How to Contribute to Society Through Self-Interest - An Inquiry and Examples

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An alternate title for this page could be How Self-Interest Can Benefit and Contribute to Society. It is easier to contribute to society than one thinks. As an example, anyone who has an honest job is contributing to society. Another example, anyone who is raising children is contributing to society.

Do you own your own business or are otherwise self-employed? Then you are contributing to society. When people are willing to pay you for an honest product or service; then by definition, you are providing a product or service that people want or need. That is contributing to society.

Basically, when one performs any action that helps another person with their business of living or their quality of life, that is all that it takes to contribute to society.

Working for a living or raising children are not the only ways to contribute to society. Going to school? Doing anything that improves self also improves society.

Nature was designed, and designed us, to only think of ourselves and to kill and steal to survive; this is otherwise known as the law of the jungle and is engraved into our DNA and there is no way around it. It is the reality that was created and in which we are forced to live. Yet, somehow and someway, we designed a civilization that acknowledged that fundamental design of reality and invented a way to circumvent it.

We designed a society whereas doing things in our own self-interest results in our contributing to society. We work at jobs and careers to survive and prosper. The result of that work provides products and services to others, thus contributing to society.

We found a way to do the opposite of how nature and reality was originally structured. Instead of surviving by hurting/killing and taking from others; we survive by helping and giving to others. The inventing of such a society really does have to qualify as the greatest invention of humankind.

The True Purpose and Simple Meaning of Life

Contribute to society and enjoy yourself while doing it. How to do that? As one is growing up, one almost always finds or discovers an area of knowledge that is of interest to them. Very likely there are jobs, careers, and business opportunities within that area of interest or knowledge. That is pretty much all there is to it. Simply pursue your dreams within that framework. You will be doing something that you enjoy and contributing to society in the process. And do pick a career you love; you will be competing with those who do.

A Side Note. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to society, both obvious and not so obvious. Comments in that regard are appreciated.

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