What Is and a Negative Review of the Nextdoor Neighborhood Private Social Network Website

 This is a regretfully negative review of the Nextdoor website for Years 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, the plethora of inquires from people on the search engines wanting to know how to close their accounts pretty much substantiates the conclusions drawn here.

"Frankly, I've never seen so many hate-filled people
in one place at one time."

I recently discovered a social network website known as Nextdoor. Despite the above quote, every neighborhood Nextdoor forum is different, so your results or experiences there could be good, extremely bad, or somewhere in-between. There's just no way of knowing in advance.

Posts to the site are made by you and your neighbors in the surrounding areas, sometimes even the police and fire departments will contribute. In addition to knowing what is going on, you might discover people with whom you would like to initiate contact. Unfortunately, there is also the possibility of immediately being subjected to unwanted contact.

Nextdoor has all sorts of customization settings available. You can control which nearby neighborhood posts you see. You can control which neighborhood posts you receive email notifications about; settings range from all, some, or none.

In some cases, the Nextdoor forums could possibly be a good social network experience. However, attempting to participate could also be a very risky business. It is unfortunate that this page has been forced to become a very negative review of the Nextdoor website.

Unfortunately, the Nextdoor Forums Have One Very Bad Flaw.

Bullies, trolls, and worse are not monitored nor restrained in the Nextdoor forums. They are free to launch personal attacks, make false accusations, and even try to do you real harm in the real world. Remember, these are your neighbors and real names and addresses are used. In most cases, they just want to humiliate and inflict as much emotional pain as possible for sport. However, the potential for real world spillover is also a major concern.

It all depends on what local neighborhood you happen to live in.

If you happen to live in a neighborhood where bad people haven't yet taken over the Nextdoor forums, good things might happen.

But if you discover you have been unknowing living in a neighborhood where there are a group of people who automatically want to hurt strangers in any and every way they possibly can just for the fun of it, it is best to depart before there are real world ramifications.

(The gun in the Clint meme is misleading. Extreme emotional pain, false accusations affecting real world situations, vandalism, or legal consequences are the actual, main dangers.)

Here's hoping your neighborhood and corollary Nextdoor forums are one of the normal ones. Take care.

Year 2017 and 2018 Updates

#1 In the event you are subjected to personal attacks and you attempt to defend yourself, you will be the one Nextdoor will ban. Nextdoor lets the lowest common denominator rule, reason being there are so many of them and Nextdoor really doesn't have much of a business choice in the matter. The banning might also be for your own protection, objective being to prevent escalation to the level of real world consequences. There are indeed people inhabiting some of the Nextdoor forums who will do or try to do you real world harm.

#2 Based on what I have personally witnessed and what the search engine results say, I wouldn't go there. Nothing of value is ever posted there anyway. And the possibility of negative consequences is just too great.

A Quote I Stumbled Across

History will have to record the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

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