Corporate Employers Refusing, Not Hiring Unemployed

Latest update: September 25, 2022. Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

Do see the latest updates at end of article. The news is mixed. There's also additional resume-gap solutions. Due to the pandemic, some parts of this page may have become temporarily obsolete.

[Although the original version of this article was written awhile ago, there is not a doubt in my mind that it is still going on. The big corporations continue to lobby for increases in H-1 visas. If you are unemployed, do include smaller companies in your search. In fact, I'd make it a point to ferret them out. For that matter, there is a link at the bottom of this article to a job search engines list.]

Many national companies refuse to hire the unemployed. Their company hiring process is to only hire people who are already working at another company. A corporate greed fact and the way it is. What can an unemployed person do about it? Try applying at the smaller and/or local companies.

[Side Note. If you happen to be looking for a job, here are a boatload of job resources. And never, ever pay for a job lead or job interview. The industry standard is the potential employer pays the recruiter; the applicant is not required to pay anything. Ever. And if you happen to come across any websites with work-at-home offers and up-front money is requested; depart that website immediately.]

Companies Are Excluding the Jobless from Hiring.
Corporate Greed in America.

Corporate Greed in America, Jobs, Employment Ads, Hiring Practices.

Corporate America continues its refusal to hire the unemployed. Their job ads now contain phrases such as “no unemployed candidates will be considered” or “must be currently employed”. This is truly corporate greed at its worst.
This problem has become increasingly severe as evidenced by EEOC Testimony.

This page is an ongoing compilation of companies engaging in this particular corporate-greed practice. If the reader is aware of such a company, please post their name and/or ad excerpt in the Comments Section below; any additional information would also be appreciated..

EEOC Testimony Excerpts

Eliminating arbitrary employment barriers that operate to weed out qualified and interested job applicants…

It is profoundly disturbing the trend of deliberately excluding the jobless from work opportunities is on the rise…

"Unemployed Need Not Apply", stories suggesting systematic exclusion, often blatant, of unemployed workers from consideration for jobs began to emerge early last summer

Sony Ericsson,…had posted a job announcement…explicitly stating, “No Unemployed Candidates Will Be Considered At All". Ad posted on The People Place specified the company would “not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason".

A Craigslist posting for assistant restaurant managers … flatly requiring applicants, “Must be currently employed"…

Unemployed workers, mostly older workers, told they will not be referred or considered for employment, once recruiters or potential employers learn they are not currently working.

Most executive recruiters won’t look at a candidate unless they have a job, even if they don’t like to admit it. …

The tendency to exclude the unemployed is growing. …

Other staffing firm industry specialists similarly confirm the unemployed need not apply….: there is a disturbing and growing trend among employers—honored by staffing firms—to refuse to consider the unemployed for available job openings, regardless of their qualifications. This refusal is often explicitly manifested in job ads which include restrictive language specifying only currently employed candidates will be considered; or no unemployed candidates will be considered, regardless of the reason for unemployment.

You Are (Not) Hired.

List of Corporations and Other Companies Who Decline to Hire the Unemployed

Robert Half Legal is the premier provider of legal professionals... Job is located in Southwest portion of LA County. Must be currently employed...

Employee Paralegal Jobs; Careers at Beacon Hill Staffing Group ...To be considered, candidates must be currently employed and have at least three years of experience as a residential real estate paralegal and have ...

“NATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER - HOME DEPOT Job in Atlanta, Georgia US. Candidates must be currently employed ***. Good fits: Power Tools and Accessories, Pneumatics, Lawn and Garden, Plumbing, Paint, Building products, ...”

Benchmark Electronics, "It's our preference that they currently be employed…”

Caregivers Currently Working in Assisted Living Co..., Right at Home, Inc. - Sacramento, CA Are You Currently Working At An Assisted Living... are seeking qualified caregivers who are currently employed at assisted living facilities who may be...

Sony Ericsson, as reported in EEOC testimony.


Mortgage Loan Underwriter, Sente Mortgage - Houston, TX - +2 locations Lender system Encompass knowledge preferred Interested applicants must be currently employed in the mortgage industry. Please send cover letter and resume.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Sales Force - Madison, WI - +11 locations Must have had no more that 2 jobs in 5 years. Must be in current job at least 1.5 years. Must have no... Must be currently employed. No exceptions! Must have...

The People Place, as reported in EEOC testimony.

Senior Tax Associate or Partner, Bradsby Group - Columbus, OH benefits package. To be considered, you must be currently employed possessing the above qualifications. Please forward resume in Word. Viable candidates will be...

News Snapshot During Week of EEOC Testimony

* Unemployed are being refused the chance to apply for work at some companies, By Ann Belser, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The stories have been horrible.... So the want ads that included a line that unemployed applicants would not be considered have hit a nerve.... Wednesday the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission convened...

* Inquiry considers whether employers discriminate against jobless Boston Globe. Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could violate federal job discrimination laws...

* Bias Against the Unemployed Is Subject of Probe. WSJ, By MELANIE TROTTMAN,
EEOC Chairman Jacqueline Berrien said at a hearing Wednesday that the agency began hearing anecdotal reports of the practice last summer, including from news reports and from worker-advocacy groups gathering examples of help-wanted advertisements that said only individuals who currently had jobs should apply...

* EEOC Explores Bias Against The Unemployed, Braintrack, Compiled by Yaffa Klugerman. According to The Examiner, the perverse practice of excluding the unemployed as job candidates--and particularly the long-term unemployed--has been growing in many fields. Helen Norton, associate professor at the University of Colorado's School of Law, noted that advertised job listings for electronic engineers, restaurant managers and mortgage underwriters have explicitly stated that only currently employed candidates will be considered...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? KING5 Seattle. Commissioners at an EEOC hearing Wednesday said they are investigating whether excluding the unemployed may have a greater effect on blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities that tend to have higher jobless rates...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? KING5 Seattle. TACOMA, Wash. - Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could violate federal job discrimination laws. At a job fair in Tacoma Thursday, desperate job hunters ...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? San Francisco Chronicle WASHINGTON, (AP) -- Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment...

* EEOC to examine treatment of unemployed job seekers, - Jackie Headapohl‎. Currently, unemployed people are not protected by anti-discrimination law. However, if the practice disproportionately affects minorities, who are protected against discrimination, it could be deemed illegal. The Commission will hear from invited ...

* Are Unemployed Applicants Facing Discrimination? The Epoch Times - Antonio Perez‎. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) NEW YORK—Federal regulators are examining allegations that employers are biased against candidates that are currently unemployed, potentially a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. A typical scenario might ...

* Are companies excluding unemployed from applying for open jobs? The Post-Standard. Because unemployment is hiring among blacks and Hispanics, the chances of an employer considering a minority are decreased by one-third if jobless applicants are excluded...

* EEOC investigates whether companies may be discriminating against jobless Contra Costa Times. WASHINGTON -- Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could...

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  • Corporate greed and unemployment.

Final Thoughts...

Please share this information so as to help others. The more people who are knowledgeable, the better off we all are; especially as to applying at smaller and local companies. And if you are being subjected to age discrimination, this page has some employment resources for us 50 and older folks.

June 2019 Update. The demand for workers has substantially increased since this article was originally written. I can't speak to the high-end, career jobs; but many employers are now willing to give more of the unemployed a chance at the low-end jobs, e.g. retail and such. It really is worth a shot; if you apply at 10 potential employers, at least one of them will give you a chance.

January 2020 Update. The job market is indeed booming. Got a gap in your resume? For those career, professional, tech, trade, other specialized skills, and even clerical and data entry you can:
  1. Fill in the resume gap as a self-employed consultant/contractor.
  2. Sign up at every temp agency in town.

This fixes your employment gap that prospective employers don't like. This give you a whole new source of permanent employment for you. Temps end up getting hired as regular employees all the time.

March 2020 Update. Due to the contradictory forces caused by the pandemic, the job market is a mess.

July 2020 Update. If you are being interviewed by a potential employer and you can blame your current unemployment status on the pandemic, these days you have a real chance of not being subjected to discrimination.

May 2021 Update. If the news media posts are any indication, there is now a labor shortage that is apparently due to the disincentive to work caused by  the federal unemployment pandemic assistance programs. Several states are now in the process of discontinuing these programs. It would be wise to get that job before these discontinuances take effect. Once the discontinuances take effect, competition for jobs may substantially increase. And in all probability company discrimination against age, race, gender, medical status, and current employment status will also return to pre-pandemic levels.
September 2021 Update. News media posts are indicating there is currently no discrimination against the short term unemployed. However, discrimination against the long term unemployed still remains rampant. If long term unemployed, the resume-gap idea mentioned in the January 2020 update is definitely worth doing.
September 2022 Update. It appears that things are about to become more grim. Here is an article from CBS: Buckle up, America: The Fed plans to sharply boost unemployment

- End of Article -

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  1. So the corporate greed and stereotypical greedy corporate shills' way of thinking lead to the decline and demise of the American dream. Welcome to trumpland!

    1. Hello, this is what happened once Democrats started blatantly exercising the tyranny that the American people have allowed to breed and replicate within our government for years. Trump created jobs you Moran!!!!!

  2. Create your own job by being self-employed, and then they cannot say you are job-less. Set up your own website and file the necessary paperwork with your state. You now are not un-employed.
    There are great candidates that are un-employed and employed. Instead of concentrating on whether you used that skill yesterday, they should mainly concentrate on if you are loyal and have contributed to the betterment of the companies you have worked for.

  3. Companies want to hire YES men And YES women with no brains
    . They want robots, not people who have real value.

  4. 2.5 years in Vegas mostly unemployed; hundreds of businesses replied to me " unfortunately we moved with another applicant more qualified " Nashville TN, September I am still trying; don't know why the media doesn't give attention to this great problem.

  5. Been trying for 1.5 years now and every phone interview screening starts with; are you currently employed? If you say no they don’t call back. If you say yes they ask for whom and if you refuse to tell them they don’t call back. If you say yes they will call back but when they eventually find out you lied it’s over. If you have any social media presence they will go through it with a fine tooth comb (deleted or not) and assess your ESG score. If you support Trump or the GOP you are never getting a job offer. They want to force a political transition by pushing out the “socially unacceptable” and replace them with H-1 hires who will work for less and accept their new socialist agenda. This is life with a social credit system. The only hope is to vote them out (they count the votes).


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