The Nextdoor Website Is Not Safe, Useful, nor Pleasant. A Negative Review.

Latest update: July 21, 2020
Page URL indicates original publication date; meanwhile, times change and the updates continue.

A regretfully negative review of the Nextdoor website for years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Unfortunately, the plethora of inquires from people on the search engines wanting to know how to close, delete, cancel their Nextdoor accounts pretty much substantiates the conclusions drawn by this review; not to mention all the BBB complaints.

"Frankly, I've never seen so many hate-filled trolls
and worse in one place at one time."

I discovered a social network website known as Nextdoor. Despite the above quote, every neighborhood Nextdoor forum could be different, so your results or experiences there could vary. There's just no way of knowing in advance.

Posts to the site are made by you and your neighbors in the surrounding areas, sometimes even the police and fire departments will contribute generalized information. The Nextdoor website is supposed to help people know what is going on in their neighborhood, but fails miserably in that regard. Unfortunately there is also the possibility of immediately being subjected to unwanted contact and worse.

Nextdoor has all sorts of customization settings available. You can control which nearby neighborhood posts you see. You can control which neighborhood posts you receive email notifications about; settings range from all, some, or none.

The Nextdoor forums are supposed to be a good social network experience. However, attempting to participate can often result in very bad experiences. It is unfortunate this review has been forced to become a negative description of the Nextdoor website and to conclude the site is outright unsafe.

The Nextdoor Forums Have One Very Bad Flaw

Bullies, trolls, and worse are not monitored nor restrained in the Nextdoor forums. They are free to launch personal attacks, make false accusations, and even try to do you real harm in the real world. Remember, these are your neighbors and real names and addresses are used. In most cases, they just want to humiliate and inflict as much emotional pain as possible for sport. However, the potential for real world spillover is also a major concern.

It all depends on what forum you happen to be forced to visit or use.

If you happen to live in a neighborhood where bad people haven't yet taken over the Nextdoor forum, things could be ok.

But if you discover it's one of the forums where there are groups of people who automatically want to hurt strangers in any and every way they possibly can just for the fun of it, it is best to depart before there are real world ramifications.

(The gun in the Clint meme is misleading. Extreme emotional pain, false accusations affecting real world situations, vandalism, or legal consequences are the actual, main dangers.)

If you choose to go near there, here's hoping your neighborhood and corollary Nextdoor forums are one of the normal ones. Take care.

Year 2017 and 2018 updates (4 items). Year 2019 and 2020 updates follow.

Item #1 In the event you are subjected to personal attacks and you attempt to defend yourself, you will be the one Nextdoor will ban. Nextdoor lets the lowest common denominator rule, reason being there are so many of them and Nextdoor really doesn't have much of a business choice in the matter. The banning might also be for your own protection, objective being to prevent escalation to the level of real world consequences. There are indeed people inhabiting some of the Nextdoor forums who will do or try to do you real world harm.

Item #2 Based on what I have personally witnessed and what the search engine results say, I wouldn't go there. Nothing of value is ever posted there anyway. And the possibility of negative consequences are just too great.

Item #3 Long story short, better to type your city or neighborhood name into Facebook search. You will invariably find a group dedicated to talking about your neighborhood. There will be regular posts about what crimes have just occurred, both positive and negative comments about experiences at local businesses, what the police and fire departments are currently dealing with, reports of what's going on at specific locations, what's happening at city hall and other government offices, locations to avoid, locations to visit, lots of videos and pictures, and all sorts of other useful information. If you happen to not find a Facebook group for your town, start one and be the admin!

Item #4 I found very little of what I described in item #3 at the Nextdoor website. Sadly, the site is useless and can even be dangerous. The intentions of the site owner(s) were no doubt just to duplicate the Facebook groups and provide similar positive experiences. I respect them for trying. It is just plain bad luck the Nextdoor forums were taken over by undesirables.

June 2019 Update

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) now has 184 complaints against the Nextdoor "social" website. Yep, definitely best to stay away. I'm no avid fan of Facebook, but Facebook is definitely the better option.

October 2019 Update

I kind of feel sorry for the, good faith, website owners. Theirs was a good business idea, only to be destroyed by trolls and others who wish to hurt people. The BBB complaints are now at 235. A lot of time, money, and labor went into the creation and building of that site. I would imagine maintaining the site is no picnic either. Time will tell.

January and February 2020 Update

The BBB complaint count was 269 in January; the February count when I checked is at 287. The complaints generally continue to reflect the opinions stated in this review and accompanying comments. As previously mentioned, the Facebook Groups are your better bet. If a Facebook Group goes bad, one can simply select another (Facebook usually has more than one group per town); with, that option isn't available.

April 2020 Update

Well, I dropped by the BBB website. The complaint count was 312 when I looked. They appear to now be demanding that people send them copies of their drivers license. It also now appears that whatever one's right to privacy one has had has now gone up in flames. Also, accounts appear to be being deleted for no reason. Even if there weren't the rampant troll problems, the site just doesn't seem to be worth the bother. As mentioned before, one can just go to one of the city groups on Facebook for the same benefits and without all the aggravation. My speculation is that is trying to get rid of all the trolls. Unfortunately, there are too many of them and innocent people are becoming victims in the collateral damage crossfire.

July 2020 Update

The complaint count for is now at 360: BBB website. They still require that one verifies their home address with either their drivers license or other personal information (rent bill, passport, financial statement from bank, utility bill, mobile phone address match, etc.). Search engine results continue to show postings about privacy invasion and about selling your personal information to advertisers (I seriously suspect this also includes telephone solicitors); even the Better Business Bureau has posted a warning: "...BBB recommends consumers review the company’s guidelines & policies section prior to using services.".

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  1. I am a Nextdoor Lead and spend more time that I probably should on this site considering the pay. One of my jobs is to moderate, so your statement that bullies, troll, or worse are not monitored or restrained is simply untrue.

    1. That is not correct. A few days ago I was trolled and the troll also stated that many have my phone number on the site

    2. Completely incorrect. The trolls are on every location and the leads are a joke. ND suppresses small business while giving access to multiple "Spam" national ads and some have PUPS, a software that contains adware, installs toolbars or has other unclear objectives. The site is run and monitored by bullies.

    3. The Leads are sometimes the trolls themselves and the bullies. One in particular doesn't follow the guidelines and publicly shames people, lies publicly, and you can not prove him wrong publicly or you are banned or blocked or whatever they call it. It is shameful.

    4. Then you are part of the problem. Nextdoor allows bullies while punishing those that stand up against those bullies.

  2. next door is the worst social media site that i have ever used i have removed my self from it is full of low life assholes

  3. Nextdoor is moderated by teenagers or people with no communication skills. I was banned because my last name was not correct. My post was deleted. My friend posted about the reason why my post was deleted and myself banned. His post was deleted in minutes. No, no free speech. They do whatever they want. Trumpism? Stay away from shitty nextdoor.

    1. Exactly, a bunch of redneck trolls! It's awful! I uninstalled it and still get notifications! ������������

    2. After I tried to get on the system, I could not and kept getting screens telling me to get a Source Code, but it never came and then I called them and told them I want to end my association with them, but the guy said "to do that you HAVE to get into your account" -- what a moron! I told him 4 times, I can't do it because the system won't let me! I told him to IMMEDIATELY shut down my account and I'm not coming back and will NOT recommend them to any friends nor relatives!

  4. I quit as a Lead when I found myself spending too much time for zero pay, and not getting anywhere. Attempted to moderate and guide to the posted rules, but needed a quorum of nearby leads to be effective. Out of 40 or so nearby leads, only myself and 1 or 2 others were active at all, and the other one or two were 98% 'anything goes' types. Too much of bullies, trolls, and advertising spam, and even as a lead I couldn't tamp it down. The paid staff could have helped, but they're apparently stretched too thin and failed to remove noxious stuff up after I'd notified them, which was the last straw for me. Now, as a non-lead, I've 'muted' (will no longer see) posts from hundreds of neighbors who were spamming, bullying, trolling, so what I see is a lot more reasonable. I rarely post, and never anything that would be even mildly controversial, because I am still visible to them even though I can't see their posts or replies.

    It is trivially easy to set up profiles with fake names and/or addresses. Another reason to keep away, or at least, monitor the site but rarely post and never anything that might compromise your security.

  5. All it is, is another home for the narcopath trolls like Facebook. They're all in the same. Next-door should be taken down it's not helpful at all in any way. Worst site ever.

    1. I told the guy who called me and then asked "How can we improve our system?" I told him to take it down completely and find another line of work!

  6. Not a fair site
    Not a fair site . Very liberal and anti non-liberal. Changes rules and does not follow its own rules. If interested please fund a legal challenge to nextdoor.
    Please go to go fund me and search for nextdoor.

    1. We have a lead that is a control freak from hell. Doesn't know what freedom of speech is. If he doesn't agree with it you are wrong. He is a bully, dishonest, lying, bottom of the barrel, POS.

  7. My post are no longer being published. They are not racist nor are they political. Often they are actually complimentary to the police force fire department And others. Contemplating not sending any more post or even reading anything from next door.

  8. My experience was that it was useful for showing my artwork of local points of interest and and getting rid of an old bike etc. But other posts were very quickly hijacked and I experienced insults and trolling which I and others reported regularly to no effect whatsoever. As soon as I made a comment about one of these unneighbourly posts which was removed thanking those who helped in doing so, the which post I myself removed after only 2 minutes deciding it might not be wise, my account was suspended citing this as it's reason! I sent to the complaints department a couple of times stating this to be a bias action,but all they kept on doing was self-righteously restating what they say is there rules. I tried to point out that they are not actually going by their rules by ignoring my reporting of uncivil postings directed towards me personally and suspending my account for a post that I had removed myself. One of these postings was even calling into question the practice of my Christianity. Even this was not removed by the administrators. so yes my experience is that from administration it is biased dangerous, horrible and should not be used.I do hope this preserves others going through the soul trauma that I did.