Friday, April 17, 2015

MILF Dating Etiquette and Warnings and Tips

First and foremost, one must be sure the MILF is not still married. Still-married MILF's can result in extreme husband irritation as to your poaching. You are going to have enough problems as to the kid(s), you don't need an angry husband on top of that.

As to the kid(s), 20% to 50% of the time, you will be stood up. This percentage will vary as to the number and age of the kid or kids the MILF is dealing with.

If one has successfully navigated beyond the above two issues, then the following rules apply...
  •  Be understanding when kid problems supersedes date.
  • Never bring up the kids. This will inevitably result in a MILF soliloquy about kids. Even worse, statements about the Ex will ensue.
  • Respect you are interacting with another human being.
  • MILF's know how to cook, avail yourself of this at every opportunity.
  • Are you thoroughly tangled up? Yep, go ahead and do the pick up the kid(s) errands.
  • Are you now doing her home repairs? A good thing.
  • Looks like you are doomed, time to marry her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Consumer Contract Fraud - Contracts and the Law and You and the Judge

Consumer Contracts Frauds - Contracts and You and the Judge -

"But your honor!!!" I said to the judge...

Judge, “You signed a contract.”

Me, “You mean that paragraph at the bottom of the application form?”

Judge, “Yes.”

Me, “But every bank in the country has that clause.”

Judge, “What clause?”

Me, “The sentence that says I’ve read and agreed to their charter; that I’ve read and agreed to all their bylaws; that I’ve read and agreed to all their rules and regulations. All of that stuff would be a stack of paper from the floor to the ceiling; and they wouldn’t even have copies at the branch for me to read anyway.”

Judge, “I know. But anything you sign is a contract.” (Side note: he is right.)

Me, “But every financial institution in the country has that clause.”

Judge, “I know.”

Me, “But if we don’t sign, we can’t get a checking or savings account anywhere.”

Judge, “Sucks, doesn’t it?”

Me, “What do I owe?”

Judge, “Well, let’s see what they made up... Yep, that’s what you owe.”

Beware when you do this...

The above story is fictional, but it happens for real thousands of times a year. That is why I never do business with national banks or credit card companies. Finding a local credit union is the only way to go. They’ve got the same clause, but most of them are not thieves (see referenced article).

Needless to say, unethical consumer contracts don't just apply to national banks and credit card companies. Cable companies are another example, which is why customers are leaving them in droves. Some cellphone carriers are also less than scrupulous, their contracts sometime include a clause stating you have to pay them even when they don't provide the agreed upon services. And then there is the worst of the worst, otherwise known as private sector contracts having to do with anything medical.

A Rant and Warning and Consumer Alert about Contracts

You have no civil rights when you blindly give them away by signing a multi-page, fine print contract without reading it. This happens all the time. The days of trusting an entity just because they are a large corporation or an established business are long gone. This is especially applicable as to medical entities, financial institutions, auto repair entities, and pretty much any and all other service-related entities. Corporate greed is the rule, not the exception.

Read the contract. If it’s too long for you to read and understand at the time, don’t sign it. If any of the print is too small for you to read, don’t sign it. If there is anything in it you don’t like or understand, don’t sign it. If it's incomplete, don't sign it. If you don't know what you are doing, don't sign it.

By definition anything you sign is a contract; whether it be just a single word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, or a hundred page document. Whenever someone tries to get you to sign something, it is for their benefit, not yours.

Reading a contract will give you an education; not reading a contract will give you an “adventure”.

Unethical contracts and incompetent/unethical civil laws victimize more people than all legally defined criminal activity combined. It is the ultimate definition of SWAG (Stolen without a Gun).

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vitamin D Deficiency - A Growing Health Concern - Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Fortified milk is a good source of vitamin D.

 If you are out in the sun all day everyday, then you need not be concerned. Your body will manufacture all the vitamin D it needs from the ultraviolet light you absorb.

However, if like the majority, yours is an indoor life; you may not be getting enough of this vitamin.

And to compound the problem, there are not that many foods that have it.
  • Fortified milk seems to be America's primary source for vitamin D.
  • Other dairy products also have a smattering of it.
  • Fish foods have vitamin D. Swordfish and salmon are the big two. Tuna comes in third. And if you want to give yourself a mega-dose, a tablespoon of cod liver oil will give you over 300% of the body’s daily requirement.
  • Liver has it.
  • Fortified orange juice has a decent amount.

Salmon is a good vitamin D source.

May all your vitamin D days be happy ones.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vinegar Uses - Baking Soda Uses - A List of Cleaning and Other Uses for Vinegar and Baking Soda


Cleaning uses for vinegar.

The chemical name for vinegar is diluted acetic acid. As a mild acid it chemically reacts with many other compounds. The result is the removal of those compounds from places we want them removed, otherwise known as cleaning.

Some vinegar cleaning examples include:
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Do NOT use for TV’s, computer monitors, etc.
  • Shower heads
  • Kitchen counter tops
  • Coffee pots
  • Tea kettles
  • Wood floors (I’d test this on on a small spot first)
  • Toilet bowls
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerator
Non-cleaning uses for vinegar include cooking (of course), mixed with salt for killing weeds, mixed with baking soda for keeping drains clear.


Cleaning and other uses for baking soda.

The chemical name for baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. As a mild, generally non-chemically-reactive abrasive, it can be used accordingly. It also absorbs odors.

Some baking soda uses include:
  • Teeth brightening
  • Putting box in refrigerator to absorb odors
  • Keeping drains fresh
  • Removing grease from stove
  • Laundry spot cleaning
  • Adding to laundry as brightener
  • Sprinkling over carpets some time before vacuuming
  •  Other cleaning uses might be listed right on the box
  • And then naturally there’s the cooking thing.

I hope the above lists and information proves useful for folks.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Make Microwave Macaroni and Cheese Taste Better

Basically, add a whole bunch more real cheese.

Microwave Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - Making It Better

It is easy to do. Here's how to do it so you don't burn it. And incidentally, by adding real cheese one actually gives the meal some nutritional value.

The Better Microwave Macaroni and Cheese Meal - Introduction

Macaroni-and-cheese TV dinners and similar ilk are one of the better frozen food concoctions the frozen food industry has come up with. However, it is still the usual, bland TV dinner. But it makes an excellent starting point for creating your own macaroni and cheese masterpiece. No boiling the macaroni and trying to get it just right. No dealing with the other ingredients. Instead, you use the basic frozen TV dinner as the starting point, and then you make it better.

Microwave Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Microwave the TV dinner for two minutes less than what the box instructions say. After microwaving, remove the plastic film.

Now here is the how to make microwave macaroni and cheese better part... When you bought the macaroni and cheese TV dinner, you also went to the store's deli section and got yourself a one pound block of mild or medium cheddar cheese. Cut off however many pieces you want and put them on top of the TV dinner; the smaller the pieces, the better; and by all means, do lots of them.

It is not necessary to replace the plastic film back on top of the TV dinner. Microwave it for the additional two minutes. Cheese should be completely melted. Stir it all together. If the cheddar cheese still isn't thoroughly melted and mixed, maybe give it another 40 seconds in the microwave; stir some more as needed. You now have a much better macaroni and cheese dinner that will taste as good as any made from scratch.

A side note: As to the remaining three-quarters of cheddar cheese you didn't use, re-wrap in original wrapper and then thoroughly wrap and fold in one of the store's plastic bags. The cheese will stay fresh in the refrigerator for quite some time. Good for lots more meals.

And as to the meal you just made... If you added enough cheese to it, you probably changed it into two meals. Totally fine. When done eating, put the remaining half back into the TV dinner box, wrap and fold with another store plastic bag. Should be good in the refrigerator for three days or so.

As for those microwave macaroni and cheese cup and box meals...

 Simply prepare as one usually does. Then gradually add and stir in as many small chunks of cheddar cheese as desired. It will all mix and blend in quite nicely. Maybe a 30-second additional microwaving may be required. Maybe not.

And that's all there is to it. May all your macaroni and cheese masterpieces be awesome and nutritious.

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd toss in this federal link about microwave ovens. Turns out the information contained therein is not entirely useless. For that matter, the FDA site in general has proven useful to me in the past.

But wait! There's more!

Adding cooked, sliced-up hot dogs to your macaroni and cheese meal.

Did someone say hot dogs...?

Put two wieners on a paper towel placed over a paper plate; fold paper towel over top of wieners to reduce greasy film from covering the interior of the microwave oven.

Place, flattened out, one of the store plastic bags on the counter.

Put the paper towel covered hot dogs in the microwave oven. If you like them mutated (many folks, including me, do), microwave them for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. If you are a non-mutated person, then probably an even 2 minutes is best. Times vary, depending on the microwave oven. But these times are probably a good starting point.

When removing from microwave oven, place the plate on top of the grocery store plastic bag that you had laid flat on the counter.

Let them cool for a minute. Then cut each one lengthwise. Then, holding all 4 lengths together, side-by-side, cut them up into pieces.

For greater efficiency, cook the hot dogs first. Then you can be doing the slicing and dicing while the TV dinner is cooking.

Once the TV dinner is cooked and the extra cheese is all melted and mixed, add the sliced up hot dogs and stir it all together. You definitely now have the two full meals. Not only that, it no longer fits in the TV tray. So, somewhere during all this, you've transferred the whole thing to a separate plate. If you are a true single, it is now sitting on a 3-thick paper plate on top of a regular plate.

Throw out the hot dog paper plate and the plastic bag that you had put them on. Because of the plastic bag, the counter won't have to be cleaned.

At this point, you may want to microwave it another minute, with or without the regular plate underneath the paper plates, depending on its microwaveability.

When done eating what you want, put a fourth paper plate upside-down on top, and then do the plastic bag wrap and refrigerator thing. When you get around to that second meal, it will taste as good as the first.

A note about buying hot dogs...

 Get the ones that say "no by-products" on the label and are not mechanically separated. Yes, they are more expensive; but it is still the wise thing to do...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Naturally Feel Better and Feel Good

 The human body naturally produces a chemical known as serotonin. Medical science has generally agreed that one's level of brain serotonin affects mood. The higher one's natural level of serotonin, the better one normally feels.

How to Naturally Increase One's Serotonin Levels

  • The primary environmental factor that affects serotonin levels is light; the more light the better.So do open those drapes first thing every morning. If you do not already go out into the world everyday, then make it a point to go outside in the sunlight for awhile; even just 15 minutes can make a difference. Not much sunlight where you live? The NIH link further down the page has some comments and an indoor answer for that.
  •  Exercise radically affects serotonin levels. Even just a little exercise can do wonders. But generally the more of it the better. So if you generally sit all day, then get up frequently and do other things. There's the obvious solution of jogging or some other exercise regime, but why not just do something that is productive or fun instead? This List of Things to Do When Bored includes all sorts of physically active things to do.
  • Tryptophan is an amino acid in protein  that raises serotonin levels. There is a lot of false nutritional information out there as to which foods will increase your brain's tryptophan levels. The NIH link below covers this in detail. Some of the information is quite surprising as a matter of fact. Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and dairy products appear to be the only foods that have a chance of increasing the brain's serotonin levels.

 The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has an article on how to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs. It pretty much tells you everything you would ever want to know as to increasing serotonin levels and feeling good. May we all have increased happiness in life.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Food

Top 10 Tips to Save Grocery Money

1. Yes, do use coupons. The Sunday paper and your junk mail will give you all you need. Also drop by your main grocery store’s website and see what they have to say for themselves.

2. Yes, do buy the generic store brands. It is common knowledge they cost less. What isn’t so well known is that more often than not they are made by the same manufacturer as the nationally labeled brands that cost up to twice as much.

3. Make it a point to look at the top and bottom shelves. The middle shelves are where the high markup items are.

4. Do make it a habit to routinely check the unit pricing. No rocket surgeon degree required; the unit price is right below the sale price. There will be at least one occasion every trip where it will affect your decision as to what to buy. Does your store not conveniently display the unit pricing? Find another store.

5. Never buy anything displayed in the checkout line.

6. Always bring a shopping list. It will cut down on your spontaneous impulse buying immensely.

7. Never shop hungry.

8. Never buy pre-made sandwiches in the deli section. The prices are highway robbery. If the sandwich looks delicious, just buy the same filling from that same deli instead. This assumes you are willing enough to take the contents from the container and put between two slices of bread yourself. Chicken salad and egg salad are good examples. Doing this will usually save you between $2 to $3 per sandwich.

9. Stock up on the sale items. Prices can vary by as much as 80% from week to week. Kleenex is an excellent example of this.

10. Check your receipt for double billing. It happens a lot more often than you think. It usually happens because either the cashier doesn’t like you or the scanner sensor is dirty. And checking the receipt really is easier than you think; even a long receipt takes less than a minute to quickly glance through.

11. Every trip you make to the store probably costs you between $3 to $5 in gas. Try to organize to make fewer trips.

Top 11 Tips to Save Food Money

The title of this page inaccurately stated there would be 10 tips, when in fact there were 11. Sorry about that. Come to think of it, I'll add more as remembered and discovered.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What is / are and all about RFID's. Welcome to your future, a RFID scanner is coming near you... ID theft alert.

RFID Technology

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification Device. In other words, it is a small microchip that broadcasts whatever information is put in it. These devices have been around for years.

Las Vegas casinos put them in their higher denomination chips. So when you walk around the casino, show up at a blackjack table etc.; casino personnel know about those chips in your pocket.

Retail stores randomly hide RFID’s in their merchandise throughout the store. So if you pick up an item and “forget” to pay for it, when you try walking through the scanners at the front door; you are dead. A word to the wise.

As far as I’m concerned, so far so good as to the above uses for RFID’s. Nailing shoplifters is always a good thing. And as for Las Vegas, I haven't been there in decades.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to end there.Welcome to your future…

RFID microchips are coming to a credit card, debit card, and drivers license near you. Pretty soon all one will have to do is just wave your card at the machine to complete a transaction, or maybe even just stand in front of the thing.

Unfortunately, there is also a very deleterious offshoot to this technology. Namely, anyone with a scanner can just stand close to you and instantly acquire all your personal information. ID theft is about to enter a whole, new realm.

And if you happen to have a specific store credit card when you visit that store, the employees will instantly know everything you ever bought there, the last time you visited, your home address and telephone number, etc.

All of this is not a good thing…

However, there are ways to combat this vulnerability. There are already metal cases and such that you can buy online to prevent this kind of ID theft, simply place the cards in the metal envelope to prevent information access. The store thing doesn’t bother me that much, but a person standing close to me in the checkout line is an entirely different matter, or someone "accidentally” bumping into you on the street, etc.

Personally, the first one of these cards I'm forced to use, I’ll try wrapping it in aluminum foil and see if that works.

Hopefully this post will prevent an ID theft or two.

Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Microwave Bacon Recipe - Zero Mess

Took the package out of the refrigerator, as opposed to the freezer.

Placed a folded paper towel on a paper plate.

Placed 3 bacon strips on the paper towel.

Placed a second paper towel over the bacon so as to not coat the inside of the microwave with bacon  grease.

Microwaved it for two minutes.

Rotated it 90 degrees and microwaved for another two minutes.

Flattened one of the grocery story plastic bags on counter so the counter wouldn't be covered in grease.

Removed the bacon paper plate from the microwave to the counter.

Wiped up bottom of microwave using kleenex.

Ate the bacon. It was perfect and delicious.

Threw out the paper plate, paper towels, and the plastic bag.


Another zero-mess recipe I've written from years of experience has to do with scrambled eggs.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Review of - A Pinterest Clone


A "new" Pinterest clone is in town.

According to Alexa, traffic has been all over the map during the last 12 months.  Lately it has gone up, leveled off, and then gone up some more. It is currently ranking as one of the top 10,000 websites globally. That isn't too bad really, considering there are over 180,000,000 websites out there.

Using for backlinks

Indulgy is a nice, simple, uncomplicated version of Pinterest. If you like Pinterest, Indulgy can be fun as well.

As with Pinterest, you can include backlinks to the images you post on Indulgy

Visitor traffic is still relatively low at this point, but Indulgy could have some future value as to and for backlinking purposes.

As a low priority project, I've opened an account (the link above) and started posting some images there.  We'll see how that goes; I'll report on any results in a month or two.

Quick User Review

For some strange reason, I am intuitively fond of this site. Probably because of the nice, clean interface and ease of use. I'll continue to add images from time to time. I hope the site does well.


(03/30/2015) Unfortunately, Indulgy does not enable enough text space when displaying the photo to include the title of the article where the image came from. This pretty much shuts down the prospect of generating a click-thru to your article from Indulgy. Hopefully, Indulgy will change this and emulate Pinterest.

 (04/14/2015) I'm beginning to think Indulgy has become a mess. When right-clicking to post pictures, the box doesn't auto-fill and after filling out the box the picture doesn't show up in my collection. Also, earlier this week, the site locked up my computer.


Alternatives to and more info about

If interested, here is an article about Pinterest and Pinterest clones, includes more information about Indulgy and others.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Corporate Employers Not Hiring the Unemployed

Many national companies refuse to hire the unemployed. Their company hiring process is to only hire people who are already working at another company. A corporate greed fact and the way it is. What can an unemployed person do about it? Try applying at the smaller and/or local companies.

Companies are excluding the jobless from hiring. Corporate greed in America.

Companies are excluding the jobless from hiring.
Companies are excluding the jobless from hiring.
Source: .gov

[Side Note. If you happen to be looking for a job, here are a boatload of job links. And btw; never, ever pay for a job lead or job interview. The industry standard is the potential employer pays the recruiter; the applicant is not required to pay anything. Ever. And if you happen to come across any work-at-home offers and up-front money is requested; depart the website immediately.]

You Are (Not) Hired.

You Are (Not) Hired.

Source: .gov


Corporate greed in America, jobs, job ads, hiring practices.

Corporate America continues its refusal to hire the unemployed. Their job ads now contain phrases such as “no unemployed candidates will be considered” or “must be currently employed”. This is truly corporate greed at its worst.

This problem has become increasingly severe as evidenced by EEOC Testimony (new window).

This page is an ongoing compilation of companies that are engaging in this particular corporate-greed practice. If the reader is aware of such a company, please post their name and/or ad excerp in the Comments Section below; any additional information would also be appreciated..


EEOC testimony excerpts:

Eliminating arbitrary employment barriers that operate to weed out qualified and interested job applicants…

It is profoundly disturbing that the trend of deliberately excluding the jobless from work opportunities is on the rise…

"Unemployed Need Not Apply", stories suggesting systematic exclusion, often blatant, of unemployed workers from consideration for jobs began to emerge early last summer

Sony Ericsson,…had posted a job announcement…that explicitly said, “No Unemployed Candidates Will Be Considered At All". Ad posted on The People Place specified the company would “not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason".

A Craigslist posting for assistant restaurant managers … flatly requiring that applicants, “Must be currently employed"…

Unemployed workers, mostly older workers, told they will not be referred or considered for employment, once recruiters or potential employers learn they are not currently working.

Most executive recruiters won’t look at a candidate unless they have a job, even if they don’t like to admit it. …

The tendency to exclude the unemployed is growing. …

Other staffing firm industry specialists similarly confirm that the unemployed need not apply…. “there is a disturbing and growing trend among employers—honored by staffing firms—to refuse to consider the unemployed for available job openings, regardless of their qualifications. This refusal is often explicitly manifested in job ads that include restrictive language specifying that only currently employed candidates will be considered; or that no unemployed candidates will be considered, regardless of the reason for unemployment.”


List of Corporations and Other Companies Who Decline to Hire the Unemployed.

This is an ongoing list. Company names will continue to be added as discovered.


Robert Half Legal is the premier provider of legal professionals... Job is located in Southwest portion of LA County. Must be currently employed...

Employee Paralegal Jobs & Careers at Beacon Hill Staffing Group ...To be considered, candidates must be currently employed and have at least three years of experience as a residential real estate paralegal and have ...

“NATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER - HOME DEPOT Job in Atlanta, Georgia US. Candidates must be currently employed ***. Good fits: Power Tools and Accessories, Pneumatics, Lawn and Garden, Plumbing, Paint, Building products, ...”

Benchmark Electronics, "It's our preference that they currently be employed…”

Caregivers Currently Working in Assisted Living Co..., Right at Home, Inc. - Sacramento, CA Are You Currently Working At An Assisted Living... are seeking qualified caregivers who are currently employed at assisted living facilities who may be...

Sony Ericsson, as reported in EEOC testimony.


Mortgage Loan Underwriter, Sente Mortgage - Houston, TX - +2 locations Lender system Encompass knowledge preferred Interested applicants must be currently employed in the mortgage industry. Please send cover letter and resume.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Sales Force - Madison, WI - +11 locations Must have had no more that 2 jobs in 5 years. Must be in current job at least 1.5 years. Must have no... Must be currently employed. No exceptions! Must have...

The People Place, as reported in EEOC testimony.

Senior Tax Associate or Partner, Bradsby Group - Columbus, OH benefits package. To be considered, you must be currently employed possessing the above qualifications. Please forward resume in Word. Viable candidates will be...

News Snapshot During Week of EEOC Testimony

* Unemployed are being refused the chance to apply for work at some companies, By Ann Belser, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The stories have been horrible.... So the want ads that included a line that unemployed applicants would not be considered have hit a nerve.... Wednesday the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission convened...

* Inquiry considers whether employers discriminate against jobless Boston Globe. Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could violate federal job discrimination laws...

* Bias Against the Unemployed Is Subject of Probe. WSJ, By MELANIE TROTTMAN,
EEOC Chairman Jacqueline Berrien said at a hearing Wednesday that the agency began hearing anecdotal reports of the practice last summer, including from news reports and from worker-advocacy groups gathering examples of help-wanted advertisements that said only individuals who currently had jobs should apply...

* EEOC Explores Bias Against The Unemployed, Braintrack, Compiled by Yaffa Klugerman. According to The Examiner, the perverse practice of excluding the unemployed as job candidates--and particularly the long-term unemployed--has been growing in many fields. Helen Norton, associate professor at the University of Colorado's School of Law, noted that advertised job listings for electronic engineers, restaurant managers and mortgage underwriters have explicitly stated that only currently employed candidates will be considered...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? KING5 Seattle. Commissioners at an EEOC hearing Wednesday said they are investigating whether excluding the unemployed may have a greater effect on blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities that tend to have higher jobless rates...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? KING5 Seattle. TACOMA, Wash. - Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could violate federal job discrimination laws. At a job fair in Tacoma Thursday, desperate job hunters ...

* Are companies excluding jobless from applying? San Francisco Chronicle WASHINGTON, (AP) -- Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment...

* EEOC to examine treatment of unemployed job seekers, - Jackie Headapohl‎. Currently, unemployed people are not protected by anti-discrimination law. However, if the practice disproportionately affects minorities, who are protected against discrimination, it could be deemed illegal. The Commission will hear from invited ...

* Are Unemployed Applicants Facing Discrimination? The Epoch Times - Antonio Perez‎. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) NEW YORK—Federal regulators are examining allegations that employers are biased against candidates that are currently unemployed, potentially a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. A typical scenario might ...

* Are companies excluding unemployed from applying for open jobs? The Post-Standard. Because unemployment is hiring among blacks and Hispanics, the chances of an employer considering a minority are decreased by one-third if jobless applicants are excluded...

* EEOC investigates whether companies may be discriminating against jobless Contra Costa Times. WASHINGTON -- Are some companies weeding out job applicants just because they are unemployed? After news accounts about the practice and requests from concerned lawmakers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped in, trying to figure out whether it's a widespread tactic that could...


Here are some search queries this article has received (capitalization and punctuation added).

Why don't law firms hire older educated unemployed workers?
Why is Sprint not hiring blacks?
African Americans corporate America EEOC.
Blacks wont even hire blacks.
Dollar General won't hire black managers.
Jobs wont hire minorities.
Not hired.
Why America will not hire older workers?
Corporate greed companies names.
Employment ads say they will not consider anyone who is currently unemployed.
Employers refuse to hire me because I'm unemployed.
Is the Sony company hiring older workers?
Refused to tell why not hired.
Why are the corporations so heartless to the unemployed?
Corporate greed and unemployment.


Final thoughts...

Please share this information so as to help others. The more people who are knowledgeable, the better off we all are; especially as to applying at smaller and local companies. And if you are being subjected to age discrimination, this page has some employment resources for us 50 and older folks .

Monday, February 16, 2015

When Is the Next Full Moon? Year 2015 Calendar Dates. And Some Best Moon Pictures / Images / Photos.

Here are the full moon calendar dates for Year 2015:
  • January 4, Sunday
  • February 3, Tuesday
  • March 5, Thursday
  • March 20, Friday - Total Solar Eclipse - Depending on your location, your results may vary.
  • April 4, Saturday
  • May 3, Sunday
  • June 2, Tuesday
  • July 1, Wednesday
  • July 31, Friday
  • August 29, Saturday
  • September 27, Sunday
  • September 27, Sunday -  Total Lunar Eclipse - Depending on your location, your results may vary.
  • October 27, Tuesday
  • November 25, Wednesday
  • December 25, Friday
Partial Sky Events Calendar by Fred Espenak and Sumit Dutta (NASA's GSFC)

Best Moon Pictures / Images / Photos

Full moon calendar
Full moon calendar
Super Moon
Moon Creation Theory
The Moon. Spectrum scanned and color coded to display composition differences.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Your Friday the 13th Guide - And How Entropy Messes with Us

Black Hole

We have three months this year ( 2015 ) that have a Friday the 13th...
  • February
  • March
  • November

A Short Friday the 13th Guide...

Beware the power of suggestion; if not yours, then others.

Beware the powers of coincidence.

Inspect those car tires before driving to work today.

Ambiguously timed yellow light? Today you choose to stop.

An out-of-sorts coworker or boss? Unobtrusive avoidance is the key.

Someone wants to talk politics or religion with you today? Best to avoid that.

An email attachment from a stranger? Best not to click that.

Computer doing anything weird? Virus/malware scanning time.

Feeling overly optimistic? Feeling overly pessimistic? Either way, extra thought prior to action is not a bad idea.

A strange telephone solicitor has called you? Hang up. Well, actually you should always do that anyway. Come to think of it, that pretty much applies to everything on this list.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous Friday the 13th.

As to how entropy messes with us, that truly is the bane of our existence.

Black Hole Friday - NASA

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hannibal Lecter Meme - You got a complaint? I'm all ears.

Meme - You got a complaint? I'm all ears. - Hannibal Lecter -
Perfect for posting at Store Customer Service and Company Human Resource websites.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Impregnate Your Cat

First, examine the cat to ascertain its gender. If wrong gender, get another cat. Repeat this process until you have obtained the correct gender cat.

Second, wait until evening. Toss cat out door or window. Only utilize the window option when residing in a single or first floor residence. Now this is especially important; do not do the cat tossing until after rush hour traffic has subsided. Cats and traffic don’t mix.

Repeat the above procedure daily until you see the cat wandering back in the morning smoking a cigarette. If this still has not occurred after 10 tosses, then it is time to examine the cat again.

This time take the cat to the vet. If the vet informs you the cat has been spayed or is otherwise hampered as to fertility issues, you will have to start all over again.

If the vet says the cat is fine, then obviously all the male cats in your neighborhood are a bunch of slackers.

You will have to buy a male cat. Do so.

Place both cats in a sealed room and close the door. If there is yowling, open the door and remove the male cat. The yowling you heard was the female cat rejecting the male cat. The male cat you selected is not up to your female cat’s standards. Return to store and select different male cat. This time try to find one that’s got some class.

Repeat the above procedure until silence reigns supreme behind the closed door.

Your work is done here.

For more nonsense, there is the Flash Fiction Online Stories website.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zark / Zerk / Zirk / Zork / Zurk - A What Is and Really Short Compendium

Z a/e/i/o/u RK

I decided to research the land of zurk, zork, zirk, zerk, and zark. Someone had to do it. Interestingly, zirk is the only one that the Google Drive spellchecker squawked about.


Looks like zark came into being, courtesy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It apparently can also be used as a swear word. Merely use it in place of the “F” word.


A zerk is a grease fitting. Somehow I don’t think this particular definition will come up too often in conversations.

Zerk is also another word for crazy; as in, “He went zerk when Zurk said no.”

Zerk can also be used to refer to acceleration and deceleration; examples being, we zerk when the light turns green and we zerk when we come to a stop sign.

Zerk can also be used as a verb, as in zerking from the scene.


The act of conning or taking advantage of someone. One can zirk someone; and one can be zirked by someone. Example, “I know he zirked me on that deal.”


A well-known computer game.


Zurk is still awaiting admittance to the English language. The word as yet remains undefined. Zurk, as with some of the others, is also a surname. When someone with the Zurk surname does something notable, we will then have our zurk definition.

Zirk - Zerk - Zork - Zark - Zurk

And this concludes the what is and definition zork / zerk / zark / zirk / zurk compendium.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Have You Lost Your Purpose in Life?

Here is the opening post from the forum thread:

I have lost my purpose in life.

Nothing interests me anymore. It's all just marking time and waiting to die. That sucks and is no way to live. Contributing to society via my scribblings on HubPages used to be my interest, but that seems to have disappeared. Simultaneously contributing to society and having fun while doing it truly is the road to happiness in life. I am looking for guidance. Hopefully, some serendipitous post will come along. There is still a spark of good in Ringo...

You will find the very worthy 80+ replies here; this particular thread can really help folks.

Reference question: how to find / have / get / regain your purpose in life.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things That Can Cause a Divorce ----------- What Usually Causes Couples to Divorce -- A Serious List

Things that can cause a divorce...

Here is a list of things that couples have said can cause divorce. There are a few gems of wisdom here and there.
  • Infidelity
  • One party too involved in their career or working too much. Emotional neglect.
  • Different views on religion or politics. At the beginning of a marriage, both parties don’t think it’s a big deal. But over time, the disagreements become cumulative and can move to the forefront.
  • Failure to communicate. One person or the other fails to tell the other of a concern that is on their mind. Instead they just let the “issue” build up. In time, the emotion becomes out of proportion to the actual concern.
  • Failure to communicate. A misunderstanding develops that neither party realizes until it is too late.
  • Lack of trust developing over time. Caused by the other items listed here.
  • Money. Lack of money induces a never ending stress. Over time, blame issues may develop.
  • Marrying someone who has habits you don’t like in the belief that you can change them.
  • Failure to be open and honest. Though this includes lying, it also includes failure to volunteer important information.
  • An unwillingness to compromise.
  • Marriages that begin for reasons other than love.
This admittedly incomplete list was posted in the hopes it might help someone, somewhere down the line. The simple awareness of potential problems is sometimes all that is needed to avert these kinds of problems. The awareness that external factors can cause stress. The awareness of lack of communication. The awareness of unintentional neglect. All of these things, and more, can be easily overcome IF they are caught and addressed early enough.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beware the Pizza Credit Card Scam - Consumer Alert

An alternate title would be Beware the Pizza and Fast Food Ad Credit / Debit Card Scam - Consumer Alert  

Scam Alert

Yes, the ID thieves are at it again. Do you live in an apartment complex or are planning on staying in a hotel or motel soon? Well, there's a not-so-new scam in town. It has to do with when you find a pizza menu or other food delivery ad slid under your door or placed on your porch. Just where did that ad really come from?

Beware the pizza or other fast food ad scam.

It works quite simply really…

You find a pizza menu or other fast food ad slid under your door or on your porch.

Feeling inspired, you call and place your order, giving them the requested credit or debit card info.

Alas, the phone number on that menu did not go to a pizza place or any other fast food business. That pizza is never going to arrive...

And now you are going to have to deal with your credit card company or other financial institutions, and get those $5000 worth of new charges all straightened out. Even worse, in many states, debit cards do not have the same consumer protections that credit cards have; you might actually be liable for the charges.

So, next time you find an ad outside your door or on your porch, check the Yellow Pages to verify the validity of the phone number first.

May all your pizza and other fast food order experiences be of the benign kind.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lutein and Zeaxanthin and Macular Degeneration - AMD - Prevent Blindness

Source: .gov

Lutein and Zeaxanthin - The Prevention of Macular Degeneration (AMD) - And More

Macular degeneration (AMD) is usually an age-related disease that results in gradual central vision blindness. Evidence continues to mount that lutein and the companion nutrient zeaxanthin may inhibit the onset or progression of this disease. There is even some evidence that lutein and zeaxanthin may have some curative properties.


Lutein - A Miracle Nutrient?

Lutein, zeaxanthin, and macular degeneration.

The pigmentation in the central part of the eye is critical to the process of vision. Light gradually and naturally destroys this pigmentation during the course of one's lifetime. Just another normal aspect of aging; or of particularly harsh environmental circumstances. This is called macular degeneration or AMD. One's heredity traits often determine how rapidly this destruction takes place.

[Side note. Are you out in the sun all the time? If so, wearing sunglasses that additionally blocks UV is indeed a good idea. Your older self will thank your younger self for having done so. Do you wear contacts or regular glasses? If so, do get the UV blocking option. Over the course of a lifetime, it will indeed make a difference.]

Lutein is one of the necessary nutrients that blocks this destruction. The general scientific consensus is that lutein saturates the central part of the eye and absorbs those light frequencies that would otherwise gradually destroy the pigmentation. The body is unable to manufacture its own lutein. It must be acquired through outside sources.

Multiple studies at the the federal National Institutes of Health have pretty much proven that lutein inhibits the onset of macular degeneration. It has also been pretty much concluded that 6 mg is the preferred daily dosage. Unfortunately, this maintenance level of lutein nutrition is difficult to accomplish in the normal daily diet. Thus the ever-growing stampede to include 6 mg lutein supplements in one's daily routine.

In addition to inhibiting macular degeneration, there is growing evidence that lutein also inhibits cataracts.

Lutein, and especially vitamin A, are essential to the health of the eye's central vision pigmentation. As a side note, a long-term deficiency of vitamin A alone will cause blindness. Fortunately, vitamin A is a common nutrient found in many foods. Vitamin A deficiency is a rare occurrence. Other than multipurpose vitamin supplements, taking extra vitamin A is not recommended. In fact, long-term excessive vitamin A is actually detrimental to your health.

More recent studies are showing that lutein actually slows the progression of existing macular degeneration. And possibly even more.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Lutein - Curative Properties

Macular degeneration gradually destroys the pigmentation in the central vision part of your eyes. Peripheral vision remains intact.

In addition to the multiple studies showing that lutein slows the progression of AMD, the National Institutes of Health did a very small study consisting of two volunteers. Both volunteers had macular degeneration. Both volunteers were given large, daily doses of lutein over an extended period of time. Both volunteers experienced replacement of some of the pigmentation that was destroyed by the macular degeneration. This area of lutein and AMD research is still in its infancy. Two cases is not proof of a general trend. But, to say the least, the results are promising.

There have also been studies where lutein has been shown to decrease the symptoms of AMD. In other words, the person is able to see a little better than they otherwise would.

For the many Americans who suffer from AMD and don't have access to healthcare because of the corrupt practices of our private-sector medical insurance companies, hospitals, etc.; lutein supplements are available up to 40 mg. These supplements should not be considered as a substitute cure; just a desperate stop-gap measure as one struggles to get treatment before going blind. It's pretty conclusive that lutein will slow AMD progression, so lutein can at least buy you some extra time.

It is hoped that the government continues to fund lutein studies. It may be the gateway to finding a lutein derivative that outright, completely reverses macular degeneration altogether.

An important update note: lutein OTC supplements are unregulated by the FDA. The good news is that there is a very worthwhile natural food nutritional source for all the lutein and zeaxanthin you could possibly want. See the second link (All about Kale) listed below; it is a very worthy read.

If you wish to obtain lutein through nutritional means, this article on kale and kale tea will be of interest, All about Kale



Please share this information with as many people as possible. If your actions keep even just one person from going blind, imagine the misery you will have prevented.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anatidaephobia / Duck Meme

Anatidaephobia - The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Universe Does Not Care - Yep, the Universe Doesn't Care about You - But who cares and there may be hope anyway?

To think otherwise is the height of conceit. To think otherwise is the height of wishful thinking. The universe really, really doesn't care. Just imagine the cosmic infinity of it all. Do you really think that the universe is even aware of you, much less actually cares?

However, all is not lost. There may be a very small subpart of the universe that does care. Maybe.

There may be a God. Or at least a Higher Power.The problem is that we may be lab rats to whomever that might be. The empirical evidence is kind of overwhelming in this regard. I'll spare you the pictures; the cancer tumors on peoples faces and other diseases certainly are difficult to refute.

So, what is one to make of it all? Quite simply, it is to make the best of your life that you can. More often than not, doing something that contributes to society will also usually contribute to the happiness of your life.

Is there a before life and after life? We just don't know. For those who Believe, there is The Final Interview.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cats - Top 10 Questions and Answers about Cats



Are you knowledgeable about cats? Then please share your knowledge with others who are interested in cats. The more people who are knowledgeable, the better for everyone; including the cats.

Are you seeking answers to questions about cats? Some of the questions already have answers, some do not. Hopefully, as time progresses, all of the questions will have answers.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Punctuation Examples for Dialogue

I like making posts with character dialogue in them. I’ve gotten tired of trying to remember all the different punctuation rules for all the different sentence syntax, structure, and formatting options. So I decided to compile a complete list of punctuation examples of same. Hopefully, every sentence structure and syntax punctuation example is covered. Now I can just keep this page open in a separate tab and refer to it as needed.

Here’s the complete example list…

“I think it’s time to leave,” thinks the wildebeest as he spots the approaching lions.

“Let’s get out of here!” shouts the second wildebeest.

“Do we really have to leave?” protested the baby wildebeest.


Dave said, “I think you’ve got a flat tire there, Bill.”

Bill was bemused. “It’s only flat on the bottom.”


“I say we hang him in effigy,” said Marvin. “It would be the right thing to do.”

“I don’t know where that is,” said Delbert. “Why not hang him right here and be done with it?”

“Why,” thought Alvin, “do I hang out with this crew?”


“If future visitors use this post as a reference,” thinks the author, “then I will have made my contribution to society for the day.” Google chuckles as the post gets indexed on page 12.

And, if you would like to read some very short flash fiction stories, they are located at