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How / When / What Are the Ways
The Human Race Will Become Extinct

Here's the top 10 Armageddon / Doomsday list of the most likely scenarios and events. Actually, there are more than ten; lucky us. The Doomsday Clock has been reset to 100 seconds to midnight from the formerly 2 minutes to midnight and no doubt ticking. I seem to remember a long time ago it was at 15 minutes.

The Doomsday Armageddon List

Likely, unlikely, and overlooked ways and scenarios on how the world will end. "We are all doomed! Doomed I say!" Yes we are. It is not a matter of if. It is only a matter of when. Let us count the ways... Warning, some humor may be present. And some are serious.

Some ways for how the world will end.
The clock is ticking...

List of Doomsday / Armageddon Events and Scenarios for the World's End


Andromeda is indeed set for a galactic collision with the Milky Way. That's going to be a real mess. Fortunately, we can put a pin in that. Not scheduled for another three billion years or so.


They are wandering all over the place out there. They have hit us before and they will hit us again. In fact, we just recently had another near-miss.


Seems like those keep dropping by all the time. Sooner or later, one of them is going to decide to stay. They are not our friends.


As for the really big ones, they might as well be asteroids. Come to think of it, at what size does a meteor become an asteroid? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anti-Matter and/or Dark-Matter

This stuff is scattered everywhere. It does not get along well with regular matter. Sooner or later our solar system is going to wander into it. Or it is going to wander into us. One way or another, it is going to eventually happen.

The Sun

Those pesky solar storms, solar flares, solar winds, EMP's... Historians say it won't be the first time. Actually, we were seriously clobbered once before back in1859. The EMP was strong enough to short out telegraph wires, batteries, and do all sorts of other mischief. Imagine if that same intensity EMP were to happen today. With all our micro chip technology intertwined with everything, we'd be knocked back into the pre-industrial revolution era. It is not a case of if, it is only a matter of when.

The Sun

Novas. This is another one that isn't scheduled for a few billion years. Then again, who knows?

The Earth

Climate change is apparently already in progress. The oceans are rising as we speak. The polar ice caps are melting and icebergs the size of states are breaking off as you read this. New temperature heat records are being set around the world. It is said there is still time to turn this around, but only if our species gets busy about it.

The Earth

Super volcanoes have happened before and they will happen again. Aside from the immediate damage, welcome to the beginning of the next ice age. Would a properly timed super volcano offset the aforementioned climate change? A couple of strategically placed nuclear devices could probably make that happen. Inquiring minds want to know.

The Earth

Volcano or not, the next regularly scheduled ice age is already overdue.

The Earth

The magnetic pole reversal could happen any day now. How all our electronic circuitry (which is attached to all sorts of interesting things...) will react is anybody's guess.

Societal Complexity

Our society continually becomes more complex every year. Societies in the past have been known to simply collapse under their own weight of this complexity, bureaucracy, and incompetence . It's happened before and will happen again.

Genetics Research

Sooner or later, someone, somewhere, is going to mess up. Either the wrong stuff gets accidentally released into the environment. Or something "safe" is deliberately allowed; at which point it gets its own bright idea to mutate. Then there is bio-terrorism.

Viruses, Epidemics, Pandemics

Coronavirus is still in the news (year 2020-2022). No humor there.

The Zombie Apocalypse

As predicted by Nostradamus for year 2021, a for-real zombie apocalypse page on the federal CDC website: Zombie Preparedness by the CDC.


If He ever decides to just give up on us...


Evolution hasn't stopped. And the next species is usually more advanced than the previous one. And it's a pretty good bet that the first order of business for the new species will be to get rid of the old species.

Evolution (more about viruses)

And then there are those previously mentioned new viruses and bacteria that keep coming along. The virus doesn't have to destroy the entire human race. It simply has to kill just enough people or generate just enough fear to result in the collapse of the existing society. Sometimes a significant enough economic disruption is all that is needed. Society will them continue its destruction and eventual extermination on its own accord. A pandemic can cause a severe economic disruption, but shouldn't cause a societal collapse. However, if the infection rate rises to the level of an epidemic, the societal structure will be endangered. It will all depend on the average intelligence of the general population and the capabilities of our leaders.


Whether by accident or design, sooner or later advanced artificial intelligence (AI) will happen. And if it has an attitude...


Most folks agree there are other lifeforms in the universe. It stands to reason some of them are as un-nice as we are.


CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has not gone away. For those who have forgotten previous years media news, the LHC is the world’s largest particle accelerator. It is still busily creating fermions, Higgs bosons, dark-matter, antimatter, quarks, leptons, strangelets, supersymmetry, vacuum bubbles, black holes, and who knows what else might come up next. Sooner or later, one of these critters might not get along very well with the physical laws of this universe.

Lab Rats

It is a well-known theory we are all just lab rats. Sooner or later the experimenter is going to clean out the cage.

Programmed Extinction

There is research indicating all species' genomes/DNA automatically lose their ability to replicate/reproduce over time. Sort of a naturally occurring kill-switch when nothing else comes along to do the job. This fits in nicely with the previous scenario. As a safety kill-switch, we are genetically programmed to die as individuals. And as a safety kill-switch, we are also genetically programmed to eventually lose the ability to reproduce as a species. As lab rats in an experiment, this kill-switch was incorporated in case the experiment somehow got out of hand. It is the same as what we attempt to do ourselves with virus and bacteria experiments.

The Bomb

Nuclear war is always still on the table. The United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, other parts of Middle East, etc. just can't seem to get along with certain others. Brinkmanship seems to be the national sport with certain politicians and nations. Some days are worse than others. The Russia-Ukraine situation is going on as we speak. The China-Taiwan situation isn't going away either.

The Bomb

When it falls into the wrong hands...


All of the above, plus 2023. 

Have a nice day.

And so as to end on a serious note, here is indeed a very seriously researched and well-thought-out article from the BBC about the collapse of civilizations.

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  1. Don't forget world hunger and pollution. These 2 things kill millions every week. And then there is the flu to top it all off. Enjoy!

  2. The LHC--what happens when it creates a black hole that physically contacts the collider itself??? The world will have a front-row seat!

    Super Volcano? As near as Yellowstone National Park. To visitors asking, 'so where's the volcano?' ... YOU'RE STANDING IN IT!!

    I have my own theory: I don't know about the world, but I believe our species will cease to exist when we all suffocate in the piles of paper we have managed to create; the 'paperless office' promised by early computer enthusiasts having failed (miserably) to materialize!


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