Best Search Engines and Social Websites - New and Old

Latest update: January 17, 2023. Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

This is one of my personal bookmarks pages I made; I figured why not let others use it as well. Also makes for interesting browsing. Though continually updated, lots of second millennium search engine and other resources remain here for nostalgic and other purposes. Side note: if "https" isn't available, then for security reasons it is recommended one should not go there. It should also be noted that some sites have changed their business models over the years.

People/Entity/Resources People/Entity/Resources
Extinct WhoWhere
YellowBook (rev#) RottenNeighbor
800notes Extinct
classmates reunion
facebook Extinct
myspace Extinct
youtube Extinct
infospace Extinct
bebo xanga

SIDE NOTE: County Clerk/Recorder sites have all sorts of info. 

File Resources File Resources
Shareware(CNET) Extinct
ZDnet Download

Resource URL/DOMAIN Resources
searchenginewatch Search subject tracking.
INTERNIC The com/net/org/edu domains. Spam track & trace.
spamhaus Worthwhile anti-spam site.
U.S. gov NIC The GOV domain.
U.S. DOD NIC The MIL domain.
IANA Country domains.

- End of List -

Re: Using Mobile?
Home: site intro and featured articles/resources.
View Web Version: displays Main Menu article categories (will be located below), additional site info (below and side), search function, translation function.

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