My Adventure at the Social Security Office in (location redacted) - Grim

Called them to make an appointment. They said no appointment necessary, come on down.

So I did.

The line was just short of reaching out the door. Resigned, I joined the line. I then noticed eight help windows were in operation. I became optimistic. Sure enough, did not take that long at all.

Window #3 became my home in a very reasonable time.

I stated my situation. She looked at her screen. She gave me the paperwork. The situation had been going on for almost a month, problem solved. Out of respect for her time and as a courtesy to the folks standing in line, I did not sit there and spend time examining what she had given me. I left.

Told someone outside and even the security guard the place gets a gold star.

To the car I went. The paperwork I read. It was wrong. Then again, what with their arcane sub-references and such, who knew?

Resigned, but had no choice. Back into the office I went.

Looked for the security guard. Wanted to ask if I had to stand in line again. If not, then wanted an escort to the front of the line so others wouldn't think evil of me. Guard was outside or wherever, not a problem.

I approached Window #3 and held up the paperwork. I said, "Hi! Remember me? We need to talk."

I then retreated to the end of the current line, which really wasn't that long.

In a few minutes she waved me to come over. I duly complied.

{Here's where it all goes down in flames...}

I don't know if I would call it yelling, but she definitely raised her voice, paraphrased...

 "Don't come to my Window like that!"

"Other person present..." (May have a point, but all I did was make contact and a quick retreat.)

"You need to stand in line again!"

A continuing stream of vitriol/unhappiness from her continued....

 I gave up.

I interrupted and responded at equal volume, "I have a better idea. I give up."

Which I have.

And then I left.


If there ever was an argument to go everywhere with a vidcam as a lapel button, this is it. At least the security cameras at the Social Security office caught it; not to mention the room full of witnesses, both in front and behind the counter.

I am 65 years old and just plain so tired. All I want is to be left alone.


Redact, California. Not a bad name for a town actually.