Kelp Supplements Nutrition Benefits - Iodine for Thyroid

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Safe Health Benefits of Kelp Seaweed Supplements - Iodine and Trace Minerals - And Some Iodine Warnings

Kelp Ocean Forest

This page is premised on that you are healthy, practicing good nutrition, physically active, and are already doing everything else to naturally feel good. If still suffering from lack of energy, then kelp supplements may be the answer.

Why so? Kelp is loaded with the mineral iodine. The iodine will go directly to your thyroid and kick-start it. A fully active thyroid makes one become more energetic.

Kelp and certain other seaweed also have minute traces of every other mineral known to man. So if you happen to be lacking in any of those, kelp tablets will help take care of that, too.

Suggested use is one kelp supplement per day; frankly, I think that is excessive. Too much of anything is not a good idea. Personally, I only take one once in awhile when I seem to have no energy.

So next time you have no energy for no discernible reason, chew a kelp supplement tablet with food. Do take it early in the morning. If taken later in the day, you might not be able to fall asleep come bedtime.

Kelp Tablets with Iodine

Kelp and other seaweed supplements may or may not be available at your local or national chain drugstore; some have it, some don't. Worst case scenario, you will have to work up the energy to go to your local health food store; they will definitely have it. Be forewarned. The supplements industry is completely unregulated. Buy only reputable brands from reputable stores.

A warning note. Some people are allergic to shellfish (high iodine), the same way some people are allergic to peanuts for example. So maybe just nibble a very small piece of one tablet the first time around? Only you can decide.

Safe Usage of Kelp Seaweed Supplements

Excessive use of kelp supplements and their high iodine content is not good for you and can even cause health problems. Here is a federal website that will tell you absolutely everything you would ever want to know about the mineral iodine as to health, nutrition, and warnings. The site also notes that excessive iodine can negatively interact with certain medications.
Though iodine is an essential nutrient for the human body, over usage can cause serious problems. The NIH also talks about foods high in iodine, so maybe you can just skip the supplements altogether.

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