Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Impregnate Your Cat

First, examine the cat to ascertain its gender. If wrong gender, get another cat. Repeat this process until you have obtained the correct gender cat.

Second, wait until evening. Toss cat out door or window. Only utilize the window option when residing in a single or first floor residence. Now this is especially important; do not do the cat tossing until after rush hour traffic has subsided. Cats and traffic don’t mix.

Repeat the above procedure daily until you see the cat wandering back in the morning smoking a cigarette. If this still has not occurred after 10 tosses, then it is time to examine the cat again.

This time take the cat to the vet. If the vet informs you the cat has been spayed or is otherwise hampered as to fertility issues, you will have to start all over again.

If the vet says the cat is fine, then obviously all the male cats in your neighborhood are a bunch of slackers.

You will have to buy a male cat. Do so.

Place both cats in a sealed room and close the door. If there is yowling, open the door and remove the male cat. The yowling you heard was the female cat rejecting the male cat. The male cat you selected is not up to your female cat’s standards. Return to store and select different male cat. This time try to find one that’s got some class.

Repeat the above procedure until silence reigns supreme behind the closed door.

Your work is done here.

For more nonsense, there is the Flash Fiction Online Stories website.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zark / Zerk / Zirk / Zork / Zurk - A What Is and Really Short Compendium

Z a/e/i/o/u RK

I decided to research the land of zurk, zork, zirk, zerk, and zark. Someone had to do it. Interestingly, zirk is the only one that the Google Drive spellchecker squawked about.


Looks like zark came into being, courtesy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It apparently can also be used as a swear word. Merely use it in place of the “F” word.


A zerk is a grease fitting. Somehow I don’t think this particular definition will come up too often in conversations.

Zerk is also another word for crazy; as in, “He went zerk when Zurk said no.”

Zerk can also be used to refer to acceleration and deceleration; examples being, we zerk when the light turns green and we zerk when we come to a stop sign.

Zerk can also be used as a verb, as in zerking from the scene.


The act of conning or taking advantage of someone. One can zirk someone; and one can be zirked by someone. Example, “I know he zirked me on that deal.”


A well-known computer game.


Zurk is still awaiting admittance to the English language. The word as yet remains undefined. Zurk, as with some of the others, is also a surname. When someone with the Zurk surname does something notable, we will then have our zurk definition.

Zirk - Zerk - Zork - Zark - Zurk

And this concludes the what is and definition zork / zerk / zark / zirk / zurk compendium.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Have You Lost Your Purpose in Life?

Here is the opening post from the forum thread:

I have lost my purpose in life.

Nothing interests me anymore. It's all just marking time and waiting to die. That sucks and is no way to live. Contributing to society via my scribblings on HubPages used to be my interest, but that seems to have disappeared. Simultaneously contributing to society and having fun while doing it truly is the road to happiness in life. I am looking for guidance. Hopefully, some serendipitous post will come along. There is still a spark of good in Ringo...

You will find the very worthy 80+ replies here; this particular thread can really help folks.

Reference question: how to find / have / get / regain your purpose in life.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things That Can Cause a Divorce ----------- What Usually Causes Couples to Divorce -- A Serious List

Things that can cause a divorce...

Here is a list of things that couples have said can cause divorce. There are a few gems of wisdom here and there.
  • Infidelity
  • One party too involved in their career or working too much. Emotional neglect.
  • Different views on religion or politics. At the beginning of a marriage, both parties don’t think it’s a big deal. But over time, the disagreements become cumulative and can move to the forefront.
  • Failure to communicate. One person or the other fails to tell the other of a concern that is on their mind. Instead they just let the “issue” build up. In time, the emotion becomes out of proportion to the actual concern.
  • Failure to communicate. A misunderstanding develops that neither party realizes until it is too late.
  • Lack of trust developing over time. Caused by the other items listed here.
  • Money. Lack of money induces a never ending stress. Over time, blame issues may develop.
  • Marrying someone who has habits you don’t like in the belief that you can change them.
  • Failure to be open and honest. Though this includes lying, it also includes failure to volunteer important information.
  • An unwillingness to compromise.
  • Marriages that begin for reasons other than love.
This admittedly incomplete list was posted in the hopes it might help someone, somewhere down the line. The simple awareness of potential problems is sometimes all that is needed to avert these kinds of problems. The awareness that external factors can cause stress. The awareness of lack of communication. The awareness of unintentional neglect. All of these things, and more, can be easily overcome IF they are caught and addressed early enough.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beware the Pizza Credit Card Scam - Consumer Alert

An alternate title would be Beware the Pizza and Fast Food Ad Credit / Debit Card Scam - Consumer Alert 

Yes, the ID thieves are at it again. Do you live in an apartment complex or are planning on staying in a hotel or motel soon? Well, there's a not-so-new scam in town. It has to do with when you find a pizza menu or other food delivery ad slid under your door or placed on your porch. Just where did that ad really come from?

Beware the pizza or other fast food ad scam.

It works quite simply really…

You find a pizza menu or other fast food ad slid under your door or on your porch.

Feeling inspired, you call and place your order, giving them the requested credit or debit card info.

Alas, the phone number on that menu did not go to a pizza place or any other fast food business. That pizza is never going to arrive...

And now you are going to have to deal with your credit card company or other financial institution, and get those $5000 worth of new charges all straightened out. Even worse, in many states, debit cards do not have the same consumer protections that credit cards have; you might actually be liable for the charges.

So, next time you find an ad under your door or on your porch, check the Yellow Pages to verify the validity of the phone number first.

May all your pizza and other fast food order experiences be of the benign kind.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lutein and Zeaxanthin and Macular Degeneration - AMD - Prevent Blindness

Source: .gov

Lutein and Zeaxanthin - The Prevention of Macular Degeneration (AMD) - And More

Macular degeneration (AMD) is usually an age-related disease that results in gradual central vision blindness. Evidence continues to mount that lutein and the companion nutrient zeaxanthin may inhibit the onset or progression of this disease. There is even some evidence that lutein and zeaxanthin may have some curative properties.


Lutein - A Miracle Nutrient?

Lutein, zeaxanthin, and macular degeneration.

The pigmentation in the central part of the eye is critical to the process of vision. Light gradually and naturally destroys this pigmentation during the course of one's lifetime. Just another normal aspect of aging; or of particularly harsh environmental circumstances. This is called macular degeneration or AMD. One's heredity traits often determine how rapidly this destruction takes place.

[Side note. Are you out in the sun all the time? If so, wearing sunglasses that additionally blocks UV is indeed a good idea. Your older self will thank your younger self for having done so. Do you wear contacts or regular glasses? If so, do get the UV blocking option. Over the course of a lifetime, it will indeed make a difference.]

Lutein is one of the necessary nutrients that blocks this destruction. The general scientific consensus is that lutein saturates the central part of the eye and absorbs those light frequencies that would otherwise gradually destroy the pigmentation. The body is unable to manufacture its own lutein. It must be acquired through outside sources.

Multiple studies at the the federal National Institutes of Health have pretty much proven that lutein inhibits the onset of macular degeneration. It has also been pretty much concluded that 6 mg is the preferred daily dosage. Unfortunately, this maintenance level of lutein nutrition is difficult to accomplish in the normal daily diet. Thus the ever-growing stampede to include 6 mg lutein supplements in one's daily routine.

In addition to inhibiting macular degeneration, there is growing evidence that lutein also inhibits cataracts.

Lutein, and especially vitamin A, are essential to the health of the eye's central vision pigmentation. As a side note, a long-term deficiency of vitamin A alone will cause blindness. Fortunately, vitamin A is a common nutrient found in many foods. Vitamin A deficiency is a rare occurrence. Other than multipurpose vitamin supplements, taking extra vitamin A is not recommended. In fact, long-term excessive vitamin A is actually detrimental to your health.

More recent studies are showing that lutein actually slows the progression of existing macular degeneration. And possibly even more.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons


Lutein - Curative Properties

Macular degeneration gradually destroys the pigmentation in the central vision part of your eyes. Peripheral vision remains intact.

In addition to the multiple studies showing that lutein slows the progression of AMD, the National Institutes of Health did a very small study consisting of two volunteers. Both volunteers had macular degeneration. Both volunteers were given large, daily doses of lutein over an extended period of time. Both volunteers experienced replacement of some of the pigmentation that was destroyed by the macular degeneration. This area of lutein and AMD research is still in its infancy. Two cases is not proof of a general trend. But, to say the least, the results are promising.

There have also been studies where lutein has been shown to decrease the symptoms of AMD. In other words, the person is able to see a little better than they otherwise would.

For the many Americans who suffer from AMD and don't have access to healthcare because of the corrupt practices of our private-sector medical insurance companies, hospitals, etc.; lutein supplements are available up to 40 mg. These supplements should not be considered as a substitute cure; just a desperate stop-gap measure as one struggles to get treatment before going blind. It's pretty conclusive that lutein will slow AMD progression, so lutein can at least buy you some extra time.

It is hoped that the government continues to fund lutein studies. It may be the gateway to finding a lutein derivative that outright, completely reverses macular degeneration altogether.

An important update note: lutein OTC supplements are unregulated by the FDA. The good news is that there is a very worthwhile natural food nutritional source for all the lutein and zeaxanthin you could possibly want. See the second link (All about Kale) listed below; it is a very worthy read.

If you wish to obtain lutein through nutritional means, this article on kale and kale tea will be of interest, All about Kale



Please share this information with as many people as possible. If your actions keep even just one person from going blind, imagine the misery you will have prevented.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anatidaephobia / Duck Meme

Anatidaephobia - The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Universe Does Not Care - Yep, the Universe Doesn't Care about You - But who cares and there may be hope anyway?

To think otherwise is the height of conceit. To think otherwise is the height of wishful thinking. The universe really, really doesn't care. Just imagine the cosmic infinity of it all. Do you really think that the universe is even aware of you, much less actually cares?

However, all is not lost. There may be a very small subpart of the universe that does care. Maybe.

There may be a God. Or at least a Higher Power.The problem is that we may be lab rats to whomever that might be. The empirical evidence is kind of overwhelming in this regard. I'll spare you the pictures; the cancer tumors on peoples faces and other diseases certainly are difficult to refute.

So, what is one to make of it all? Quite simply, it is to make the best of your life that you can. More often than not, doing something that contributes to society will also usually contribute to the happiness of your life.

Is there a before life and after life? We just don't know. For those who Believe, there is The Final Interview.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cats - Top 10 Questions and Answers about Cats



Are you knowledgeable about cats? Then please share your knowledge with others who are interested in cats. The more people who are knowledgeable, the better for everyone; including the cats.

Are you seeking answers to questions about cats? Some of the questions already have answers, some do not. Hopefully, as time progresses, all of the questions will have answers.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Punctuation Examples for Dialogue

I like making posts with character dialogue in them. I’ve gotten tired of trying to remember all the different punctuation rules for all the different sentence syntax, structure, and formatting options. So I decided to compile a complete list of punctuation examples of same. Hopefully, every sentence structure and syntax punctuation example is covered. Now I can just keep this page open in a separate tab and refer to it as needed.

Here’s the complete example list…

“I think it’s time to leave,” thinks the wildebeest as he spots the approaching lions.

“Let’s get out of here!” shouts the second wildebeest.

“Do we really have to leave?” protested the baby wildebeest.


Dave said, “I think you’ve got a flat tire there, Bill.”

Bill was bemused. “It’s only flat on the bottom.”


“I say we hang him in effigy,” said Marvin. “It would be the right thing to do.”

“I don’t know where that is,” said Delbert. “Why not hang him right here and be done with it?”

“Why,” thought Alvin, “do I hang out with this crew?”


“If future visitors use this post as a reference,” thinks the author, “then I will have made my contribution to society for the day.” Google chuckles as the post gets indexed on page 12.

And, if you would like to read some very short flash fiction stories, they are located at

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Do / Optimize Advanced Internet Searches Using Google - Includes search methods, operators, and keyword usage.

Source: .gov
How to do optimized/advanced internet searches on Google - Search methods, keywords, operators.
Source: .gov

Introduction to Internet Searches Using Google
Do not be dismayed by the following reference list. This is a short article.
  • Optimizing internet searches with Google.
  • Importance of advanced internet search.
  • How to do internet searches on Google.

This article is about how to get the most from your internet searches when using Google. Most users fail to use 90% of a Google's search engine capability. This article addresses that problem. It should be noted that this article is written as a review of Google's search functionality, capabilities, and results.

The Basics of Internet Searches and Keywords on Google

For basic internet searches there are only a few things to keep in mind.
1. Keep it simple.
2. Searches are case insensitive.
3. Punctuation and words like “to”, “in”, “of”, “a”, “the”, etc. are ignored.
4. Use the words most commonly used by everyone else for a given subject.
5. Descriptive words are better than generic words.
6. Every word matters. Too many words will limit your results beyond what you want. This is because the default interpretation by the search engine is that every word must be included. [Update: Google seems to have changed this under certain circumstances.]
7. Word order matters. Prioritize your words in order of importance; starting with the most important word first.

One of Google's data centers. Source: .gov

Using Search Operators for Internet Searches on Google

1. The “+” sign. Search engines automatically include synonyms in the results. If you don’t want that, and only want to see results for the exact word; then put a “+” immediately preceding your search word (no space in between), e.g. +xyz.

2. The “-“ sign. If your internet search results have too many entries about an unrelated subject, you can get rid of them. Just put a “-“ sign immediately preceding the subject word that you don’t want to see (no space in between), e.g. -xyz.

3. The “OR” operator. The search engine’s default method of search (item #6 above) is set as if the “AND” operator is being used. To prevent that for inquires where you want either word, instead of both, you use the “OR” operator. For example: xyz abc will only give results having both entries, whereas: xyz OR abc will give you results having either or both entries.

4. The use of the quote symbol (“xyz”). For an exact quote or an exact phrase match, just put your text in quotes, e.g. “To Be or Not to Be”.

It's in here somewhere... Source: .gov
Some Advanced Internet Search Methods on Google
On the Google homepage is an Advanced Search link, but you have to work to get to it. First, just do a usual search; the advanced-search option will then show up at the top of the search-page results (unless they've moved it again). Click the little gear at the top, far right; then make selection. The Advanced Search page implements all of the items previously described and more. All of the entry boxes are self-explanatory. The “Search within a site or domain”, is quite useful. It will often give you better results than your target site’s own search box.

At the bottom of the advanced-search page, below the search-button, are even more advanced-search options, giving you even more capability. All are quite useful. Use the Safe Search option if so inclined.

On the homepage also make note of the additional options listed at top-right, e.g. images, etc. These venues also have advanced feature capabilities.

One particularly useful feature... the ability to restrict what websites are searched. The basic command is "site:.". Note the colon and note the dot. You can do this by navigating through the advanced search options menus, or you can do it directly from the front page search box.

Example One

You want to know what CNN has to say about President Obama.
Putting the following command in the search box will accomplish this:

Example Two

You want to find public domain pictures of bears.
On the images page, the command in the search box would be:
Side note: federal website content is usually public domain. State websites can be kind of iffy.

How to Search for Images

All of the above works equally well for images; sometimes even better. When initially arriving at the Google homepage, simply click the text menu option at upper right and proceed as usual.

A Note about the Google News Page

The Google News Page seems to be relatively worthy. Aside from the usual search capabilities, you can configure the default page to display only what you want. And to display only how little or how much you want of what you want. Clicking the little gear icon to the right of the search box gives you this capability.

At the bottom of the page, you can also set up news alerts on any topic or search query. Just select About Google News, and then select Alerts.

You will also notice on the About Google News page several other features that might be of interest.

And here is a short, interesting infographic by Google.

May all your internet searches be prosperous ones.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Easiest Beef Jerky Recipe on the Planet

Simple indeed... No food dehydrator required. No smoker required. Just your household refrigerator and oven.

Alternate Title: Beef Jerky Recipe - Without Food Dehydrator or Smoker - A best, simple, homemade, how to make beef jerky recipe.

The easiest and yet best homemade DIY beef jerky recipe around...

Simple is good... Welcome to not only the best how-to-make-beef-jerky recipe you will ever find. This recipe also happens to be the easiest homemade, beef jerky recipe you will ever find. Go figure...

And as an added bonus, you even get to make a few dollars saving money on heating costs for the night.

Homemade How to Make Beef Jerky Recipe - Time Info

Prep time:
Cook time:
Ready in:
Yields: Lots. (Prep time includes 9 hours marination. This means there is really only a half-hour "work", or less.)

Homemade How to Make Beef Jerky Recipe - Ingredients

  • 2 to 3 pounds beef strips from butcher, London Broil or equivalent
  • Liquid smoke
  • Garlic salt
  • Pepper (maybe)

Simple is good... Homemade How to Make the Best Beef Jerky Recipe - Without Dehydrator - Without Smoker - Beef Jerky Recipe Using Oven and Refrigerator Only

  1. First thing you need to do is get the meat. London Broil is a good option, but if you have a preference for some other "lean, tender meat", go for it. Go to the butcher counter and tell them you want the 2 to 3 pounds of meat cut into 1/4 inch slices. Let them know you are making beef jerky; who knows what information they may volunteer. Do this when you first walk in the store; then you can make the rounds doing your other shopping while they cut the meat. Even better, once they know what you are up to, many butchers will let you call ahead and place your order in advance; then it will be there ready and waiting when you walk in the store.
  2. Meat Prep Time. Remove any fat you may find; it doesn't store well and will turn rancid. Rub the meat with Liquid Smoke; depending on what brand you buy, a little can go a long way; read the directions on the bottle. Liberally give the meat your regards with garlic salt. Pepper it, but keep in mind that a little pepper also goes a long way. So does garlic salt for that matter.
  3. Refrigerator Time. Whether it be a bowl, pot with lid, whatever; put all the meat in a container and seal it tightly. An alternative method would be to put all the meat on a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it up tightly. Put it in the refrigerator to soak for at least 9 hours; the technical term is "marinate".
  4. Oven Time. Remove grills from oven. Place sheet of aluminum foil on bottom of oven, but make sure to not cover any floor or side vents; cut holes in the foil if need be. You will be placing the meat directly on the grill; so you want a clean grill that also does not have any chemical-cleaning residue on it. Starting at the center, place the meat-strips on the grill working your way out; the closer you get to the outside perimeter of the grill, the more mess on the walls of your oven. The meat can touch, but you don't want them to overlap. Place your masterpiece in the oven 4 inches from the top. Set the oven at 150 degrees. Let it think about things for 15 hours. If you are doing this procedure so that it includes overnight, depending on your domicile layout, you can turn off your thermostat and save some money.
  5. You are done. As to storage, any closed container or plastic bag is fine. Refrigeration not needed.

Nutrition Information

You are doomed... But that is OK, as long as you don't exclusively live off the stuff.

But we understand...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Is Coming to a Town Near You (events chronologically ordered, plus current news)

And there is not a thing any of us or the federal government can do about it.

[Editor's Note. This page is now continually being updated. Currently, this post's entries are in chronological order. But the way things are going, the page may be reformatted to reverse-chronological.  For now, the latest updates are still located towards the end of this post.]

We have all seen the continuing news stories of how careful our federal government is as to all things Ebola. And as far as I know, we all approve. The more caution, the better.

Unfortunately, there is a glaring and unstoppable gateway that assures a US pandemic. And it is going to happen sooner than anyone thinks.

The unsolvable problem? Quite simply, Mexico does not have the same resources as the United States does for Ebola patient detection / discovery. When the inevitable media announcement of the first Ebola case in Mexico occurs, I consider it a virtual certainty there will already be an as yet undiscovered additional 100+ infected people in the general populace.

The US-Mexico border problem is well-known and does not need to be elaborated upon here. However, even though the effort is doomed to failure, we should try anyway. The sooner the National Guard and regular military are stationed across the entire southern border, the better. And when the time comes, the official US border crossing checkpoints will indeed need to be shutdown. There is no help for it, it is just the way things will have to temporarily be.

Ebola Virus. Source: .gov

Ref: Ebola virus, Ebola outbreak, Ebola disease, Ebola containment.


It would probably be a good idea if President Obama were to call President Nieto and offer our assistance. Just a thought. In fact, maybe President Obama already has. I hope so

Airport screenings are now being initiated sometime within the week (mid-October, 2014). The five airports so far are:
  • New York's JFK International Airport
  • Washington-Dulles
  • Newark
  • Chicago-O'Hare
  • Atlanta International Airport 
For more information, you can drop by the CDC.Still no mention as to our southern border situation however.

Update (10/13/2014). Federal officials acknowledging most US hospitals can't safely handle Ebola patients. Are you serious!?! This laymen figured out that obvious fact months ago!

Update (10/15/2014). Well, what with that second US Ebola patient wandering amongst the general population for a few days, the whole southern border and airport thing may have just become moot.

President Obama cancels his campaign trip to deal with the Ebola situation.

I wonder how long before Ebola concerns start driving the stock market...?

Update (10/16/2014). It is now a wait and see situation in Ohio and Texas, that was where the Ebola patient wandered around in the general populace for the weekend. And then, of course, there are where all her fellow passengers on that recirculated-air Frontier Airline flight eventually arrived at the end of their travels... (Addendum: CDC states Ebola isn't airborne transmitted. However, that statement probably doesn't include the fluid particles transmitted via coughing and sneezing.)

If Ebola cases don't start popping up here, there, and everywhere within the next couple of weeks; then there is hope. If Ebola cases do start showing up, then it is time to prepare for the worst. The virus will be loose and the inevitable will follow.

Update (10/18/2014) China and Ebola

No one seems to have addressed the issue of  Ebola in China. Anyone who follows the financial news knows there is continuous and heavy international traffic between China and Africa. This has to do with China's keen interest in locking up all the mineral rights they can get their hands on. There have even been article rants about how the United States doesn't even attempt to compete in this economic battle for world mineral resources. This has been going on for years.

And yet, there is not one single peep about Ebola cases in China; leastwise so far. China is not exactly known for having a free press. I submit that China probably has several Ebola cases going on as we speak. China is also well know for their general disregard for individual life; they are also well know for their pragmatism. What happens when each Ebola case is discovered? The possibility actually exists that each patient is immediately terminated and incinerated; then again, maybe times really have evolved over there and the patients are just thrown into quarantine camps (palliative medication provided), and then incinerated upon eventual death.

The point is all visitors to the US from China should be screened for Ebola symptoms as is already being done for all visitors from Africa. Just a speculative, but I think logical, thought.

Update (10/20/2014) Ebola and a Muzzled Media and Press

Governments are asking the media/press to tone down their coverage of all negative things concerning Ebola. Today's news for example was pretty much all peaches and cream.

What this means is that individual Ebola cases probably won't be publicized anymore. The information might still be available at the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, but it will likely take some effort to ferret it out from all the other Ebola information they will bury you with.

An Ebola outbreak, on the other hand, would be impossible to cover up. It might take a little while, but sooner or later that news would indeed hit the fan.

 Update (10/21/2014) Yep, looks like the news media has pretty much shut up concerning Ebola patients and outbreaks. If I happen to notice anything in the various government databases or foreign news outlets, I'll mention it here.

 Update (10/24/2014) Another Ebola Patient - This time New York City

First, the only good news; I am very glad to see our Press doesn't do what the government tells it to do as to suppressing news stories; unfortunately, the rest is bad news.

We have another Ebola patient who once again traveled all over town before being discovered and diagnosed with being infected with the Ebola virus. It was the patient, himself, who alerted authorities at the first sign of symptoms.

For a complete description of the patient's itinerary in both Europe and New York City, The Wall Street Journal has written a very thorough article of the entire incident.

Update (10/26/2014) Automatic Quarantines Now in Effect

 Well, looks like we have learned from the NYC experience. Any medical personnel returning from Africa are now automatically quarantined; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Huffington Post has a good article concerning this latest development.

Update (10/28/2014) Quarantine Update
There's pretty much a frenzy going on as to the efficacy of quarantines. The CDC doesn't have the authority to prevent or force such a procedure. Each State is making their own decisions regarding the policy. The New York Times has an article covering the matter.

Update (10/31/2014) Reuters reports possible Ebola infection in Oregon.
This particular report was rather hard to find. Here's Google's News copy.

Update (11/02/2014) Ebola. Do You Feel Lucky? Genetic Immunity.

Well, a genetics experiment was done. Some lab rats lived; some lab rats died. The scientists are saying us humans are the same way. It all has to do with one's genetic makeup. has the full story. No mention was made as to whether the healthy lab rats and humans might still be carriers.

Update (11/11/2014 ) All clear on the Ebola Front. For now.

Or so say various reports. With any luck, no more updates will have to be done on this post.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A list of what Google penalizes websites for and how to fix them

Hey, folks. I just came across this article and decided to note it here for future reference. It is an outstanding checklist of of what Google gets perturbed about concerning websites. These are the things one should do and not do in regards to your website. The article is 48 Major Google Penalties You Can't Ignore! And How to Fix Them.

Monday, September 22, 2014

IE - A Short Review of the Latest / Newest Internet Explorer 11

Frankly, Internet Explorer is a mess. I have come across several well-known websites where the latest Internet Explorer just seems to fall apart.

Glitches abound at Google Drive and Blogger for example. In fact, IE aka Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to get along very well with any of the Google websites. Almost makes me wonder if some deliberate sabotage is going on; after all, Google and Microsoft are definitely not best buddies.

Zazzle also doesn’t seem to get along very well with IE; this has to do with when doing store and product design, as opposed to the customer side of things.

I use Google Drive and do Blogger design a lot. So I finally had to give up on Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox. The latest Firefox (32.0.2) seems to work just fine with all of the above websites.

This concludes my today’s semi-rant. Hopefully, maybe someday things will get straightened out.

An update and interesting side note. Looks like a plus for IE. The latest Firefox (32.0.2) won't let me print a Google Drive doc; it goes off on a file save tangent for some reason. Meanwhile, IE 11 will let me print after some convoluted menu options which are probably due to Windows 8.1 being a universally recognized mess. Oh, well. As long as I can somehow get whatever printed, I am happy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Quickest and Easiest Pork Chop Recipe on the Planet

Proceed to the grocery store. Buy yourself some thick pork chops and some Lipton Onion soup mix. Return home. Wash your hands.

Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil.

Add the Lipton Onion soup mix.

Add the pork chops. Throw away all pork chop packaging. Wash your hands.

Boil for 15 minutes. Be advised that the longer you cook the pork chops, the tougher the pork chops get. So, you only want to boil the pork chops the minimum amount necessary to kill the trichinosis.

After 15 minutes, take out one pork chop and cut with knife to check inside of pork chop. If fully cooked, then you are done and turn off the stove. If still seeing some raw areas, return pork chop to boiling pot and give the whole pot another 5 minutes.

Enjoy your pork chops.

Btw… Removing the bone and putting one of those nice, thick pork chops between 2 slices of bread with mayo is absolutely delicious; lettuce, onions, tomato slices, etc. optional.

Pork chop picture from USDA.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Are Unknown Apps Accessing Your Twitter Account?

Apps can sometimes end up accessing your Twitter account without you even knowing about it. This Twitter article tells you how to find out if these unknown Twitter apps are indeed accessing your account. And shows you how to easily get rid of them. The article covers lots of other Twitter related stuff as well.

Are Unknown Apps Accessing Your Twitter Account? How to quickly find and delete them. And a bunch of other Twitter related info.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Shutting Down? Or Was a Hacker Email Sent Out?

I just received the following email, which said in part, "Dear Tecklers, An end of an era has come.. We, of Team Teckler, are deeply sorry to inform that we are suspending all activities and turning off the website on September 20th, 2014."

However, when I went to the website, there is no corroborating statement that confirms the email.

I'll continue to check back on the website to see if the confirming message eventually shows up.

More info about is at this Teckler article. Includes complete copy of email.

Update: As of September 22, the Teckler website is still up and running.  Still nothing but spam posts in the homepage feed though. Still no revenue-producing ads for the writers anywhere on the site. Weird indeed. I wonder if the owner(s) just decided to abandon the site, but still leave it up just for the heck of it.

Update: As of September 25, 2014. The hammer fell. The site is closed.

From website:

“We are here to announce that Teckler has been a great experience and lots of fun, but we are all moving towards new adventures.

Thanks for each one of you who enjoyed this story with us.

That's all folks!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Websites Hall of Shame...

There are some truly tacky, well-known websites out there... You follow a link to one of their pages. You begin to read the page. Suddenly a big, fat pop up ad is shoved in your face, blocking the story you are trying to read. Another low class tactic is you are reading the page and suddenly a video ad starts blasting away at you at full volume.

Frankly I'm sick of it. Not only are these tactics obnoxious, they are a sure-fire way to permanently alienate a visitor. I truly do not understand the stupidity and low class ethics of the websites that engage in these practices.

So, I've decided to start a list of the websites that do this. Maybe they can be shamed into stopping (yeah, right). 

CNBC - As I am reading the first paragraph of an article, the entire page grays out and a pop up covers the page exhorting me to give them my email address. (08/27/2014)

MSNBC - I had read about a third of the way through an article, when a pop up ad appeared. They wanted my email address. (08/27/2014)

NaturalNews -  As I am reading the first paragraph of an article, the entire page grays out and a pop up covers the page exhorting me to give them my email address. (09/01/2014)

CNN - 15-second video ad started blasting away as I was reading the article. (09/01/2014)

Yahoo - Video ad of unknown length suddenly started blasting away at full volume. D@mn near made me spill my morning coffee. This occurred on the Yahoo News homepage. Yahoo is famous for crass advertising practices; and it's a pretty good bet they will never stop. And while we are at it, avoid using Yahoo mail like the plague; unless you like animated, gyrating ads every time you open your inbox. (09/14/2014)

Fox News - 30 second video ad automatically starts up as I was reading one of their articles. And as a side note, their video feed is terrible; the video stuttered, repeatedly stopped/started, etc. (09/23/2014)

Forbes - I followed a link to read one of their articles. After about two sentences, the page completely grayed out and a big, fat ad popped up and covered it. Oh, well... (09/27/2014)

New York Times -  I clicked a link to one of their articles. The article showed up and I started reading. Then the article was suddenly shoved down the page and a big, fat video ad appeared. And then the video ad starting blasting away as video ads are wont to do. (10/05/2014)

CBS News -  I clicked a link to one of their articles. First a big, white space showed up. I finally gave up waiting and scrolled down, and discovered the article. I started reading. Then the page started blasting away at me. Sure enough, that former, now off-page, big, fat white space above was now a big, fat video ad just screaming its big, fat heart out at me. (11/03/2014)

ABC News - Yep, the usual. Halfway through reading the article, a video ad starts blasting away. Actually, it wasn't the usual. This time there were no buttons available to pause the video or turn off the sound. I guess ABC News really, really, really wanted me to hear that ad. (12/09/2014)

USA Today -  Website suddenly dimmed and big, fat pop up ad showed up, blocking the article. (12/10/2014)

PC Magazine aka pcmag - Jeez... I was bombarded with one pop up ad after another. It was impossible to read the article. I gave up and left. These guys were awful. Frankly, I didn't expect this from them. (12/16/14)

Stay tuned for more websites as they are discovered and rediscovered.

I would also like to mention that also believes in redemption. Entries over 6 months old will eventually be removed.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

“Top 10 Reasons to Follow Me on Twitter”

  1. You will get to see my spiffy avatar every time you drop by my page. 
  2. You will also get to see my beautiful background picture. 
  3. You get to discover the link to my awesome website. 
  4. I will dazzle you daily with my brilliant, personal thoughts. 
  5. I only share stuff from other websites that are truly interesting. 
  6. I sometimes come up with amazing photos. 
  7. I only retweet stuff that is as good as or better than my own. 
  8. You will never get a Direct Message from me. 
  9. You will never be inundated with hashtags. 
  10. I’ll follow you back (unless you are demented).
What is my Twitter address, you ask? If I ever open an account, I’ll get back to you on that.

Just an experimental photo of mine -

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lightning Detector - How to Predict Lightning Storms - Your Very Own Lightning Strike Predictor / Detector - You Already Have One

Did you know you already have your very own lightning strike detector / predictor? You really do. It's your LED flashlight. When the lightning charge begins to build, the LED's will begin to glow.

Fortunately, this doesn't mean you are about to be personally struck by lightning; particularly so since you are more than likely indoors. The radius of the lightning charge buildup appears to be a few 100 feet or more. More than likely, you will just be subjected to a nearby flash and bang.

If you are interested, here's the true story of how I discovered this. Kind of humorous actually. Who said lightning strike prediction / detection had to be complicated?

Your lightning strike predictor flashlight. Looks bigger than it is; only 3.5 inches long. Paid $4 for it several years ago. I would imagine any LED flashlight would do the job.
Reference words: lightning strike predictor detector prediction LED flashlights