery, masculine, barren and common sign. This sign is ruled by Jupiter. The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 23rd and leaves into Capricorn on December 21st.

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Sagittarius people are jovial, generous, and charitable. Those born under this sign are natural leaders. Other personality traits include being ambitious, persevering and not easily discouraged; known for foresight, strong willpower, and the ability to influence others.

Known for dignity and self esteem, yet are seldom conceited.

Likes sports, outdoor exercise, and horse riding. This personality has a propensity to be able to control animals.


The Sagittarius personality is very resistant to being “ordered around”. Being an employee in certain kinds of jobs is not always the best option for the Sagittarian.

Harmony and Compatibility

Sagittarius people are compatible and harmonize best with Aries and Leo. They also get along well with Libra and Aquarius.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Sagittarians

The gems associated with the Sagittarius are amethyst and jasper.

Sagittarius Best Career Paths and Jobs

Sagittarius people are known for their foresight and “intuition” as a result of their natural calculation abilities. They have many talents. People born under this sign are musicians, writers, artists, and sculptors. Some are mechanics. Some are inventors. Many are experts in their professions. Often are managers, cashiers, and accountants.

Sagittarius Best Places to Live

Sagittarius people prefer mountains and countryside. They have an extreme dislike for crowding and small living-quarters. Rough, mountainous country. The Sagittarius is actually claustrophobic in cities or anywhere else where they might be crowded into small places. And apparently, living in a singles apartment is out of the question.


Sagittarius people are accident-prone and are often subject to diseases relating to the blood. They may have digestion related problems.

The Original Manuscript for Sagittarius


Capricorn Astrology Information – Ruled by Saturn

Basic Capricorn Information

Capricorn is earthy, movable, feminine, cold, equinoctial, and thoughtful. This sign is ruled by Saturn. The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st and passes into the sign of Aquarius on January 20th.

Capricorn Personality Traits

Personality traits are quiet, thoughtful, deep-thinkers, and have good reasoning abilities. Capricorns are practical. Those who are born under this sign are dignified, neat, particular, and artistic. They are more ethical than most. Capricorns are ambitious, persevering, and resistant to being discouraged. They are born to multi-task. They are often successful at planning grand schemes.

Capricorns are known to have a very sympathetic nature, but do not show it; this results in them falsely appearing cold and indifferent. They are curious and will sometimes tenaciously investigate a subject. People born under this sign are independent and very private.

The lady Capricorn always tries to appear at her best.

Many Capricorns are very religious.

Compatibility and Harmony

Capricorn people harmonize and are most compatible with Taurus and Virgo. They also get along well with Scorpio and Pisces.

Capricorn Best Career Paths and Jobs

The Capricorn thrives in the corporate environment, often rising to the upper echelons. They make good lawyers and ministers.

Capricorn Best Places to Live

Quiet places, away from large cities. Those born under the sign of Capricorn avoid metropolitan areas whenever possible. The Capricorn must live in an environment where there is no noise or excitement. In other words, busy or high activity locations are anathema to the Capricorn.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Capricorn

The ruling gems for the Capricorn are sardonyx and beryl.

The Original Manuscript for Capricorn


Aquarius Astrology Information – Ruled by Uranus

Uranus with moons.

Basic Aquarius Information

This sign is fixed, airy, masculine, warm and humane. People born under this sign are ruled by Uranus (the occult planet). The Sun enters Aquarius on January 21st and passes into the sign of Pisces February 18th.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Personality traits include being pleasant, sympathetic, goodhearted, and generous. They have dignity without conceit. People born under this sign are practical in logic and not inclined to deal in theories. They are pragmatic and usually have a brilliant intellect.

The Aquarius personality trait can have strong likes and dislikes. Sometimes they are radical in their ideas and beliefs. People born under this sign are seldom hypocritical; instead they are sincere and honest. This sign is easily influenced by altruism, but is also independent and won’t be ordered around.

They are usually cheerful and slow to anger. People born under the sign of Aquarius usually have strong willpower and magnetic personalities; this often leads to leadership roles. The Aquarius personality trait is said to be of active/nervous temperament and participate in theatrical or public demonstrations.

Can be nervous at times.

Compatibility and Harmony

Aquarius people harmonize and are compatible best with the Libra, the Gemini, and those born under the fiery signs.

Birthstones and Gemstones for Aquarius

The gems of Aquarius are onyx and beryl.

Aquarius Best Career Paths and Jobs

The Aquarius person is best suited for careers requiring strength/firmness, combined with love for the sublime. Careers include exploration and traveling, engineering, surveying, and mining. Many of this sign are merchants, also known as owning their own retail businesses.

Aquarius Best Places to Live

Aquarius people do best in the suburbs, i.e., outside a city (preferably high ground), but still able to mingle with lots of people during the day. Towns, but definitely not cities. High ground also seems to be a specification. As for the town versus city semi-paradox; the Aquarius likes to mingle with people during the day, but only up to a certain point and not at night.

Age of Aquarius Historical Note

This is the Age of Aquarius and it will remain so for the next two millennium. The final (Editor’s note: circa 1901) paragraph in the manuscript below addresses this phenomenon in interesting detail.

The Original Manuscript for Aquarius


Pisces Astrology Information – Ruled by Neptune

Basic Pisces Information

Pisces is a watery, feminine, and fruitful sign. This sign is ruled by Neptune (the planet of inspiration and idealism). The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th and passes into the sign of Aries on March 21st.

Pisces Personality Traits

Personality traits include being generally kind, loving, and tend to be easy going. They seem to handle misfortune well. Those born while the Sun is in this sign are imaginative and idealistic.

They are studious, logical, and methodical. Pisces people are mathematical and will engage in scientific reasoning when they set their mind to it. They avidly pursue knowledge; following their research with untiring dedication.

Pisces are captivated by music and beautiful scenery.

Once they make up their mind, they have great determination in reaching their set goal. Conversely, lack of confidence often prevents them from starting a project that they very well could have accomplished.


Those born while the Sun is in Pisces sometimes speak spontaneously without thought to the possible consequences. They often lack self esteem; causing hesitation in presenting their point of view when necessary. Their personality can be generally timid and modest, can be easily influenced to tears. May lack self-confidence.

Harmony and Compatibility

Pisces people harmonize and are best compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. They also get along well with Taurus and Capricorn.

Pisces Best Career Paths and Jobs

Pisces people are good at professions requiring discretion, intuitive judgment, and the ability to make the best of a bad situation. Career affinities could include legal, politics, and other professions where the ability to keep a secret is essential.

Pisces Best Places to Live

People born under the sign of Pisces prefer locations near the ocean or other large bodies of water. Though cities don't seem to be excluded, the Pisces also likes rough and mountainous areas.

Gemstones and Birthstones for Pisces

The fortunate gems of Pisces people are amethyst and jasper.

Historical Note

This is the Age of Aquarius and it will remain so for the next two millennium. The former age was that of Pisces. The final (Editor’s note: circa 1901) paragraph in the manuscript below addresses this phenomenon in interesting detail.

The Original Manuscript for Pisces

A planispheric astrolabe from the 14th century.
Used for timekeeping, surveying, astrology, and navigation in the 14th century and beyond. 

Solar System Symbols - Used in both Astrology and Astronomy

Sun Mercury Venus Earth Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

Entropy: Meaning, Concept, Examples in Everyday Life...

... and Why Do Things Go Wrong.

If you are looking for how entropy is an integral part of our lives, then you have found it. An alternate title for this page would be: The Reality of Entropy  - The Top 10 Ways Entropy Messes with Us.

Among other things, this page has two lists. There is a short-description list of examples as to ways entropy affects our daily lives. And then there is a long-description list of examples explaining exactly how entropy does this.

For some readers, this page will be humorous. For other readers, this page will be serious. Both perceptions are correct. And it should be noted there are more than 10 ways scattered around this page. Lucky us.

List of Examples of the Effects of Entropy in Our Daily Lives

  • Why do things break down? That's entropy.
  • Why is Murphy's Law so prevalent? That's entropy.
  • Why do things malfunction? That's entropy.
  • Why are we obstructed in everything we try to do? That's entropy.
  • Why are there a hundred times more mistakes than accomplishments? That's entropy.
  • Why are there a hundred times more failures than successes? That's entropy.

The Universe - Entropy Is the Built-in Randomness of Reality

What does entropy mean to humanity? Whenever a human or humankind in general tries to create order, entropy immediately begins to disassemble it. This is why any man-made object will immediately begin to deteriorate upon its completion. It does not matter if it's a newly manufactured stick of gum or a newly-constructed, 100-story skyscraper; the result is always the same. Entropy immediately begins doing everything in its power to render it useless, broken-down, and of no value.

Chaos and Entropy

"Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone." - Albert Einstein in The Evolution of Physics

Why Things Break – List of Examples of How Entropy Works and Some of Its Methodologies

How Entropy Uses Oxidation

One of entropy's favorite methods. With any physical item humankind creates, whether made of most metals or other materials, entropy will immediately start to change the object's chemical structure. In due course the object's chemical composition becomes such that the object's original purpose is no longer viable; plain, ordinary rust being the most well-known example. Another common example are liquids. Pretty much any liquid, whether relating to food or industrial manufacturing, begins to decompose and becomes useless fairly quickly when not immediately used for its intended purpose.

How Entropy Uses Gravity

Another favorite tool of entropy. Quite simply, entropy will keep pulling on each and every object until the object comes crashing down, no matter how long it takes. Entropy never quits. And the larger the object, the more forceful the gravity and the more determined entropy becomes. Breakage and injuries, whether animate or inanimate, are the norm.

How Entropy Uses Friction

Another tool of entropy. The more often used term for "friction" is "wear-and-tear". Every time an object is used, it is subjected to wear-and-tear. Sooner or later, the wear-and-tear renders the object no longer usable. Cars and other vehicles being the most well-known examples. However, entropy's industriousness is also equally busy with all other manufactured machinery as well. There does happen to be one scenario where friction is a good thing, but this website is not going to go there.

How Entropy Uses Contamination

One of entropy's often used tools. This is where entropy uses one class of objects to destroy another class of objects. Probably the top categories of objects entropy uses to destroy other objects and entities are bacteria, viruses, and even plain, ordinary dust. In fact, when entropy isn't using oxidation to destroy all man made foods or industrially made liquids, contamination is what entropy then brings into play.

How Entropy Uses Heat

Otherwise known as an increase in temperature. For every degree increase in temperature, entropy accelerates decomposition, deterioration, destruction of the target object. Heat is entropy's favorite method for rendering any and all manufactured electronics useless. A decrease of temperature to .01 degrees Kelvin is minimum entropy. An increase of temperature to x millions/billions degrees is maximum entropy.

How Entropy Uses Synergy or Combinations of Destructive Methods

Combining methods from the above list is also an entropic standard procedure. Entropy really likes using the combination of methods where possible, because it accelerates the destruction; usually exponentially. The best example is where friction generates heat, which causes expansion, which causes more friction, which causes more heat, ad infinitum; the inevitable and sometimes quick result being the destruction of the victim object. Any manufactured item with moving parts is where this most often comes into play.

How Entropy Uses Cross-Purposes

Another often overlooked tool of entropy. Aside from the inherent cross-purposes designed into what we perceive as nature; we tend to forget humans are also a part of the same construct. So much so that humans are at cross-purposes more often than they are at equilibrium. The more disagreement, the more entropy. Taken to extreme, there is much more entropy during war than peace.

Randomness and Probability

Randomness – Entropy's Favorite Tool of All

Randomness can otherwise be defined as thermodynamics and/or quantum physics. The only difference between the two being the size of the objects entropy uses as its tools. In the case of thermodynamics, entropy uses atoms and molecules as its implementer. In the case of quantum physics, entropy uses subatomic particles. In both cases, whether they be molecules, atoms, or subatomic particles; the little critters immediately start randomly wandering around and going places where we don't want them to go.

Probability – Entropy Uses This Tool When It Just Wants to Have Fun

Two cars arriving at an intersection at the same time is an example of this. And then there are the asteroids, very large meteors, etc.... They can and do intersect Earth's orbit every now and again. And, of course, sooner or later Earth is just going to happen to be there. Probability is really just an attempt to understand the aforementioned category of randomness; with the additional factor of randomness using the much larger objects along with the smaller ones.

Entropy Is the Opposite of Order

Entropy is change, invariably for the worse. Entropy is constant. The proverb, "Change is constant", is true. Entropy is the antithesis and enemy of order. Energy and matter are in constant flux. Entropy's favorite concepts, quite simply, are: decomposition, destruction, deterioration, and chaos.

How does one compensate for and accept entropy? Keeping the following premises in mind will help.
  •  Entropy is not our friend.
  • Entropy can be slowed, but never stopped.
  • Entropy can be postponed, but never defeated.
  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • The universe doesn't care.

Entropy takes it all, whether you want it to or not, entropy takes it all. Entropy bears it away, and in the end, there is only darkness.*
*A paraphrased quote from Stephen King.

Have a nice day.

What Is Metaphysics and the Metaphysical – Science / Philosophy / Spiritual - Examples

The definition and meaning of metaphysics and the metaphysical.

And some examples.

The Undefined Science

Metaphysics – not even Stanford and Wikipedia can agree on neither a succinct nor an encompassing meaning or definition for metaphysics. This is because:
  • The definitions and meanings of metaphysics and metaphysical keep changing.
  • The study and science of metaphysics includes an almost unlimited number of subcategories.
  • The most respected minds in academia, the sciences, and even in the general population are continually unable to reach an agreement as to the perfect meaning or definition.
  • There are disputes as to what does and does not belong in the study or category of metaphysics and metaphysical.

One definition or meaning for metaphysics could be the sciences and non-sciences that cannot be put in another category are put into the category of metaphysics. However, this meaning or definition would not be complete; because there are sciences that are studied and categorized in other categories that are also included as a part of metaphysics and the metaphysical.

For certain disciplines, the discipline is a subset of metaphysics; and metaphysics is a subset of the discipline. In other words, each is a subset of the other depending on the context and/or the parameters used.

An example:
A. There is the philosophical part of metaphysics.
B. There is the metaphysical part of philosophy.

What is Metaphysics and the Metaphysical - Thinking Outside the Box

Problems can have more than one solution.

Subjects such as cosmology, ontology, physics, philosophy, existence, time and space, astrobiology, perception, etc are generally undisputed as being both part of metaphysics and outside of metaphysics. It all depends on the subcategory of the main subject being addressed.

Other examples and subjects continually being associated with metaphysics include paranormal, astrology, New Age, spiritual, meditation, wisdom, karma, determinism, fate, shaman, unity, reiki, psychic, mind and matter, meaning of life, feng shui, etc.; the metaphysical and quasi-metaphysical list can be a long one.

Metaphysics is the perfect place to “think outside the box”. You are allowed to research any theory or hypothesis you wish. You are allowed to follow any chain of logic to wherever it goes. Mixing “unrelated” subjects to derive unusual metaphysical “solutions” is perfectly acceptable. In other words, you are allowed to explore without constraint.

Philosophy vs Metaphysics - Perception, perspective, and reality.

And some examples.

What Is Spiritual Metaphysics

Spiritual metaphysics versus religion

What is spiritual metaphysics? It is similar, but not the same as religion.

What is religion? Religion is where one makes up whatever they want.

Spiritual metaphysics on the other hand, attempts to base its conclusions on logic. As humankind's logic and thinking abilities evolve, so does spiritual metaphysics.

Metaphysical and Philosophical Thoughts, Quotes, Ramblings, Examples... And possibly a little scattered humor.

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

With all that goes on in life and reality, the only possible conclusion is we are all lab rats.

Most everything means nothing.

Time can sometimes cure a problem all by itself. Though can be an excellent excuse for procrastination, it is more often than not not a wise choice.

Free will exists. But it is limited. And it is limited more with some than with others.

Sometimes one can actually choose whether a problem exists or not.

Belief is the death of intelligence.

The fatal flaw of logic is its presumption of being aware of all relevant premises. However, that is seldom the true situation. The best one can hope for is a favorable probability.

No one belongs here more than you.

No one belongs here less than you.

One of the most important lessons a person can learn in life is that other people are as real behind their eyes as you are behind yours.

Miscommunication can cause more problems than all other factors combined. Always examine a perceived negative statement twice; it may not be negative at all. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Life is an iterative process.

The Binary Existence Concept of 0 and 1 and Does -0 Exist

Alternate titles

  • How to Interpret 0 and 1
  • The Numbers 0 and 1 Defines Nonexistence versus Existence
  • What Is the Mathematical and Metaphysical Concept and Significance of the Numbers 0 and 1
  • 1 - The First Non Zero Number - What Is the Meaning of Zero and One

The Basic Interpretation of 0 and 1

This is a somewhat metaphysical approach as to the existence, meaning, concept, and significance of the numbers 0 and 1. What are the meanings of 0 and 1? What does 0 and 1 really signify?

Zero and One are the most important numbers of all the numbers in the universe. Zero and One defines the difference between existence (1) and nonexistence (0). All other numbers signifying existence can only exist when 1 exists. One is the opposite of none.

1 and 0 are the demarcation defining what is and what is not.

All numbers other than 1 are more of 1 or are none.

0 and 1 are the only numbers times themselves that are themselves. All other numbers become other numbers.

A successful division of 1 by a number other than 1 can only occur when the 1 is not a true 1. The 1 was, in fact, the sum of smaller 1's.

1 is not the first prime number. Contrary to popular belief, 1 is not a prime number at all.

0 exists when 1 or 1's do not exist. -1 cannot exist unless 1 exists. -0 does not exist. or does it?

Does -0 Exist?

If -0 equals 1, then -1 would equal 0; but it does not. So in math, -0 does not exist.

Logic and metaphysical logic, however could be different. Negative can mean not or can mean opposite. A Not 1 means it is equal to anything other than one. A opposite to one would be equal to 0. So not 1 and opposite to 1 have different meanings.

Applying the same logic to zero, however, gives us different results. A not 0 means it is equal to anything other than 0; an opposite to 0 means it is equal to anything other than 0. So not 0 and opposite to 0 are equal, whereas not 1 and opposite to 1 are not.

It therefore follows that stating -0 is also stating that the concept of not is the same as the concept of opposite. In other words, not equals opposite. That is not true. The meaning of not does not mean the same as the meaning of opposite. So -0 must be interpreted as a false statement, thus -0 does indeed not exist.

The Diverse or Abstract Interpretation of 1 and the Universe

The concept of the number 1 is greatly dependent on the undefined premise of "one what?". Every time science thinks it has found a true one, it invariably turns out to not be so. As an example, the atom was once thought to be the one true basic building block of the universe. But then it turned out the atoms were composed of the smaller 1's of electrons, protons, and neutrons. And now we have quarks, leptons, strangelets, etc. to deal with.

Who knows? Maybe there is no true 1. Everything will always be discovered to be composed of something smaller. However, in its most basic form (if we can ever find it), all else derives from 1. 1 is the definition, reality, concept, and source of all existence.

The Binary Base 2 Numbering System

Nothing versus something is the root of the binary system of numbers.

We use Base 10 in our day-to-day living. Base 10 has ten numbers (0-9) and orders of magnitude that are times ten. The lowest-order number represents itself times one. The next-order number represents itself times ten. The next order number represents itself times 10x10 or itself times 100. And so on.

An example would be the number 742. This number means that there are:
  • two 1’s,
  • four 10’s,
  • and seven 100’s.
Which represents 2 + 40 + 700; for a total of 742.

The base 2 binary number system uses the same structure, the only difference being the order of magnitude. Base 2 has two numbers (0 and 1) and orders of magnitude that are times two. The lowest-order number represents itself times one. The next-order number represents itself times 2. The next order number represents itself times 2x2 or itself times 4. And so on.

An example would be the number 110. This number means that there are:
  • No 1’s,
  • one 2,
  • and one 4.
Which represents 0 + 2 + 4; for a total of 6.

Other binary examples are:
  • 0=0, 1=1
  • 10=2, 11=3
  • 100=4, 101=5, 110=6, 111=7
  • 1000=8, 1001=9, 1010=10, 1011=11, 1100=12, 1101=13, 1110=14, 1111=15
  • 10000=16

Binary is the mathematical representation of how the universe encodes itself.

1 and the Base 10 Pyramid

And what page about the number 1 would be complete without the usual acknowledgement of the series of 1's times themselves (squared)...

  • 1² = 1
  • 11² = 121
  • 111² = 12321
  • 1111² = 1234321
  • 11111² = 123454321
  • 111111² = 12345654321
  • 1111111² = 1234567654321
  • 11111111² = 123456787654321
  • 111111111² = 12345678987654321

The binary paradigm is the foundation of the universe, including fractals (recursive geometric shapes) and chaos theory (the butterfly effect).

NASA deep space photo demonstrating fractals and chaos theory

There is no reason to believe the concept of "many" excludes multiple realities.

A visual representation of the theory of parallel and/or alternate universes

Humankind relative to the universe

There are no extra pieces in the universe (-Deepak Chopra). You are here for a reason.

Friday the 13th Guide for September and December - 2019

Black Hole Friday - NASA

We have two months in year 2019 that have a Friday the 13th.
  • September
  • December

A Short Friday the 13th Guide

  • Beware the power of suggestion; if not yours, then others.
  • Beware the powers of coincidence.
  • Inspect those car tires before driving to work today.
  • Ambiguously timed yellow light? Today you choose to stop.
  • Beware idiot drivers. 
  • Beware idiot pedestrians.
  • An out-of-sorts coworker or boss? Unobtrusive avoidance is the key.
  • Someone wants to talk politics or religion with you today? Best to avoid that.
  • An email attachment from a stranger? Best not to click that.
  • Computer doing anything weird? Virus/malware scanning time.
  • Feeling overly optimistic? Feeling overly pessimistic? Either way, extra thought prior to action is not a bad idea.
  • A strange telephone solicitor has called you? Hang up. Well, actually you should always do that anyway. Come to think of it, that pretty much applies to everything on this list.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous Friday the 13th.

And then there is to that thing called entropy, here are the top 10 ways entropy messes with us. It is not pretty, but it's the way it is; at least it is presented in a somewhat humorous light. Well worth the read; puts things in perspective.