Best Way to Drink Barium Sulfate and the Taste and What to Expect

Many people inquire about what it is like to drink this stuff. Turns out drinking barium sulfate is no big deal.
  • Just do exactly what the bottle and doc says.
  • The taste is bland.
  • I experienced no after effects.

Doc and/or medical service provider specified a test requiring major, pre-test, drinking consumption of a barium sulfate solution. You'll usually need to drink it the day before the test and just prior to the test. In other words, they do have you drink several doses prior to the CT.

I immediately did the research on the .gov sites and elsewhere. I ended up with the impression that I was going to gag on the stuff.That information is false. It was bland and no big deal whatsoever. They'll even give you a choice as to flavor. I ended up with vanilla.

Again. The stuff was just plain bland. No problem. No big deal. I hope this post helps mitigate all the false information out there.And I might add, the volume looks a lot larger than it is. A few medium sips did the trick for each dosage. No need to to do large swallows or such. Do shake the stuff as the bottle says, before drinking; an even mixture gives the technician and doc what they need.

As for after effects, nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

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