Search Engines and Social Websites - New and Old

Latest update: July 28, 2020
Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

Though continually updated, lots of second millennium search engine and other resources remain here for nostalgic and other purposes. Side note: if "https" isn't available, then for security reasons it is recommended one should not go there. It should also be noted that some sites have changed their business models over the years.

People/Entity/Resources People/Entity/Resources WhoWhere
YellowBook (rev#) RottenNeighbor
800notes Extinct
classmates reunion
facebook Extinct
myspace Extinct
youtube metacafe
infospace Extinct
bebo xanga

SIDE NOTE: County Clerk/Recorder sites have all sorts of info. 

File Resources File Resources
Shareware(CNET) Extinct
ZDnet Download

Resource URL/DOMAIN Resources
searchenginewatch Search subject tracking.
INTERNIC The com/net/org/edu domains. Spam track & trace.
spamhaus Worthwhile anti-spam site.
U.S. gov NIC The GOV domain.
U.S. DOD NIC The MIL domain.
IANA Country domains.

- End of List -
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